Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Realist Report - Are nuclear weapons a hoax?

Photographers connected to a military funded movie studio based in Laurel Canyon filming a "nuclear weapon" test.

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Rae West of www.Big-Lies.org and www.NukeLies.org. Rae and I will be discussing the very real possibility that nuclear weapons are in fact a hoax and a variety of other subjects. You can download the entire program here

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  1. Thanks for this, John. Nice to talk to you. The title was intended to be 'Hiroshima?'; no big deal. And thanks to Del; I'm listening to you and him chatting at this very moment.

  2. Was the silly gas chamber hoax the only Big Lie we have from WWll? I doubt it. How the hell could they fool everyone with that stupid story btw?

    When this tribe controls the money, they will get control on the media, and then they have total control on the election process too. They are always able to pull their controllable puppet to the top, and hand him the keys to the White House. Then they can place their agents wherever they want, including Pentagon and CIA and whatever. So when they control the media, they can manufacture the people’s perception of the world as they like or need or want.

    Where did this huge smoke plume In Hiroshima that rose to 40000 feet come from? Must have consisted of something more than hot air. The blast also rocked Enola Gay twice, according to the reports.

    If we study Ground Zero, there isn’t exactly a hole in the ground there, if fact, it is not possible to discern that anything big exploded there at all. We are simply not able to find any epicenter or any traces of an shockwave there at all, and this is really significant! Don’t tell me that you can make yourself believe that the biggest explosion in the history of war didn’t leave any traces on the ground at all. This is a really fishy story, something in same class as soap made of human and lamp sheds of human skin.

    Ground Zero: http://inapcache.boston.com/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/hiroshima_08_05/h10_02.jpg

    Where is the crater? What about any sign of a shockwave? No, nothing. US Military built a bunker inside Cheyenne Mountain to protect themselves from nuke attacks, but as we ca see from the photos of Ground Zero in Hiroshima, buildings with a flat roof were still intact! So that is what we need to protect our self from a nuke blast right above our heads. Also notice the clean streets there, without rubble or damages. Bridges still intact, and small branches on the trees. No damages to the waterfront. What that is left is what that wouldn’t burn.

    Anyone serious interested in this huge hoax should read how nuke revisionism begun in the Liberty Forum in 2004 - very hard core stuff: http://tinyurl.com/mq82jxt

    You may have to change your world view before you can believe this Nuke Hoax. Takes a lot, but is about as significant as the gas chamber hoax. Fortunately, you just have to scratch the surface a little bit here to get going.

    So again: can you really make yourself believe that the biggest explosion in the history of war didn’t leave any traces on the ground? See if you can find the crater in Hiroshima!

    1. There was no crater because it exploded 1,800 feet above the ground! Nuclear weapons have a greater effect in an air burst and not a ground burst. Also, my grandfather is a Navy vet and served in Korea and Vietnam and was part of many Pacific nuclear tests, which he had told me about in great detail. You conspiracy theorists are just ridiculous. My "theory" about people like you is that you're just so scared of things you don't understand and have no control over that you have to come up with these psychological constructs to make yourselves feel better and keep your own paranoia under control. People like you won't believe anything unless you're actually there to witness it firsthand. Again, paranoia. I guess I was never actually born because you weren't there to witness my birth, therefore I'm not really writing this comment, and I myself am really just part of the entire conspiracy of life. Is your mind sufficiently blown?

    2. And people like you believe everything the government and controlled media tells you because you can't face the fact the your government might lie to you.

    3. There's no crater because it was an air burst. This is also why there is little to no radiation today. Also, because of how any air burst explosion works (not just nuclear ones), structures directly underneath the blast will remain standing. This was seen with trees in the 1908 Tunguska explosion. You can also test this yourself with toothpicks and a small explosive or something similar. Stand up the toothpicks on a surface then suspend the explosive over the surface and light it off. The toothpicks will remain standing. If you really want to test it, make little houses out of the toothpicks as well. Oh, another thing you'll notice? No hole.

      Basic research and testing that you can do yourself completely destroys your conspiracy theory.

    4. Tribblepoo, please explain were all the material in that REPORTED smoke plume that rose to 40000 feet came from. Must have consisted of something else than hot air. And there should be some traces of that on the ground.

      Several buldings with flat roofs are still intact: http://inapcache.boston.com/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/hiroshima_08_05/h28_11.jpg

      Roof in Hiroshima were constructed to keep the rain water out. These are not military bunkers. Pretty amazing isn't it, that a roof is sufficient protection against nukes?

