Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saudi scholar: Jewry destroys morality through children's TV shows

Nabil Hammad, a Saudi scholar, recently appeared on Saudi TV claiming "children’s TV shows and cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse are all part of a Jewish-Zionist conspiracy to destroy the moral values of humanity," The Times of Israel reported. The article continues:

“A normal child, who has been watching TV from the age of two, has been assaulted by all kinds of films,” Nabil Hammad said in excerpts of the May 15 interview on Iqraa TV, provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). “How did the ‘sagging’ pants fashion ever emerge? The men wear their pants so low that their private parts are exposed. This fashion originated on the Cartoon Network channel. The Cartoon Network aired a film showing the longest spit. What kind of education do we provide?”

“It is not only the future generations of the Islamic world that are destroyed — the moral values of humanity are destroyed,” Hammad claimed. [...]
Mr. Hammad would go on to denounce Mickey Mouse, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch, three popular characters in children's television programs, as subversive, loathsome characters who should not serve as role models for children. He described these characters and the subversive propaganda masquerading as "entertainment" for children today as a Zionist "conspiracy to destroy humanity and its moral values."

He also correctly pointed out that "all the global film companies are owned by Jews," and that the "destruction of human morality is an old Zionist-Jewish scheme."

Of course, Mr. Hammad is correct: the destruction of human morality, the corruption of the youth, and the systematic promotion of sexual deviancy, degeneracy, debauchery, and perversion are indeed an integral aspect of the Jewish agenda of world domination and subjugation. Organized Jewry has always championed and led the debasement and destruction of traditional Western civilization and human morality.

I can't say I completely agree with everything the courageous Saudi scholar stated during this interview, but his overall point is very well taken. At least in the Islamic world, scholars can openly say the things Mr. Hammad did and be taken seriously.

Here in the West, our scholars, politicians, and other high profile individuals openly embrace and elevate all of the Jewish perversions masquerading as "entertainment" and normal social behavior today. Homosexuality, transgenderism, sexual licentiousness, and every form of degeneracy is celebrated and made to appear "cool", "hip", and "trendy", while traditionalism is deemed "old-fashioned", "backwards", and - gasp! - "bigoted" or even "racist".


  1. once the shock of being a racist wears off the reality sets in...

    only the "Jewish" state of mind is truly evil....

    and to think the "Jewish" religion maintains its hold on the
    stool sculpture deity cult through fear and manipulation of

    US -vs - THEM....!

    one must be full tilt boogie stooopid to stay in the CULT COMPOUND...

    curiously, Truth is hate to those that hate the Truth...



  2. John, it's not 'transgenderism' it's transsexualism. Giving into Diversity Cult's nomenclature only validates their lies. The trans people are changing the sexual body parts (and charging taxpayers and insurance pools to do it) and this needs to be recognized. It's also insane that they claim there is no such thing as gender but then identify themselves by allegedly crossing what supposedly doesn't exist. Not to mention that the feminists were trying to free people from rigid gender roles, and said they weren't legitimate and that people's inner personalities had little to do with their sex.

    Calling them what they are - transsexuals - outrages them, which is also good.

  3. I noticed a while back this culture of "laughter". Everything has to be funny. Make us laugh. Comedies and sitcoms and stand up routines flooding our media. Most if not all of our children's cartoons are sarcastic humor. No respect for legitimate authority. What happened to being serious about life? What happened to good old fashioned peace and quiet.

  4. Sponge Bob Square Pants seems to be desensitizing boys to homosexual activity. There's a character in the cartoon with eyes on stalks. The eye-lids open and close, looking like a condom being put onto a penis. Also, adult male characters strip down to underpants in front of Sponge Bob, giving the viewer the message that grown men walking around in their underwear in front of boys is alright. Check it out.

    Face Book Haashkee.Dahszii

  5. America is a jewish country... of jewish values.

    Decent people should be waking up to that... realizing that something's wrong here and why... realizing that the answer won't/cant be found in the same pat, poltically correct answers that jews have been allowing us.

  6. There is no such thing as neutral TV shows, movies, or books for children (or for anyone). The "values" promoted by American entertainment are thoroughly anti-Christ. Our families need to be about work and helping/serving others, not being entertained.

  7. I'll admit to preferring Roadrunner and Bugs Bunny, but I still have great affection for Tom and Jerry.

    I wonder if Hammad might not be in the first rank of antisemites.

  8. We must destroy jews before jews will destroy us. Please, father, protect us from jewish lies, whoregraphy (stupid "P") and their useless money !!!

  9. What we need to do is what Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Europe did to Jews; i.e., expel them. Just about every European country at one time or another, expelled Jews from their territories; some expelled them more than once. If the US had done so at its founding, we would not be in the mess we're currently in.

    1. Can you expel cockroaches or other vermin? No, because they just come back. So, how to handle the Jewish problem? We all know, but nobody will do it. Can it even be done? Who knows.


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