Saturday, August 2, 2014

Israeli newspaper removes blog post openly calling for Palestinian genocide

The Times of Israel, a popular online Israeli news outlet, featured a blog post the other day entitled, "When Genocide is Permissible," which, as you can imagine, openly called for the genocide of the Christian and Muslim Palestinians under Israeli occupation. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the brutal Jewish occupation of Palestine knows that what the Jewish state of "Israel" has done and continues to do to the indigenous Palestinian people amounts to genocide. The Jewish state was founded on murder, terrorism, and genocide, and what we are seeing it do today to Gaza and other parts of occupied Palestine is nothing new. The Zionist Jews in "Israel" and their supporters around the world are murderous psychopaths, plain and simple.

The Times of Israel released an official statement yesterday announcing that they removed the "unacceptable blog post" from their website, and will no longer feature the author's blog.

The Times of Israel on Friday removed an unacceptable blog post, entitled “When genocide is permissible.”

This blog post, which was described by our Ops & Blogs editor as both damnable and ignorant, blatantly breached The Times of Israel’s editorial guidelines.

We have discontinued the writer’s blog.

The Times of Israel maintains an open blog platform: Once we have accepted bloggers, we allow them to post their own items. This trust has rarely been abused. We are angry and appalled that it was in this case, and will take steps to prevent a recurrence.

We will not countenance blog posts that incite to violence or criminal acts.
You can read the full text of the removed article here.

As previously stated, what the Jews are currently doing to the Palestinians in Gaza - namely, indiscriminately murdering innocent and defenseless men, women, and children, along with destroying critical infrastructure - is nothing new. The usurping terrorist Jews illegally occupying Palestine have been engaging in these sorts of murderous killing sprees since the founding of the Jewish state of "Israel". What is new, however, is the international reaction to the psychopaths over in "Israel" and their unhinged, lunatic supporters around the world, which includes the entire organized international Jewish community and the vast majority of individual Jews.

The time has come for the entire world to finally come to grips with the true nature of Judaism and international Jewry, and deal with them as they deal with the Palestinians


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  2. A Thank you To All Starbucks Customers
    With each gulp of Starbucks' Latte Coffee Patrons help pay for each bullet that is used to kill the Palestinian Children and one less
    Terrorist for the Jews having to feed.

    Written by Howard Schultz


    Despite the current onslaught
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