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The Realist Report - Jason Erb

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Jason Erb. Jason and I will be analyzing some of the top personalities in the alternative or independent media, including popular icons such as Alex Jones. Are many of the most popular media personalities in the alternative or independent media compromised or promoting disinformation, knowingly or unknowingly? Tune in to find out! Calls are welcome throughout the broadcast.

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  1. Thank you for the reference John, that was kind of you. I enjoyed the show very much. I wish I wasn't at work while your show is live otherwise I would have likely called in. I wanted to bring attention to the different layers of gatekeepers there are.

    I ran into a really good piece called "Alex Jones is a liar" and it's by Eric Hufschmid at You had him there exposing Jones and his Jewish connections and the whole deal. He even goes way over the top as being anti-Jewish. But then, the more I read and when I listened to a podcast done by Eric Hufschmid, it became evident that he was also a Jewish pawn, just on a different level than Jones. Hufschmid promotes the idea that Jews are reptiles. In his podcast he also went on a whole entire rant saying that the entire world should be on 100 % surveillance with no privacy at all. He said that children should not belong to parents, but to everyone, and a whole slew of other abominable ideas. I did a little bit of research on him and found that he had definite Jewish connections. There were others that he was associated with who also are part of the so-called truth movement that many of your listeners learn from. It is quite disturbing, the level of deception.

    I do not trust anyone a whole lot, who has not made Jesus Christ his Lord of every area of his life. I view everyone with skepticism, and also realize, as I have stated before, that the only chance at truth prevailing is to make he who is the truth (the Lord Jesus) our Lord, and to give him all the preeminence in what we do and what our goals are.

    35 min mark : I would love to hear a bunch of clips of Alex Jones getting called out by his listeners.. great job playing the clips

    I did not know about Mike Adams being a disinfo agent until just recently. The articles on natural news (which did spring kind of out of nowhere) seemed really good. But then when the whole Donald Sterling issue came up, he wrote this big anti-racist article. On a site that is supposed to be about health? So thank you for covering him.
    In my opinion, we need to look further into other guys that are on the less obvious levels: Guys like Jim Fetzer, Michael Collins Piper, etc. I read an article in the free 6 week subscription I received from American Free Press. I believe it was written by Keith Johnson… he was absolutely ridiculous. It was an article about Sandy Hook and he sounded exactly like our opposition in the way he argued and name called. There absolutely is a layer of disinformation agents that come out in opposition to the Jews and Zionism. I would love to hear what you or your guests have to say about Christopher Bollyn and his claims.

    I like the ending of your show when you gave clues on how to discern a disinfo agent. Fetzer definitely falls into the arrogant category and he makes me very suspicious. Hufschmid falls into the category of truth and poison mixed together, as I described above.

    God bless, John, we love you.

    1. Good writeup Swiss K. It's a tangled web, indeed! And great show John & Jason. I've been down this rabbit hole for over 10 years and I learned several new things, and much food for thought. I started to worry when the first 55 mins were all about AJ-- maybe good for those still in AJ's grip, but also difficult to imagine these folks would also be hanging out here, reading your blog & listening your podcasts! Maybe you'll have won over some conversions?

      SwissK, on MCPiper, KJohnson, AFP and Bollyn's assertions- ref:
      ...bear in mind, John works for AFP since last summer, and thus should smartly guard his words! I didn't have a strong opinion of AFP before last year when the cabal of "Truthers" supporting the jewish Sandy Hoax narrative mobilized: MGlenn, MCP, KJohnson & joined by Spingola this recent January-- this cabal was all about employing textbook disinfo gambits (mainly "ridicule", though Spingola started out relying mostly on the "how dare you!" gambit and later reduced herself to ridicule) in making their anti-Sandy-Hoax skepticism case, and most of them (x MGlenn) were associated with AFP!

