Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jews urge Obama, Congress to 'welcome the stranger'

In yet another act of blatant, unacceptable hypocrisy coming from the organized Jewish community, Jewish groups in America - all of whom vehemently support the Jewish state of Israel and demand that it remain the "homeland of the Jewish people" - are demanding President Obama and Congress welcome the thousands - perhaps millions - of illegal aliens criminally entering the United States. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

Twenty Jewish organizations urged President Obama and Congress to deal humanely with the unaccompanied children and refugees from Central America who are crossing the U.S. border.

The statement released Tuesday, which was written by the refugee resettlement agency HIAS, calls on the government to “welcome the stranger” in dealing with those entering the United States through Mexico from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

“The safety and well-being of these migrants – and particularly the unaccompanied children – must be at the heart of every policy decision made in response to this humanitarian crisis,” according to the statement, which was signed by such groups as the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, B’nai B’rith International and the Jewish Federations of North America.

In the statement, the Jewish organizations call for a long term, holistic solution “that prioritizes safety and opportunity.” They call for increased border enforcement in connection with measures to ensure that those in danger of persecution in their homeland can seek asylum in the United States. The Jewish groups also are calling for increased funding for the U.S. Refugee Admissions Policy.

More than 50,000 unaccompanied children have crossed into the United States along its southern border in the past nine months and another 80,000 to 90,000 are expected by the end of the current fiscal year, according to HIAS.

Also signing the statement were Ameinu, Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies, Central Conference of American Rabbis, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Jewish Labor Committee, Jewish Women International, Keshet, National Council of Jewish Women, the Rabbinical Assembly, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and Jewish Reconstructionist Communities, The Solomon Project, T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, Union for Reform Judaism, Uri L’Tzedek and The Workmen’s Circle.
As I highlighted last week, the Jewish state occupying Palestine known as "Israel" strictly enforces its immigration laws, arresting and detaining illegal aliens crossing its borders. And rightly so: sovereign nation states have the right to patrol and control their borders. But the United States is not a sovereign nation state anymore, thanks largely to the organized international Jewish community.

The organized Jewish community has led the way in reshaping and perverting traditional American identity, portraying America as a "proposition nation" based on a civic identity, rather than a traditional White Christian national identity. In the early 1900s, Jewish radicals, many of whom were Communist revolutionaries, paved the way for this line of thinking. The "Melting Pot" idea came from the Jew Israel Zangwell, while the subversive Jewess Emma Lazarus propagandized Americans into thinking anyone from any corner of the globe was welcome in America and could become an American citizen. Unsurprisingly, both Zangwell and Lazarus were dedicated Zionists, advocating a Jewish homeland for the Jewish people while transforming the West into a multicultural nightmare.

The organized Jewish community has also been the primary proponent of reversing traditional American immigration policy, which has resulted in essentially open borders and the influx of millions of unskilled, unassimilable Third World aliens - both legal and illegal - into America since the 1960s.

So while the Jews openly advance the interests of their own people and maintain the Jewishness of the Jewish state of "Israel", they demand the West accept and provide for millions of unassimilable foreigners, including countless illegal aliens who have violated federal immigration law. The hypocrisy is shocking, and yet we accept it.


  1. John, I think we need to preserve Israel so the jews have somewhere to be expelled to. God forbid they are able to claim they 'have nowhere to go.'

    Another irony is that the hispanics generally detest the jews. The jews are getting more and more nervous that we Whites are going to revolt...

  2. too bad you never got to meet Grugyn Silverbristle...

    he would have been a great guest on your radio show

    it would be truly wonderful if you could locate his symphony
    and maybe make it available on your site...I've never heard it

    Zephaniah 3:9

    &.... Isaiah 13:14



    1. Grugyn Silverbristle was his nom de guerre. If John is interested in making his compositions publicly available, I will send him a CD. --Veracity


    Hypocrisy with an overall objective.

  4. Send all the disease carrying aliens to Israhell and let them spread their Ebola and TB there.

  5. Jew mayor of Los Angeles: We won't hand over illegals to deportation officials. Further proof that jews are behind illegal immigration.

    1. I can't click on that link.

    2. Just try cutting and pasting in your browser. It should work then.


  6. I welcome them to board planes to Tel Aviv.

  7. Only a small percentage of the illegal aliens pouring across our borders are "children." Most are teens, mostly male, and many have gang affiliations. And there are thousands of adult criminals and non-Hispanics taking advantage of the border chaos and misdirection to enter the country...

  8. Voila! You hit everything right on the head! The only thing is the hate toward the Mexican migrants, which is not cool! They are just pawns being used by the hairy jews.

  9. More illegal children equals more future taxpayers and dumbed down votes. More of that equals more and grander holocaust memorials and funding to Israel at public expense.

  10. the Federal government will take these people in, and turn them into a mercenary police force, bc American soldiers won't shoot at their own people. So, they need someone who will, and these are they. Watch for the mercenary military force that will come out of the nanny state.

  11. Hypocrisy and arrogance. Nobody but nobody beats the Jews!


  12. Zionism is a divisive ideology, which seeks to amplify conflicts, by bringing opposing groups into close proximity with each other; this allows the Zionist to begin their demagoguing, and demonization of the majority population.

    In Short, Zionism is a divisive tool pitting one group against the other causing hostility and discord wherever it’s allowed flourish.

    We must focus on the wielder.

    A hammer is just the tool.


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