      Here, probably according to you, is a truth teller or Hiroshima survivor, who among other things shares with us that she couldn't hear any explosion, and she also witnessed a guy that was carrying both his eyeballs in his hands. Why cant they come up with something slightly more credible witnesses than this? Because they don't have the real thing of course, They have to use the same kind of actors as they use to support the lolohoax. Most interesting between 1:00 - 4:20: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cre8SDTZP4s - Take it away, Setsuko! Share your experiences with nuke hoax denier Tribblepoo! He'll believe you!

  3. I never comment on your blog, though I read it regularly. You will like this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM0J0LI1ymA and this. Iron Dome is a complete fraud! Even I was suckered until I watched this guys great video. These Israeli's even sucker their own people! Keep up the great work John!

    1. Thanks for that, Ed. Excellent.

    2. Thanks Ed! Much appreciated! The Iron Dome is such a joke, isn't it?

  4. Ed, watch this one too, much bigger question answered here - same gang behind the wheel of course:

    NUCLEAR WEAPONS DON'T EXIST The New Documentary By Edmund Matthews (112min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo7Ytg9ckC0

    Quic quiz: how could the wheel leave a shadow above its own position after the Hiroshima nuke blast? Photo 22 here: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/08/hiroshima_64_years_ago.html

    Is it something magic that went on here, or another Big Lie?

  5. Pretending to be big and strong is a common strategy for avoiding being attacked.

    As I understand it, Saddam was asked why he wasn't more helpful with proving he didn't have WMDs. He said something along the lines that he didn't mind that reputation, that he had really scary weapons. That would be helpful in preventing attacks.

    One reason Japan played along with this Hiroshima nuke hoax was because that would give the Japanese Army an excuse for surrendering without losing face. No way they could fight against an enemy with this new monster weapon, and no one could have predicted this new invention that was reported publicly demonstrated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  6. Some comment on the photos here: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/08/hiroshima_64_years_ago.html

    2) Notice all the sheds in Hiroshima before the attack. Mostly made of wood and paper.

    8) Looks like the sun is shining on the top of the smoke plume. Shouldn't be possible if the attack was at 8:15 in the morning.

    9) Flimsy roof standing there, and still tiny branches on the trees. Wouldn't have survived a hurricane, but the reported nuke blast didn't take them out.

    10) Ground Zero. Where is the crater? The gigantic smoke plume rose to 40000 feet and must have consisted of materials from GZ, but we cannot tell from where. How many buildings with a flat roof still intact? Clean roads. No damage to the waterfront. Standing bridges.

    12) Fake stuff. The shadows don't line up with where the nuke should have exploded. Simply some staged stuff.

    13) Are the flimsy sheds leftover from the blast, or did they just start rebuilding the city on top of all the radiation we have heard so much about? Undamaged streets.

    15) Building with flat roof standing, and a shed too? No damage to the street. Reporting by scriptwriters.

    17) Some non-burned wooden sheds in Hiroshima undamaged. Firebombs would certainly had an impact here - but they missed.

    20) Overview of GZ with the missing crater and missing traces of a shockwave. Streets ok. Should this enormous blast have blown the streets away too? Not a real dent in the ground anywhere. Lots of sheds burned down.

    21) Really flimsy roof still standing there - unbelievable.

    22) How to leave a shadow above the wheel is what I like to know. Staged stuff - fake as hell.

    27) GZ again, with the missing crater and clean and intact streets and bridges. How many buildings with a flat roof are still intact there? Have in mind that the smoke plume rose to 40000 feet and must have consisted of materials from the ground, but not very much ground is missing here. Looks like GZ was burned straight down.

    29) No damage to the waterfront. Brick smokestack standing. More surviving or unburned sheds to the left.

    30) Brick chimney still standing (I really like that one), while the building burned to the ground. Sheds to the left and chimney and the flat roof survived the reported mega blast, or didn't burned down after napalm bombing.

    31) Radio tower (?) still standing.

    And so it goes, the reported nuke attack on Hiroshima. Are you really believing this?

  7. Read the book "The Jesus Factor".


  8. I'v heard this guy a few times..very awkward to listen to but very interesting  angle.

    I listened to him on circus maximus...He was extremely rude and came across very poorly, deliberately obtuse...like a bit of a fraud.  He was way more anti-jew on you show.