      Good point at 1h 58m about Rivero needing to resort to the "ridicule" disinfo gambit in his seeking to promote the jewish narrative about a big airliner flying into the pentagon. MR was part of a whole cabal of "brand name truthers" who, around 07-08 somewhere, simultaneously mobilized a campaign promoting this nonsense, similar to the Sandy Hoax cabal above, using "ridicule" as their main instrument of persuasion. This sparked an engineered splintering of the movement; and I for one discarded the subsequent spew from this pentagon cabal, same as I did with the Sandy Hoax cabal.

      Being openly critical of organized jewry's machinations is a definite litmus test-- but it only raises the truther to the next layer of authenticity, as you said SwissK.

      Rense strikes me as chameleon-like. On the doubtful side, he gives a platform to the likes of Devvy Kidd & Frosty Woolridge, who both beat the "Scary Moozlem Invasion, Sharia Law!" drum. Forget how USA has been under jewish noahide law since Bush Sr.! Coincidence that sowing/misdirecting animosity in the West towards Arab/Muslims is a primary zionist war on terrah hoax agenda? Rense also promotes Gordon "40% Disinfo" Duff, routinely a guest on Rense's show, where Duff just rambles for the hour making incredible assertions from his seekrit unnamed sources. And on the subject of slick, well-funded alt-media websites coming out of nowhere; what about Duff's VT?!


    2. (cont'd from above)

      Agree Hufshmid is a freak, but he's rightly faded into obscurity in the past 5 or so years. He WAS, however, of occasional usefulness in the preceding 6-7 years as, in cahoots with DBSmith for a couple years, he was one of the earliest to crank out videos & a book not only raising questions about 9/11, but also fingering jewry, long before myself and most I know had deprogrammed our way out of the "taboo subject" mind/dialog cage which jewry had skillfully propagandized for our whole lives. I think Hufshmid's earliest stuff came out in '02. So on balance I'd guess he was more instrumental in waking more people up, than he was in doing damage. :)

      I could ramble further, but just to observe in closing; one of the gradual, encouraging developments of the past say 5 years (when you John fell into the rabbit hole), has been the destruction of the synthetically engineered "jewish question taboo" among Truthers. Fetzer came out as a holohoax revisionist last year & has been critical of zionism for several years; and Barrett has even been swinging that way too. Ditto Canada's Josh Blakeney. These could be dismissed as "brand name Truthers seeking to maintain their cred", but fact is, if it weren't for rank & file Truthers increasingly rejecting that engineered taboo, these "featured speaker" Truthers wouldn't be forced into "catching up" & adapting to the new reality.

    3. Since you mentioned him, SK, Fetzer sometimes points out that you can't expect people to come to the same conclusions if they're looking at different evidence or reasoning differently. Disagreement doesn't normally mean the other guy's crooked.

      For example, I have seen no evidence GWB had any responsibility for 9/11. In fact I tend to think no-one was more terrorized that day than poor, hapless Junior. But Jason Erb repeats here a claim he's made elsewhere that Georgie played a villain's role in those events. When I asked him once before for evidence he didn't reply. I don't take that as suggesting Jason is a gatekeeper (or 'shill' -- truthers should look up what quite specific term actually means rather than use it as a catch-all for untruther like the Fat Texan does), I just assume he and I have different information and focuses right now.

      Maybe one day I'll get around to looking at the stuff Erb presumably bases his claim on, or maybe Erb will overcome the early, MEGAPHONED, truther scripting that blamed non-entity, non-beneficiaries like GWB, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Depending on which of us is right, of course. Time will tell, no big deal.

    4. Nick, I feel that if GWB, Cheney or Rumsfeld were Jewish, you'd be saying there was evidence of them being responsible for 9/11. As for evidence that GWB played a role, I didn't respond to whatever question you asked by that point, as I had already responded a couple times, and Lindsey had pointed out that I was making logical points and there wasn't much else for me to say to convince you otherwise.

    5. I'm actually a little disinclined to name any individual in particular as sharing direct responsibility for 9/11. It's just not known exactly what happened and who did what. I'm happy to say I'm sure Jews were behind it and not Muslims or Christians or Bushes, though.

