Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anti-American Commie losers support illegal invasion of America

Earlier today, I drove to Ramona, California to attend the Ramona TEA'd monthly Saturday event, which featured Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. The event was held at Ramona Mainstage, on Main Street in the heart of downtown Ramona, a small town in northeast San Diego County.

Sheriff Arpaio is a well-known and respected figure in the American patriot community. The venue was overflowing, and by the time I arrived at 11:30 this morning, I wasn't even allowed to enter. Sheriff Arpaio was going to be addressing the illegal invasion of America, sponsored and facilitated by the federal government of the United States, along with the on-going crime spree against the American people emanating from Washington, D.C.

As I walked up to the venue, this is what I encountered: 
A group of roughly 20-25 anti-American Communist losers supporting the illegal invasion of America, hysterically shouting at and denigrating both Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the patriotic Americans who showed up to listen to his speech and support his cause. We were called "racists" and "bigots" and all the other meaningless Marxist buzzwords leveled against anyone who opposes the destruction of America and traditional Western civilization.

A Mestizo woman, who may have been an illegal alien herself, claimed she was attacked by a man who showed up to hear Sheriff Arpaio speak. For the record, I didn't see anyone get attacked or hit, but perhaps this woman was (I doubt it). In any case, this woman and her brainwashed Commie friends sure made a big deal about it before eventually leaving the venue.

I highly doubt Ramona TEA'd members and other conservative, traditional Americans show up to and disrupt the meetings organized by the anti-American Communist thugs shown in the video above. These people truly are unbelievable. Total scum bags - all of them.

Of course, there were plenty of American patriots on hand, many more than the anti-American Commie losers in the photos and videos above, all of whom were vehemently against the illegal invasion of America, the criminal and traitorous Obama administration, and most of the other sell outs running the federal government. 
I had a nice conversation with the gentleman in the above two photos, which you can hear in the video below.

I have just a few observations about my experience today, and what's going on generally across America.

It is clear that many patriotic Americans - millions in fact - are starting to wake up to the reality that the federal government is controlled by a hostile elite which is working overtime to destroy what's left of this country. However, we still have a lot of work to do on the educational/propaganda front: the vast majority of these people still do not realize who is pulling the strings and directing the destruction of America (and the Western world generally). Of course, I'm referring to the organized international Jewish community.

But, the people I talked to today at least seem open to these ideas, and fully recognize that both the mass media and federal government at the highest levels are openly waging war against the American people and their traditional way of life. The mainstream political and media establishment is becoming more and more discredited each and every day.

I also get the sense that the vast majority of the people participating in these protests across America - perhaps even all of them - are so sick and tired of being called "racists" and "bigots" and "extremists," that they simply do not care about these labels anymore. I think we are finally starting to see the Jewish inspired and directed political correctness regime, which has suffocated this country and psychologically enslaved us for so long, starting to lose its effectiveness.

The Jews and their useful idiots, like the anti-American Commie clowns in the photos and videos above, are starting to lose control of the narrative in a very real world sense. Those of us on the internet exposing and destroying the Jewish narrative of history, current events, and the very nature of the world in which we live, along with the overall Jewish agenda of world domination and subjugation commonly referred to as the New World Order, have been subverting the political correctness regime for quite some time. And it seems to be making some real world progress at this point. The people I met today were not at all intimidated by the Commie thugs calling them "racists" and "haters" - those absurd, meaningless slanders are losing their efficacy. Finally.

In short, I think we are starting to see some really positive developments in America. Millions of people are recognizing that there is an open agenda to destroy this country. People are waking up to the blatant, outrageous criminality emanating from our federal government and banking establishment, all of which is downplayed and covered up by the Jewish controlled mass media. Americans are sick and tired of our tax dollars being sent to corrupt foreign governments, especially the illegitimate terrorist state known as "Israel" occupying Palestine, international organizations such as the UN, and parasitical minorities and illegal aliens, while veterans and other Americans go homeless and jobless. Thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, are actually out in the streets and getting involved in local and regional activists groups, including the Ramona TEA'd group and the Impeach Obama Now! group.

I like the direction this is headed. We're long over due for a political, economic, and spiritual revolution. I only hope it can be genuinely realized, in which the real enemies and subverters of America and the Western world are finally exposed and excluded from our societies, once and for all. 


  1. You should confront those commies with billboards showing victims of communism. There are hundreds of horrific pictures on the internet. Show those brainwashed kids whom they are supporting.

    Maybe you should start leaving flyers and leaflets on university campuses showing the same crimes of communism!!

    These kids have been totally brainwashed and cannot understand what communism really is. They think communism is some sort of benevolent secular religion.

    1. Communism is rape, plunder, torture, starvation then death.
      Communism claimed 200,000,000+ victims during the 20th .century.
      Would communism in America be any different? (rhetorically).
      TPTB would hold "no compunction" in the killing off 75% of Americans.
      Especially White Females & White Males. Look at Ukraine - Whites killing Whites. Look at Palestine,Iraq, Libya, Syria, on and on it goes. This must stop. No more "White Brother" wars. No more wars period.
      P.S. It looks as though Ukraine is going to be the "New Khazaria". Think about that!