    I think he is right about the deception the Jews use on EVERYTHING.  However this does not mean the technology does not exist today.  With all these deceptions, like the moon landing, politically if they commit to it and fail they must have a success cover story to maintain credibility. Also if they know that nuclear power/weapons will be technically possible in future but do not have it developed they certainly would develop the deception that they already have it.

    Another thing I think you could do critic your guest on you blog a few days later after you have had a chance to digest the info.  This way even if you do disagree with some of what they say your opinion is clearly documented

  9. Finally. The long-awaited Interview with Mr. West! Good for you, John.

    Hi Rae.


  10. It always was curious to me why Hiroshima & Nagasaki aren't radioactive & uninhabitable for thousands of years?

    Ray did make a compelling case that the Hiro/Naga nuked story was a hoax/psyop. But I have to wonder, is it possible that "The A Bomb" simply wasn't developed enough in mid-1945 when Japan was already desperate to surrender; and so they did the fire-bombing masqueraded as an A-bombing psyop at that time; then in the following few years, the A-bomb's development was actually completed?

    I think of, for example, how one of the short list of motives JFK-realists cite for TPTB's murdering him, was due his opposition to izzy getting A-bombs?

    And on Ray's belief that nuke power plants are also fake, and Fukushima is a non-event; what are those geiger counters responding to when they click more rapidly when getting near something radioactive? In Ray's favor re his nuke power plants being fake theory though, I expected to hear about rotating blackouts and such near Fuku following the event, but I heard no such stories?!

    1. Re: why Hiroshima & Nagasaki aren't radioactive & uninhabitable for thousands of years?

      They promoted this radiation scare as a smoke screen for avoiding any public demonstrations of nukes. Due to the ridiculously dangerous radiation, we have been told, they simply couldn't demonstrate nukes anywhere. We have them, they told us, but we cannot show you, because of the radiation (scare we have made up or exaggerated and promoted). But trust us, they claim, we got them.

      Where have we heard that one before? Reminds me of this fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. She believed everything the Big Bad Wolf told her. And how stupid wasn't that?

      Here is 1 sober review of this radiation hysteria by a competent guy:

  11. Even more thorough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIQVdBB1UW8. The 'Samson Option' would not be an option at all!

  12. Here is the website for the above. An excellent database: http://www.big-lies.org/

  13. After really thinking about this idea that nuclear weapons may be a hoax, I have to say I'm convinced. In my view, anything that the media and government promote that induces fear into the public - "Islamic terrorism", "evil Nazis that want to take over the world", "nuclear warfare and mutually assured destruction", etc. - is extremely suspect to say the least, if not an outright hoax or gross embellishment. What really sold me was the NYT article (found via September Clues) about the film studio in Laurel Canyon funded by the U.S. military which allegedly took all the photographs/film of "nuclear detonations", which were then presented with such dramatic effect to the traumatized public. Major red flag there. The fact that a clique of Jews were involved in (allegedly) developing and manufacturing "nuclear weapons" is also a major red flag. I don't buy it folks.

    I don't know enough about nuclear technology and physics to really comment on nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors, radiation, etc. That said, I don't accept the idea that the Pacific Ocean is dead, or that Fukushima is an "extinction-level" event, as Dennis Cimino, a previous guest on The Realist Report, has suggested. I think most of this stuff is just fear-mongering. I live in Souther California, and I've never felt healthier. I go to the beach somewhat regularly (2-3 times per month, at least) and it is absolutely lovely.

    For the record, Dennis Cimino demanded I delete the blog post of our interview. He threatened to sue me (I don't know what exactly he would sue me for) if I didn't remove it (or at least remove the comments). So I just deleted it - the actual interview is still available in the TalkShoe archives of The Realist Report for anyone interested. I wish Dennis Cimino the best of luck in his future endeavors.

    1. [I just submitted the following, but got no captcha prompt, & no awaiting moderation msg. If that did go through, then just nuke this one. thx]

      OK I'll ask: What got up Cimino's bum? I listened to that interview around when you did it, and while Cimino's world view is very doomy & depressing, IIRC you two seemed to get along cordially, no hostile disagreements or anything. You mostly just allowed him to speak his mind, which he surely did. I'm guessing the blog comments, which I never opened, must have become disparaging of him? What else could it be?

