Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Realist Report - Alex from Chile

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Alex from Chile. Alex is a regular listener to The Realist Report, and has undertaken a project to translate Andrew Carrington Hitchcock's epic work The Synagogue of Satan into a number of European languages. Alex and I will be discussing his project and related subjects.

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  1. 18 min mark or so regarding culture: America was not created as one country. It was originally different colonies and then states; basically it was like individual countries. So nobody in the beginning would say they were an American. They said they were a Virginian or whatever. So each "country" if you will, had it's own culture, it's own laws, it's own [Christian] religion, etc. This is the way it should be, but it has been moving further and further from that ever since the War of Northern Aggression.

    Good observations and conversation about selfish lifestyle and smartphones and the whole Facebook culture, etc.

    Our family is going to eliminate our home internet in the next few days to learn how to live life again with all this (I'll still be on here at work though). I'll probably not have home internet for a year, or at least for several months. It should be interesting and challenging, but I think my family will enjoy and my children will like the new challenge. We have already been practicing living without electric lights and a few other things over the past couple of years.

    Camping, hiking, fishing, etc. that you talked about.. that is what I want my family to get into, and we have began it, but I think escaping the internet at home will be beneficial toward that end.

    It was good hearing someone from another country and the practical experiences, beyond just talk about the usual. I hope you enjoy your sabbatical.

  2. Just in: More proof of the background and culture of those behind the Massive Wave of Multi-Cultural Immigration:

  3. I was severely disappointed with the audio quality of the side of the conversation that Alex from Chile contributed. In the beginning, it sounded as if Alex was talking through a tunnel and even though John asked him several times to speak closer to the computer - which I assume meant that Alex was relying on some kind of cheap, Chinese-made, built in, embarrassingly poor quality microphone that was probably part of his monitor, I never heard any substantial improvement. Which is a terrible shame, because Alex was attempting to make some very interesting and valid points - but the listener could only hear bits and pieces of what he was saying.

    Advice to John Friend. Before scheduling interviews with guests, find out what sort of audio capabilities they have on their end. Perform a sound check, offline, and then record it and listen to the playback to make sure it is clear, crisp, and has proper volume and consistency of audio.

    Note to Alex: Scrape up a few bucks, do some research and get yourself a decent, moderately priced microphone - so when you agree to do over the web interviews, your sound quality does not detract from the quality of the program.


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