Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jews most popular religious group in U.S., despite criminality, subversion

Despite their outrageously brazen criminality and subversion of America, Jews are the most popular religious group in the United States, according to a recent Pew survey. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

Jews are the most warmly regarded religious group in America, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.

The survey of 3,217 adults conducted in June asked respondents to rate their feelings toward various religious groups on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being coldest, 100 warmest and 50 meaning they have neither positive nor negative feelings.

Jews rated 63, slightly ahead of Catholics (62) and evangelicals (61). Buddhists, Hindus and Mormons prompted neutral ratings, from 48 to 53. Muslims were given the worst rating, at 40. Atheists rated 41.

Respondents rated their own faith groups highest, the survey said, explaining that evangelicals and Catholics are so fondly viewed in the United States because they are the country’s largest religious groups (the survey counted Protestants as evangelicals). Together, Catholics and evangelicals represented 52 percent of respondents.

Jews gave themselves an 89 rating. For other faith groups, Jews gave Catholics a 58 rating, Buddhists 61, Hindus 57, atheists 55, Mormons 48, Muslims 35 and evangelicals 34.

Evangelicals in the survey rated Jews positively with a rating of 69.

Sixty-one percent of respondents said they know someone who is Jewish; Jews constitute approximately 2 percent of the U.S. population.

The survey showed a divide between older and younger Americans. Older Americans view Jews, evangelicals and Catholics most favorably. Younger Americans gave higher ratings to atheists and Muslims than older Americans did — ratings of 49 each by Americans aged 18-29.

Jews were viewed most favorably by whites, at 66. Blacks and Hispanics each gave Jews a 58. Blacks gave evangelicals and Muslims more favorable ratings than whites. [...]
As the survey notes, Jews have very little respect and regard for Christian evangelicals, who are ironically the biggest supporters of Israel and the Jewish people generally. So while the Jews destain Christian Zionists, the Christian Zionists love the Jews.

The survey also noted that Whites view Jews most favorably. This despite the fact that Jews have been at war with the White Western Christian world for generations now, and have worked overtime to subvert, pervert, and ultimately destroy traditional Western civilization.

The Jewish control over the average White American's mind is simply shocking.

Jewish bankers, speculators, and financial criminals have literally looted and pillaged the American treasury in recent years, robbing the American tax-payer in the process.

Jewish intellectuals, economists, and government bureaucrats have systematically destroyed the U.S. economy through their promotion of globalization, massive Third World immigration (both legal and illegal), and "free trade" agreements, which have resulted in the off shoring of American industry and manufacturing and the displacement of the American worker.

Jewish criminals connected to the international banking syndicate have dominated the private Federal Reserve banking system, financially enslaving the federal government and average American citizen with usury.

Jewish neocons and dual-Israeli citizens have entirely taken over the foreign policy making establishment in the United States, and have instigated and promoted the fraudulent (and endless) "Global War on Terrorism" and tyrannical "Homeland Security" industry in America following the false flag terrorist attack on 9/11, which of course they themselves orchestrated.

Jewish intellectual and cultural terrorists have subverted and perverted traditional American culture, openly mocking and degrading our traditions, ancestors, and way of life.

I could go on and on here, but suffice it to say the organized Jewish community has literally destroyed America (and the West generally). They have essentially been on one gigantic crime spree, particularly since 9/11, brazenly directing American foreign and domestic policy to benefit and advance their global agenda of world domination and subjugation.

And yet the brainwashed masses love these people.


  1. Jews lie all the time. Who owns "Pew". Or look at their top management / board of directors.
    Never forget " the Jews are the best" for they are the "chosen ones" {sarcasm BTW}

    HATE SITES = A truth telling website (about the Jews) that the Jews hate.
    ANTI-SEMITE = A person the Jews hate.

    1. Much of this positive perception is due to the Masonic twisting of truth by the phony "Xtian Patriots" like Steve Quayle, John haggee, Dave Hodges, Haggmann, Hawk... and the apostate offspring of the Schofield Bible released by Darby and the Rothschilds to be the base for the Pharisee State. Like the media- they covered the whole continuum of religion- from the Pentacostal stripe to the prosperity preachers ala' Osteen to the liberal WCC types on the communist left like most of the protestant churches.

  2. The Cult of Jew Cultural Marxism is the prevailing ideology in N.Ireland. Our elites (Media, Academic, Political) can't get enough of this shit. The god of Equality rules and all heretics are punished. White population replacement (Genocide) is snowballing, Diversity worship is mandatory.

    1. I AGREE...and may I add the Frankford School Of Critical Theory is still alive and well. Columbia univ. in the east....and brandies univ out west are the present locations.