      I'll say, I've heard a few of Cimino's shows with Fetzer (at radiofetzer.blogspot), and have been underwhelmed. Fetzer heaps generic praise on him for being some sort of brilliant analyst or whatever; but all I hear is a guy who rehashes mostly stuff which the reality-based community is already aware of; but he offers no new angles, research findings or anything. And he gratuitously peppers his interviews with F-bombs & such. All doom & darkness, no light. Then, I think it was on your show but maybe Fetzer's, Cimino just out of nowhere named a few researchers who were obvious agent/shills/whatever, but he didn't offer a word in support of his assertions. I don't recall everyone he named, but one was Dr. James Tracy of memoryholeblog.com, who brought much needed "scholarly gravitas" to Sandy Hoax research. It seemed the least cussin' truck drivin' Cimino could have done was offer something for listeners to chew on WRT his generalized accusations towards those not present to defend themselves.

      Now his "remove the blog of our interview or I'll sue" nonsense, what a twat. Watch for him to let his doomerism & hopeless consume him, and Ruppert himself. :'(

  14. One theory is that the Germans made the bombs and the Jews could not do that. After the war there were some bombs in the Germany and those were the bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The USA could not make bombs until 1948. That is why the Soviets could not either although they had everything that the USA had because FDR had provided everything to them.

  15. Thanks for having Mr. West on. Have you interviewed Mr. Dave McGowan yet? If not, put him next at the top of your list!

    Doesn't take one long to grasp "The Great Nuke Hoax" does it? Another hoax bites the dust...

    Best Regards,

  16. Go to the comments section of this piece and read 'Jack!' It is an excellent synopsis of the nuke hoax. Nietzsche wrote in 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra that,'...what is important is not the courage of our convictions but the courage for an attack on our convictions.' Nuclear weapons not existing makes one have to completely overhaul history from about 1930 to the present! I think it would make for a great show if you had him on again to discuss Dimitri Khalezov as well as delving even deeper into specifics. I know Rense had him on for almost 3.5hrs and even that is insufficient time to discuss the immense implications of this topic. As a side note: I love the title of the guys blog above- Depleted Cranium! Adios!

    1. Hey Ed, which link are you referring to?

    2. Perhaps this is the link referred to?


    3. BEWARE!!
      The link to the site depletedcranium.com contains a high risk virus everyone. Here is the screen shot from Mr Norton:

    4. John, here's the correct screen shot URL:

  17. The YouTube version of this show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA8kJaP2m1w

  18. Sorry! Get ahead of myself sometimes. Anonymous has the proper link. In regards to the Connely article at Occidental Observer on Sheryl Sandberg, here is a piece titled, 'Is Zuckerberg Mossad?' http://al-faedah.blogspot.com/2011/12/is-zuckerberg-mossad.html

  19. Thanks for your comments. Can I point out - as I repeatedly did in John Friend's show- that nukelies.org is a HUGE forum. It also has a SEARCH BOX. And it has internal links which are as clear as I could make them. For example, there is a whole section on 'nuclear submarines'. And a whole section on arguments against Hiroshima being nuked,. some of which have been repeated above. And many details on Lookout Mountain studios, and on film/video footage. And on the science and pseudo-science leading up to Trinity. The whole thing must have been planned over quite a long period of time. Whether 'nukes' were ever made seems doubtful to me, though it's possible, just as deliberate leak of the films/videos in the hope faults would be noticed is possible. It may be an exit strategy, or some disillusioned types trying to wriggle away. There's a lot more that could be said; if someone out there likes a lot of detail, look at the 200-min video 'Lords of the Nukes' which is a three-way talk between me, 'FirstClassSkeptic', and AbIrato/Fakeologist. It has a lot on nukes, nuclear power, psyops inc 9/11, the Cold War, Cuba and Castro as Spanish Jew, radiation scares etc etc etc.
    And thanks John. I should have prepared better; but there ya go.

  20. Everything you see on TV is fake. It has been proved time and time again and still..

    Who is gonna tell everyone that everything is fake??

    The media isn't gonna go it.

    These marginal threads are not gonna reach any wide auditory

    Guys like Rae West are just gonna be banned from any mainstream access. Just observe how they banned his forum that is basically an unknown forum while it contains so much information.

    Why so much pressure against him and people like him??

    It's all just too obvious.. and you know what the answer is??

    The time for talking and exposing is over.

    It doesn't matter.. you can't expose them using the platform they use to fool everyone

    It's like playing their poker game when the have flush royal on their hands and you have only a pair.

    The only thing left to do... is not be scared.

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