  2. The truth is proven by the fact that the Congressional hearing was stopped by the official declaration that services for Cathy's daughter were denied, and further inquiry into what Cathy alleges denied - on the basis of "national security." This as Mark Phillips points out makes the truth obvious of the guilt and where it belongs. In addition, no one has ever come forward claiming libel. It's possible that the named individuals believe, no one will believe her and so don't bother with her.

    I saw a youtube video of Cathy, with Mark accompanying here, I believe, but waiting outside, in a gynecological examination room - the people examining her were genuinely floored with what they saw had been done to her (as you recall in TranceFormation of America - there is a graphic description).

    I am sure Cathy is telling the truth, also, on the basis of what I intuitively sense about her, and Mark Phillips. His large amount of money - all his accounts - were wiped out. Before judging them, you must go and watch the videos available on youtube - at least that is what I suggest. Mark was instrumental in leading Cathy back, through intensive writing - and the first elements accessed were the CODE NUMBERS of bank accounts - which were VERIFIED, and the contents GIVEN TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Mark did that to protect himself. All in all, they are telling the truth, unfortunately.

    1. I also believe the "rumors" of the satanic elite and widespread, organized pedophilia, esp with children taken by the state from their parents. One UK activist to check out is Brian Gerrish, former UK navy officer, and current activist against UK's Common Purpose indoctrination organization "training future leaders"-- whose graduates have an uncanny pattern of quick advancement in the state's powerful institutions (police, courts, parliament, etc). He spends at least as much time exposing this same elite's pedophilia rings, as Garrett argues that this may be the most effective approach to reaching average population. Search his name, including on youtube, as he has many public talks and radio shows there. Maybe you can invite Gerrish onto your show, John?

      On David Icke, I've never been a close follower either, but I know elite pedophilia rings are one of his main issues as well. Here's his news page entries tagged "state stealing children",

      Separately, Bollyn posted this message from a reader a few days ago, pertaining to D.Duke. It raises 2 concerns, namely youtube censoring comments, but in a sneaky way, where the comment is only visible to the commenter, when they are logged in, but it's censored for everyone else! This reader's censored comment criticizes DD for not coming out all the way on WHO did 911. I've long shared this same criticism of DD, as when he touches on 911 at all, he frames it really LIHOPey, only perhaps referring to possible "israeli foreknowledge" of the event, which is a fraudulent limited hangout which still frame scary moozlems for having still orchestrated it... the pretext for the subsequent wars.

    2. Damn, on pedophilia again, I forget to cite the lengthy Kay Griggs interview(s) on youtube. She quite persuasively tells stories of her ex-husband, a marine colonel, and what she learned about the widespread pedophilia & homosexuality in the mil and elite gov cliques. Search her on YT. DBS has also interviewed her several times:

    3. Thank you Nandarandi. I doubt if John has read TRANCEFORMATION OF AMERICA, but only looked at the sequel, ACCESS DENIED, in which she and her husband submit disgraceful information about James Traficant when he was an Ohio Sheriff, and later a congressman representing Ohio. He is now being touted by American Free Press in a fundraising capacity.

    4. Thanks, Pat. The FRANKLIN SCANDAL written by Nick Bryant also offers proof of such ugly truths, and he has a website about same.. Furthermore, what is commonly known as the Church committee exposed MkUltra to Congress, and Pres. Clinton openly apologized to some of the victims.

  3. Here I am again... John, a suggestion would be that you check out FRITZ SPRINGMEIER - videos, books online. He was unjustly imprisoned for 8 years - this tells the truth about the fact that what he does cuts very close to home for those who do the sort of things that were done to Cathy, and others.

  4. Fritz "Bloodlines" Springmeier is a dirty liar and a fake

  5. Hey John. Just a couple of little tid bits about that zio scum Gary Franchi.

    I posted a fairly benign comment about Zionism on RTR (Restore the Republic) and received an email threat from Franchi claiming that if I post on his site again, I would be receiving a law suit regarding hacking and hate speech."?" I also got the same threat from a guy who is a JoketoJoke (coast to coast) regular and known zionist called Stan Deyo. I believe his schitck is that of doomsday prepper type info.