  3. John, have you forwarded this on to the ADL? If you don't, I think I might.........

  4. Great follow up to the report, John. This survey shows how much work is needed. The "average American" just isn't paying attention. That, on top of the cursed political correctness.

    Tonight, I asked three people down the gym what they thought of the media coverage of the Gaza crisis. ( The gym is crawling with TV's.) The third had a slight accent that I assume was Caribbean. At first he was being politically correct and hesitating. Then I let go and he followed. He remarked that I was the only one he'd met that knew what was going on (with the Jews). I started in with how slanted the media was on Gaza because it was controlled by Jews. This also shows how much work is needed. Glad to report that he was Jew wise. I did have to set him straight on Alex Jones. though.


    1. Alex and company are more anti Israel these days than I've ever seen. I quit listening to him for ... maybe two years because I thought I understood exactly where he is coming from... and recently returned to get the benefit of his team and the rather up to the minute reporting on the border situation. I was pleasantly surprised by the negative references to Israel, whether mention of history - child killing experiments by Israeli doctors, to prominently placed articles about Gaza, and one or two other mentions I've forgotten.

  5. I agree that most of the religious right love the so-called 'Jews' but I sure don't see the general population loving them, as more and more people are opening their eyes to see whose children they really are.

  6. define :




    Mat 13:15 For this people’s heart is waxed gross

    Mat 13:15 - For this people's heart is waxed gross, and [their] ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with
    [their] eyes, and hear with [their] ears, and should understand with [their] heart,
    and should be converted, and I should heal them.

    Here, Christ is making a quoting Isa 6:10,
    but this is the first verse of the four hidden keys that refer to the keys' symbols. Hearts represent people's feeling, ears, the mind, eyes, the body. Christ reverses the original order of eyes and ears in Isaiah because Christ associates eyes with the physical body and ears with the mind. This reversal isn't accidental, we we see again in Mar 4:12 where Christ makes the same change when quoting Isa 6:9.

    In the Greek, the words chosen make it clear that people are choosing not to see and not to hear, motivated by their spirit. What they fear is being "converted," that is "turned around" in the spirit, from the social (religion and tradition) to the internal (relationship with God).... everything is put back together working as it should.
    Alternate versions: For this {JEW WORD ---->} " society's "
    ISRAELS {WHITE PEOPLE NATIONS} "the west" {1st World Nations}...
    heart has become dense; ears are plugged to hearing,
    and eyes are shut, so that at no time should their eyes see,
    and their ears hear, and their hearts understand,
    and they turn themselves around, and make themselves whole.
    {some people just can't see this reality because it is "RACIST"}


    "People" is from the Greek laos,
    which is a specific idea of "the people," meaning a specific group.
    It is the assembly of a company of NATIONS {troops} or a gathering of the tribes
    of the Children of Israel {see ROLLING THUNDER } or {See OT...}....
    sharing the same name. "Israel" ...{no "Jews"}.....
    and the children of Israel didn't have a Talmud
    and Hate Jesus....wandering around in the wilderness for forty years
    that circumambulation of metaphysical perfidy just comes natural
    as sheep


  7. PEW! What a crock. Jews are reviled, massively, in this Country, as well as in the Rest of the World. What a totally absurd contention.

  8. Sick Of The LeftJuly 18, 2014 at 6:11 AM

    I'd like to add to your list of what they have done....
    Raising grocery prices sky high (looking back on it now the cost of movie theater concession snacks was just their insipid foreplay that they forced on us until 1988 when they finally screwed or should I say financially raped us, as Jews LOVE to give us hints about what is coming).
    "The greed is good" mantra amongst the medical industry including dentists and vets who have been stealing from pet owners for years.
    Assertiveness training which has made most women in America nothing less than selfish bitches and has caused countless fights (ie:destroy us from the inside out, which was their goal).
    Laws against child abuse, needed yes, BUT they have steered it to make kids disrespectful and conceited spoiled little brats .
    The intense pushing of psych drugs including the evil new trend to give anti-psychotics to babies and toddlers.
    Gay adoption.
    High gas prices.
    High liquor prices.
    To many tv commercials.
    Blasting the sound during a tv commercial (which thankfully we got rid of).
    Outrageous school loans.
    Anyone like to add to my list?

