Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Realist Report - Don Advo

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by attorney Don Advo. Don and I will be discussing issues pertaining to freedom of association, White rights, and his proposed amendment to the United States Constitution explicitly recognizing the right to freedom of association for all peoples. Calls are welcome!

The Advo Amendment reads:
The right of freedom of association, however and by whomever exercised by persons over the age of 18 on the basis of religion, race, color, natural origin, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, whether real or perceived, whether exercised individually or otherwise, whether exercised to make and enforce contracts or otherwise, whether exercised in commerce or otherwise, is absolute and shall not be regulated or abridged by the United States, the several states or any political subdivision thereof.
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  1. Great show John. He seemed pretty good. I would love to hear more about this issue in a debate/discussion conversation type of format: I remember Horace the Avenger on your show, he gave us examples on how to handle conversations with people who believe contrary. It would be good to hear examples on how to argue for freedom of association against the standard arguments.

    Also, what ever happened to the "white man march"? I haven't heard of it for a while and a couple of weeks back (when I tried to do searches for it), I don't even think their website was up?

    1. It's Horus, good buddy.

      James Bowery points out that the defining feature of slavery is the denial of freedom of association, specifically the right to disassociate, that this, not sleeping in dorms, working for someone else or picking cotton, is what slavery really means.

      Few are willing to say they support slavery, so this argument for, say, White Americans' right to separate from Jews or Blacks is very compelling to those interested in morality or principles or philosophical arguments in the first place.

      James Bowery may well be the smartest guy in pro-White politics, he's certainly the most original thinker.

      He does great radio, too, John Friend. Topics on a previous radio appearance included:

      Bowery details pioneering background in IT and its funding programs - thwarted by Jewish interests causing him to re-think his concerns;

      Horizontal transmission – border crossing - key to evolution of Jewish virulence

      Both freely chosen ecologies of the new world and deeply evolved European ecologies made ready by county sized political units;

      Civilization removed characteristic European male way of challenging interlopers to a duel, placing immigration control in hands of state, creates drone males;

      Internet most promising aspect of situation now – bypasses central controls, facilitates voluntary associations, independence from global forces;

      Primary barriers for Whites: ‘shells’ of nations, used by global interests, turning security apparatus against people; and residual “worker bee” mentality.

      the capital market and how it fails technological investment as a result of the way people are taxed and compensated;

      How fruits of civilization are accrued unjustly to asset holders;

      The case for taxing assets rather than income in exchange for civilization’s protection;

      How Austrian school economics facilitates Jewish virulence;

      Citizens’ dividends and how they would benefit families and small businesses.

  2. Great to hear about your show topic tomorrow. I appreciate that very much John.

  3. Thank you for the interview with Dr. Frederick Toben - I'm glad I discovered the AFP podcast and found you there. That interview is full of sparkling facets and depth. Right now, I'm listening to the interview for the second time. One of the charms of the interview is the way you both interact - his age and wisdom and your age and wisdom. He learned in prison what I have learned through a lot of time by myself - priceless gifts are received through silence and ....being at home in your mind, as Dr. Toben puts it

  4. Don makes key legal and historical points that I've never heard elucidated in that exact way. All whites need to hear his analysis.


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