    I have been banned at least 5-6 times from posting on infozogs website. These christian zionists whackos sure have thin skin. I didn't make my posts hostile or anything like that to justify a threat.

    Great show by the way. I think this is an important issue that needs MORE exposure. If we are to be there for people who are questioning and have departed jonestown, then they are going to need nets to catch them and show them the way. I think people are afraid to do these types of shows because of their own minuscule faults that pale in comparison to the long line of wrecked talk show hosts and people in alex jones wake.

  6. Thank you Pat, I appreciate your comments very much and enjoy your "ramblings" if you want to call them that. I remember running across that website you referenced when searching about the Bollyn/Piper/Hufschmid situation.

    I ran into (internet search) today this: (a recorded private call between Hufschmid and Darryl Bradford Smith)

    Hufschmid's conclusion is, that in order to expose corruption we must have technology to record and spy on every single person at all times.

    This is like watching the WWF all over again.. or maybe the WWF and American Politics... ugh. This is so fake in my opinion. None of these people can be trusted. The only people you can trust are people who are completely devoted to Christ (and even with them a lot of discernment is needed because most Christians are fake too). The more I learn, the more I lean on the Lord Jesus.

    It doesn't matter what so-called truth any of these guys is bringing forth. If Jesus Christ is not Lord of all, no truth will prevail and no goodness will prevail.

    So I apologize for my ramblings, but after what I have been looking at today, these are my thoughts.

  7. I was once a faithful listener to Alex Jones on shortwave. I'd get in from the gym weeknights, drive home thinking about catching his show at 10 PM EST. But it's a matter of time till one realizes the carnival barker is an obvious gatekeeper for the Jews and Israel. Jones has a terrible habit of cutting off his guests right before they are about to make a very good point. To me, that shows his ego greatly outsizes his expertise.

    Daryl Bradford Smith insists that if you call Jones' show, your phone number is given to Homeland Security.

    Dr. David Duke has to be the movements "hardest working man in show business." I catch nearly every podcast or live show. A very determined man, and a good man. But, Dr. Duke, please treat your guests more courteously! Dr. Slattery in particular.

    George Noury pisses me off! This guy s*cks! This gatekeeping bonehead hasn't had an original or creative thought in all his life! How the hell did he make it big?!

    guest: "This is a big problem." Noury: "This is a very big problem." guest: "We have to do something about it." Noury: "We definitely have to do something about it." guest: "This problem has been going on for a long time." Noury: "It's been going on for a very long time." Have I made my point? This guy STINKS! And his gender chivalry is off the charts! I could do a better job than Noury!

    And Noury is of Lebanese descent. Hey stupid, look what the Jews did to your ancestral homeland!

    And the guy with the low voice STINKS, too! Very pro Israel and not nearly as bright as he thinks he is behind the facade of modesty.

    Ian Punnet (sp?) was a bad joke - period. Art Bell sucked. And man-o-man is he over-rated.

    George Knapp was the only good host that show ever had. He was/is very good!

    And I find very, very little to criticize about Brother Nathanael Kapner. The man analysis is right on. His videos are fantastic. Not only is he quite smart, the man has a set the size of cantaloupes. I'm very glad he's on our side!

    Good show. Thanks guys.


  8. In TRANCEFORMATION OF AMERICA, Cathy O'Brien explains that her remembering thinking that the abusive George Bush, Sr, while in her presence shape shifted into a lizard was probably a hologram of sorts that was part of her mind control programming. I do recommend that all read her book for themselves, not just listen to others who pick a passage or two in an effort to ridicule her.

  9. Alex Jones' take that the Mexicans are some big risk is pathetic. That's as stupid as the 9/11 footage of Al Qaeda folks holed up in a sand dune with grenades and machines being a threat to this country. What a bunch of nonsense. Thanks for heads up, Alex. The people who brought you the sombrero and the siesta are the ones who really need to be feared.