    1. massive displacement level 3rd world immigration
      demonizing white pride while lauding black/brown/gay/jewish pride
      television and movies which pander to our basest instincts
      destroying high culture and replacing it with pop culture
      control of publishing and education, guaranteeing miseducation especially in History

    2. "Assertiveness training which has made most women in America nothing less than selfish bitches and has caused countless fights"

      I don't know if I'd call it assertiveness training, but they certainly are selfish bitches. Boston is notorious. No woman can approach a man and introduce themselves, let alone ask out a man, but they have no problem running to the boss, or manager, or cop, or court. No guts to go after a man in a good way, but plenty of malice to harm a man, like through the legal system. There is a general meanness that permeates society now, along with a lack of principle.

      "The intense pushing of psych drugs including the evil new trend to give anti-psychotics to babies and toddlers."

      Amazing! Yes, they are giving psychotropic drugs to toddlers calling it "peventative (something or other)" at least according to a guest on The Power Hour. You can find the show in TPH archives online (no fee involved).

      "To many tv commercials." Damn right! Not only are the evil Jews spewing out filth and violence, they are hopelessly greedy as well! I watch very little television, and the number of commercials drives me to shut it off! That's probably a good thing. Greedy, greedy Jews!

      "Blasting the sound during a tv commercial (which thankfully we got rid of)."

      Joyce Riley of The Power Hour would remark (more than once) that this is the ONLY good law Washington's ever come up with. The volume was equalized, but, I noticed it back to where it was. Loud.


    3. you forgot their master stroke- KOSHER TAX

    4. Have you read the interview with the IS-BE, the captured 1947 ET at Roswell? She said that the earth is a dumping ground for all the criminals, perverts and unwanteds in the universe. Now do you understand? And these criminals will not change! Do you recognize them? They protect their own and plan to wipe out the rest of us and save some for slaves. I'm not giving up my guns.

  9. Another good editorial by John Friend. However, I must ask this question.

    If what John reports is really true, then why is it almost impossible to visit even the mainstream news web sites that still allow comments, without seeing comments that show that the White readers are waking up to the jews and their evil agenda?

    Is it possible that those critical comments about jews are being posted by the jews themselves, who are merely pretending to be 'White' - while the real Whites are still too brain dead stupid to connect the dots on 99% of the evil and degeneracy that plagues American culture to the tribe who is behind it?

    1. I submit comments in Haaretz, and they are never published, fwiw.


  10. The jew is NOT the Chosen of God, the Isrelites are and most of the mob has swallowed the lie the jew controlled media has told them-that the jews are the "chosen peoplel". NOT ! The Isrealites and the "jews" are two completely different people. The True Isrealites are Jacob Isreal. The jew-the edomite jew- is the descendant of esau -edom.The edomite jew is the plague that inhabits the old "Holy Land". They NEVER had any claim or rights to Palestine because most of the jews in the world today- 95 to 98 % of them are racially NON-Semitic. They are the ashkenazim-khazarians whose racial stock is Mongol, Turkish and Finnish. The ashkenazim-khazarians embraced the teachings of the babylonian talmud-the circulating lifes blood of the "jewish religion" in or about the year 740 A.D. That's why Eastern Europe/Western Russia is a stronghold for world jewry. True Isreal-proven through a correct understanding and interpetation of the Bible, Historical documentation and by the words of the jew themselves proves the True Isreal are the Anglo-saxon , Germanic and Scandanavian peoples of the world. They have Isreals finger prints in every way. The jew is no part of any "tribe" period. The 12 Tribes of True Isreal are not jewish. All twelve tribes are not represented by the "nickname" given to one. Eoropeans started top call the jews, by the name Jew only after the time between the years 1453 to 1553 in continental Europe. Before that they were called rabinists. At the time of our Lord Jesus, they were called "pharisee's"
    and practiced the religion that came out of ancient babylon at the end of the second captivity call the "tradition of the elders." Thats the religion of the jew today-the so called "tradition of the elders" that makes the Laws of God of non effect ! It's NOT the religion practiced by Ancient Isreal which was called Hebrewism-which was the Law, the Prophets, the Psalms and the belief in the Messiah to come. All of Western Europe and their descendants- The anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandanavian and their and their kindred people are True descendant Isreal. But as Our Lord Stated' My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Most people of Europen descent don't know their true identity.

    1. Judea, Judean, Judah, Judahite, Judas, and finally jews

      Yes, see how confusing it becomes and the jews have promoted and capitalized on this similarity of terms, and pardon me for repeating what many already know, but I need to repeat this in order to get it straight in my own mind. I’m certainly no bible reader and it’s all so confusing, thanks to hundreds of years of jew lies and further dissemination of these lies by the modern jewsmedia and by the jew controlled Christian churches of today.