  2. Ironic thing is the Constitution of the United States of America is what gives these libtrads the right to protest and they hate it so much. Send them to North Korea and see what happens when they crawl out of their holes and start antics. There is a good side to these stories it keeps the illegal alien invasion in the news

    1. "Ironic thing is the Constitution of the United States of America is what gives these libtrads the right to protest and they hate it so much."

      They obviously don't live around these mestizo invaders like yours truly does!

      These pathetic clowns are the product of years of diversity brainwashing, indoctrination and White guilt-tripping in the schools, television, etc., where Cultural Marxist Jews and those who think like them predominate. What is going on and has been going on is beyond outrageous--it is SUBVERSIVE and CRIMINAL!


  3. It never ceases to amaze me how low these cultural Marxists stoop, as they resort to using the lowest common denominator whenever they disagree with someone else's view: derogatory memes and name calling! The guy in the 1st video was obviously holding up his "Intellegence number" when he gave "the finger" in the 1st video . They are surely lost. You never witness this type of behavior from those who know and seek the truth! These CM's would rather attack than debate because deep down they know that their view of the world is insane. America IS waking up, I can feel it! The sunami is just beginning.

  4. Glad to see people are waking up to aipac keep speading the word

  5. We do support legal immigration, so how does that make us racist? Are we racist for wanting to maintain a certain standard of living, and wanting a better future for our fellow American citizens? Or are we racist because we believe in the rule of law? Are we racist because the countries that these people are emmigrating from are not doing their civil duty to their citizens? Can I get a free handout from Honduras? NO! Mexico? NO! These people just want to live on the middle class taxpayers dollar and our elite will happily sell the middle class out for cheaper labor, and more power. They want a third world version of USA so they can make Mexico, USA and Canada one easy North American continent to control and consolidate all the power into even fewer hands. These liberals don't realize that they are pawns in a much bigger game of chess. The elite does not care about them or the poor children of the world. If you need proof, see Africa.

    1. "Racist" is an anti-White pejorative used to slander, marginalize and attack Whites who stand up for White people and White people's interests, and one of our prime and utmost important interests today is to halt and reverse the flow of illegal aliens from Mexico who in no way, shape, manner or form improve the quality of life for White and Black Americans.

      This smear term, something the Jewish-led, Cultural Marxist Left is so proficient at inventing and using, was coined by (surprise, surprise) a Jew, Lev Davidovich Bronstein back in the 1920's or 30's (I forget which year), a communist monster better known as Leon Trotsky.


  6. Start preparing now for the endgame:

    Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America, by Thomas W. Chittum

    Zach Taylor, Border Patrol, 26 years, intelligence analyst - drug and human smuggling.
    "The whole idea of asymmetrical warfare is to defeat your enemy from within"
    ... "This is asymmetrical warfare." ... [the U.S. Government] "is assisting
    in the downfall of America." From the video at 11:44:

  7. Here is a very good video of Merlin Miller giving a short speech in an informal setting.
    VNN is slow to post comments (like mine).


  8. I've heard it said, by Jay Weidner as one example in this Red Ice interview:
    ...that these "children" aren't actually children at all; they're adults. The "children" meme is just another BIG LIE to tug American viewers' emotions and grease the skids for their systematic importation by the bus load by and their joozmedia wouldn't twist reality and LIE so audaciously, would they? /sarc

    SHOW US these 1000s of "children"....

  9. The Jewish supremacists controlling the US know exactly what they are doing.

    At the same time they are cynically flooding the US with the 3rd world their precious Israel is committing unspeakable war crimes against the brown people of Gaza, with weapons we hated Gentiles are forced to provide them.

    One day their "Holocaust Museums" will be used to teach the world about the evils of Zionism.

    In the meantime, let's take our country back from these vile shysters!

    1. "One day their "Holocaust Museums" will be used to teach the world about the evils of Zionism."

      Or as Alex Linder once put, "turned into museums of Jewish crimes."


  10. Great coverage, John. Your writing, as well as all of your audios, are very well done. You are to be commended for their prescience and clarity.

  11. This is very informative ; ) orig. by renegade broadcasting

  12. To the sawed-off mestiza holding up the sign saying: "Keep the kid deport the racist", I say:

    The "racists" built America!

    The "racists" obey the law, illegal alien Mexicans don't!



  13. "We were called "racists" and "bigots" and all the other meaningless Marxist buzzwords leveled against anyone who opposes the destruction of America and traditional Western civilization."

    Standing up for ones own kind and country, that's a beautiful thing.

    Dr. Pierce in one of his American Dissident Voices broadcasts described liberals as having a "disease of the soul"; these pathetic libtards in these videos most certainly do.


  14. The problem is, white people aren't having kids. So, no matter what these older white people do, it ultimately won't matter. Demographics is destiny and as a white person with 3 children, you would not believe how I am treated like some kind of freak. If I had 3 mixed kids, people would love me, but a white parent with white children in the US is now considered mentally ill, or some kind of weird fundie, or something. And I get this from other whites! So, it's nice and all to see people waking up, but it would've been nicer if it happened earlier because I don't see much of a chance for this country with it's new mestizo/pardo (whatever you want to call it) majority. Maybe Russia will take the few remaining whites in because it's only going to get worse from here on out. Sorry to be such a downer but I see the Jew propaganda at full blast and people lapping it up eagerly, celebrating the destruction of whites and all sorts of vile Jewish depravity. I hope I'm wrong though, I really, REALLY do.

    PS John, you are AMAZING.


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