  10. I have listened to Alex Jones for a long time. Something to consider is that one reason he has been able to expand his audience dramatically over the years IS that he has been able avoid direct fire from the Jews. If he were to go after them directly he would certainly be off the air or completely marginalized. Adolf Hitler himself rose to power with the blessing of British intelligence and the powers that be by playing along until he built Germany up to a position where he could break away. This idea of certain personalities as "Gatekeepers" seems like a way to condemn them without much proof. If Alex Jones is a gatekeeper then that is dumbest strategy of all time because virtually everyone of us who would challenge the Zionists etc. cut our teeth by listening to Alex Jones and David Duke. The whole 911 movement was basically started by Alex Jones and a few others. This loose change bunch didn't get on the scene until 4 or 5 years later when research started pointing to the Zionists in earnest.
    One distinct possibility is that these shows are used to collect information on who the resistance is in which case all provocative outlets could be suspect including this blog.

    1. Points well taken upontheedge1. But where most of today's joo-wise truthers ire towards AJ comes from is AJ's tact of discouraging scrutiny of zionism, through bullying gambits like shouting over them, belittling & name calling, etc when a caller points out the kosher elephant in the room.

      There's also his fear mongering. I routinely listened to his show between about '04, and gradually tapering down to a trickle by around '09. I think back on that period, and I was really depressed overall about this seemingly unstoppable nwo juggernaut... the sky was falling, the thugs were going to break down my door any day now and haul me to the camps, etc. It's a paralyzing, debilitating depression AJ incites! My "mental health" turned the corner in near lock step with my weaning off the AJ Tangy Tangerine Kool-Aid, lol.

      New at Makow, about whom I agree his main flaw is continuing to puff up the eeevil nazis & hollowhoax memeplexes,

      Alex Jones: A Reader's Misgivings
      June 13, 2014

    2. upontheedge1..

      Firstly... Hitler's recognition of the pernicious Jewish influence/control in/of Germany and its involvement in communist subversion in Germany, and beyond, was clear from the beginning days of the National Socialist party. He didn't just roll out of bed one day and declare that from a podium after achieving some measure of political success.

      Secondly.. If we're to believe Alex Jones is just waiting to achieve critical mass in terms of audience size before he feels comfortable speaking out against Jewish control/influence in the different spheres of American life and foreign policy, then, when I work that out logically, it means Alex's thinking is: "When I achieve an audience size of X I will then be able to address Jewish influence/control/involvement because clearly those who have control and would otherwise lash out against me will be so overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of my listenership that they'll cease to do what they've been doing for years.” That simply doesn’t work. What’s more, your proposed line of reasoning means that Alex Jones is now knowingly withholding truth.

      Thirdly.. The whole notion of “Gatekeeper” means keeping people from truth and it is not condemnation, it is fact. If its a known fact Jews control Hollywood and the news, finance (in large part, if not total), have extremely powerful and influential lobbies (if not the most powerful), and dictate foreign policy to a large degree, what do you call someone who inhibits or prevents people from discovering that truth? A Gatekeeper. Its not a matter of condemnation, its what gatekeeping is by definition.

    3. I think the term Gatekeeper is used as a sort of catch all indictment of an individual in absence of definite proof. The truth movement would not be nearly as big without his inspiration. He and some others viirtually exposed the Bildeberg Group to millions of people. His films Endgame and The Obama Deception are first rate paradigm changing platforms. He has built a News organization from nothing to challenging the MSM propaganda machine daily. He is attacked by them on a daily basis which should give some credibility to his message, If he is an operative then they are pretty stupid,

    4. The purpose of controlled opposition is to appear as real opposition in order to identify and neutralize effective opposition. If he's such a threat to the NWO, why is he regularly being featured by them, on TV (The View, Piers Morgan), magazines (Rolling Stone) and internet articles (Salon, Raw Story, Mother Jones)?

    5. "The purpose of controlled opposition is to appear as real opposition in order to identify and neutralize effective opposition"

      If that is the purpose, then I would say that strategy has failed miserably. Throngs of people have been awakened to NWO that otherwise would not have a clue. Millions of people have search other venues after becoming more aware of the shadow government including 90 percent of contributors to this blog IMO.


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