      You have Judea, Judean, Judah, Judahite, and finally jews who have falsely inserted themselves into the thick of it by instilling the belief in modern day Christians that Jesus, himself, was a jew. Socalled Bible believing Christians, who supposedly read their Bibles, can’t seem to see through the ubiquitous jew bullshit. It seems to me that merely due to the first syllable of these words, the jews have fooled everyone to think it refers to jews, when it clearly does not. All must simply take some time to look to see the deception. Another key issue that modern Christians fail to understand is that the term “Israel” in the bible, never referred to a place or to the jews of today or jews at all. The jews of today are not descendants of the Pharasees. As we know, they are mostly Khazars who never set foot in Palestine in the time of Jesus, and yet today’s “Christians” mistakenly believe the jews of today are “God’s chosen people”, and their home is in Palestine, which jews have conveniently named Israel. And by virtue of the incredible ignorance of most Christians today, alleged followers of Christ, a collosal deception has taken hold.

      Jesus, of course, was not a jew or a Judean, nor was he a resident of Judea. Jesus of Nazareth was a Galilean or a resident of Galilee (Matthew 26:69; John 7:41). Again, Jesus was not a jew, he was a Judahite, which is not a jew. A Judahite is simply a descendent of the Tribe of Judah and Judah was one of the twelve sons of Jacob (also named Israel), each of which was the patriarch of their own tribe, hence, the 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL meaning the 12 Tribes of Jacob. Israel was never a place. This very same patriarch, Jacob, was renamed Israel. Take note that the Bible refers to Jacob as both Jacob and Israel even after his renaming most of the time. Hence, when Jesus was quoted in the Bible as saying, “I was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Matthew 15:24), he wasn’t talking about either the jews of today, or the Pharisaic priests of his day. He was talking about the descendants of Jacob, the twelve tribes. So this is another term, "Israel", the deceptive jews have taken and changed the modern meaning of to refer to themselves, when it does not — thus due to indoctrination and the willful ignorance of today’s Christians and their leaders, confusion reigns. Now we understand why the decendants of Khazars chose the deception to call themselves "jews" and to further deceive Christians, to call their nerve center of evil, "Israel".

    2. Jesus's mother Marys mother was of the tribe of Levi(prist line) n her father of the tribe of Judah (king line).....that said if you understood that both Adam n Eve were brguiled Gen3:13 by the serpent look up beguiled in a Strongs Bible Concordance they were wholly seduced Eves first born Cain wasn't Adams son he was satans. 1John 3:12 among others states who Cains father was. Kenites a hebrew word for the children of Cain mixed into the House of Judah doing work taken into captivity into Babylon along w/ Judahwhen freed some 60 years later these same Kenites were the scribes writing the laws n keeping the books for the House of Judah(1Chron2:55 these are the evil that manuvered n call themselves jews as Jesus stated in Rev. 2:9 n 3:9 of the 2 out of 7 churches He approved of Smyrna n Philadelphia for they taught about the Kenites who call themselves jews n do lie they are the synogugue of satan..


  12. Not exactly surprising, seeing that the jews own nearly all major 'informative' and entertainment media outlets. With that kind of power they can shape perceptions any way they see fit.

  13. Sick Of The LeftJuly 21, 2014 at 4:41 AM

    To Anon. (July 18, 2014 at 12:48 PM) Most psychiatrists are Jewish. And they use psychiatry to destroy the "goyum" although I know of a couple of traditional Jews (Torah only) they have hurt too. Since most doctors are Jewish (Zionist) as well they have gotten pediatricians to prescribe this crap to disable a person from the beginning of their lives, ie: babies. People will not grow up normal or how they are supposed to be when on anti-psychotic drugs or the anti-depressants. The same is true for the drugs given for the bogus ADD. These poisons are just another one of their hundreds of ways to destroy us.
    To Matthew (Boston), yes I know so many women now are horrible to men. I have seen marriages where the women is dragging her husband around like he is a dog on a leash. Women are horrible to other women though too. It used to be if you had a female friend and you were upset she would listen, be sympathetic and agree with your feelings. Now all women do is hen peck and argue at what you tell them. Women go around checking other women out, looking at their clothes, their makeup, their shoes trying to find one flaw. If they do they smile if they don't well you get a dirty look. This country is just so pathetic now. No one is humble, no one is helpful, all people seem to care about is money and being famous. Total Jewish superficial BS. (Although all of you are nice lol).

  14. I saw this on JEWEL WASPS on youtube not too long. It reminds me of how the Jews use Pastor Hagee white follower-types to achieve Jewish ends.

    Jewel wasps sting cockroaches and the venom turns them into slaves. Then the wasp parasitically inserts inside the roach a wasp egg larvae that hatches and eats the roach alive inside out until all that is left is a hollowed-out shell of a dead roach.


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