Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jew hides mother's death to collect "Holocaust" benefits

Who could do something so treacherous, so undignified, so dishonorable? Apparently, a Jew named Gary Jacoby out in New York. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

A New York man was charged with hiding his Holocaust survivor mother’s death in order to collect her reparations benefits.

Gary Jacoby, 61, was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court on Thursday on grand larceny and forgery charges, the Daily News reported. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

Jacoby’s mother, Laura, died in 2008 at age 93. Over the next four years, he allegedly collected $56,000 in her benefits from the German government.

Jacoby allegedly colluded with a notary public to forge annual paperwork indicating that his mother was still alive.

He also appeared at the German Embassy in 2012 to testify that his mother was still alive, according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

Jacoby was released without bail and is due back in court on Oct. 14. He told the Daily News that he expects the charges against him to be dropped.
Leave aside the fact that the entire Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII - 6 million "poor, innocent" Jews systematically murdered by "the evil Nazis" in gas chambers - is 100% bogus on virtually all accounts. The international Jewish community, along with the United States, Great Britain, and Russia, ought to be paying reparations to Germany for the outrageous war crimes committed against the German people and nation during WWII. The Jews, with their control of the mass media and influence in Western governments, have entirely reversed the reality of what actually happened during WWII. They've convinced the entire world that they experienced a "Holocaust," when in actual fact they (along with their useful idiots and puppets) themselves directed and committed the real war crimes and genocides during WWII against the Germans and their allies.

But leave that aside for a moment, and just think about how dishonorable and treacherous the Jew Gary Jacoby truly is. And this scum bag "expects the charges against him to be dropped," according to the article!

The righteous German leader Adolf Hitler, one of the most slandered men in all of history, described the Jews as having an "unqualified capacity for falsehood" in Mein Kampf, and also argued that "the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited." Hitler's insightful characterizations of the Jewish people are demonstrated on a daily basis, often by Jewish newspapers and media outlets no less. 


  1. I heard from a half jewish person once that her jewish mother hated the jews because she'd been raped by the japanese while interned in China during WWII, but since it wasn't because she was jewish the jews tried to repress the truth of the war crimes committed by the Japanese. In fact, the jews try to keep the fact that there even were internment camps in Japan a secret, as the white american civlians were imprisoned in them and usually tortured in some fashion. Women were raped and killed. White american soldiers were tortured and killed. Allegedly (I can't verify it) the japanese performed vivisections and other medical experimentation and downright torture on our captured soldiers, in the Pacific Islands. A tragic and interesting side note is that redheaded american soldiers were the first to die in japanese POW camps. The color red is considered symbolic of defiance in that culture so the redheads were tortured immediately and all died. The bigger men were also disproportionately targeted, as northwestern europeans especially are bigger than japanese men and the biggest of men were thus symbolic.

  2. I guess "Feed my Sheep" translates differently in different languages..

    like "Love one Another"...get it ?

    I almost wish I had gone to LAW SCHOOL sometimes , just to represent DEFENDANTS
    like the above mentioned "Jew"...and guys like John Wiley Price in Dallas

    Just to get all the other CRIMES against "Mankind" and Humanity on the
    "RECORD" for everyone to see...I'm just so tired of living in a country full of
    who watch TALMUDVISION and can count the number of books they've read
    in the last five years on two fingers...



  3. Half Jewish? LOL No such thing, honestly. If your mother is Jewish, born of a Jewish mother, then all offspring are legally and culturally considered fully jewish. In western White society, the Male is predominant in that your surname is the Father's name. But Jews? The Female, providing she is Jewish, is the predominant one, and all children are full Jews. Surnames for Jews? A dime a dozen, as most who know anything about these people know that they could change their names once a week LOL... (actually not funny, it's sad.) The father is a bonus if also Jewish, but if his wife is not Jewish, the kids are not considered Jewish, even if they use Dad's surname. Maybe that's where people get this half Jewish thing. Just thought I'd mention this, because seeing Half Jewish is funny, as it's either you are, or you aren't. No inbetween. In all other life, you could say you're half this quarter that, and whatever other silliness people like to dream up. :P We are a Strange Race, us Humans. And isn't it also strange that we like to be called all sorts of Races, when in actuality, we are ALL the Human Race. Well, maybe not. Jews think they are human, and all others are ANIMALS, BEASTS, Pigs, Chickens, Cows, Gnats... whatever. Yet they have this idea they are intelligent, and always make that known as well. All their Nobel prizes for this and that... they're really BOUGHT, not earned except maybe in a few instances. Many DO know you can BUY credentials and become doctors etc., overnight. But Jews prefer Nobel prizes, because they cost the most and then get they're million dollar rebate along with the snazzy award; so it actually costs them nothing. HAH! More truth than not, I'm sure.

    In terms of this story? I'm thoroughly disgusted to see that $56,000 is only 4 years. This means $140,000 in ten years? This is EXTRA bonus cash too. Many Americans barely make $14,000 for WORKING all year round!! Really angering to think they get all that cash for LYING through their teeth since 1945. Does this mean millions of these people got as much as a $Million$ or more, each, providing they lived long enough since 1945? It's enough to keep a puke bucket beside you. I likely won't be alive to witness when they reverse this sick crap and force them to PAY IT BACK, with Interest, even though I don't believe in Interest. But since Jews invented it, and LOVE soaking the pants off Gentiles as they keep the Fiat Currency printing presses running full tilt, then laugh all the way to the bank, rubbing hands on the way... they should be forced to pay back the FULL 70 years per person who got most of those years worth of benefits, and tack on that lovely 28% compound interest that they invented on credit card CASH loans! They'll each owe multi millions. Excellent. Would be cool to live long enough to see it. Who knows, maybe I will. Or maybe the courts will drop the cases for all, and let them keep it, like Jacoby figures he'll get off scott free... and then because he's one of them and lied so well, they'll keep sending him the cash and maybe increase it, if he works for them and applies his evilness to their continued plan to rule the world.

    1. AMEN AND AMEN!!!

    2. The sensationalization of this jew contrived "holocaust" has permitted the jews to steal an Arab nation, to horribly abuse the rightful inhabitants of that region, the Palestinians, without any serious condemnation from the so-called civilized world. Jews have extorted billions in reparations from Germany and demand and get, endless billions in aid from the United States, and have subjugated the US Armed forces and sent them to war to kill Israel's enemies. The entire jew power structure around the world is based heavily on the Holocaust® and its usefulness in suppressing any free speech critical of jews, zionists or Israel.

      How much have these jew parasites made out of their Holocaust® scam? The German government admits to forking over EUR 63.2 billion [,1518,523846,00.html ] in these socalled reparations and all of it tax free.

  4. That was Division 341. They did all kinds of medical experiements on POWS during WWII. The members were secretly let into America 'cause we wanted to find out what they learned.


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