Sunday, June 29, 2014

Border patrol policy - Israel vs. America

A recent article appearing in The Jewish Daily Forward dealing with Israeli border patrol policy offered a striking contrast to American border patrol policy. The Forward reports:

More than 1,000 illegal African migrants have been camping out near the border with Egypt to protest their treatment in Israel.

The migrants walked out of Israel’s Holot detention center on Friday, and attempted to cross into Egypt, according to reports. The Israel Defense Forces prevented them from crossing the border.

The migrants, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan, live in the open detention facility, meaning they have freedom of movement but must check in three times a day, including for the last time at 10 p.m. They may not hold down jobs. Some 2,300 migrants live in the facility.

They are protesting the, in some cases, years-long wait for processing of their asylum requests. Israel has worked to find other third countries in which to resettle the migrants and has offered them case to return to the countries of origin.

“The Holot center is illegal because it violates our rights to liberty, freedom and to life, which are considered fundamental human rights,” protesters said in a statement. “We decided to leave Holot and go to the Israel-Egypt border. We have no more tolerance to stay in prison, and we call on the international community to take care of us.”

The migrants have called on the United Nations to resettle them in another third country.

More than 50,000 African migrants have infiltrated into Israel in recent years from Egypt, though a recently erected security fence has kept more of them out.
Illegal aliens are arrested and detained in Israel. They are not allowed to obtain jobs, receive state benefits, and are encouraged to return to their country of origin, or find another country to live in. In the past, African immigrants have even been sterilized by the Israeli government.

In a nutshell, Israel protects its borders from illegal aliens. Security fences have been erected to keep illegals out, and Israeli military units regularly patrol the border, arresting and detaining any and all illegal aliens.

Contrast Israeli border patrol policy with what is currently going on along the U.S.-Mexican border. U.S. Border Patrol agents, state and local law enforcement officials, and other immigration officials are not allowed to enforce American immigration laws, resulting in millions of illegal aliens flooding into the United States. These illegal invaders are even facilitated by the federal government in many cases, and are given state benefits and other care and services by private charities and churches. The U.S.-Mexican border is completely wide-open, and the invaders are being rewarded and coddled, rather than arrested and deported.

The invasion of America by unskilled Third World immigrants has been going on for many years now. The elite political and financial interests controlling the U.S. government are openly trying to destroy traditional America and its ethnic makeup - and their efforts have been quite successful. Vice President Joe Biden recently declared that the U.S. needs a "constant, unrelenting" stream of immigrants in order to be economically competitive in the global economy, and organized ethnic lobbies - lead by the Jewish and Mestizo communities - are demanding amnesty for the millions of illegal invaders currently residing in the U.S. 

Could it be any more obvious that America is under attack by hostile, alien forces?

America has already adopted and implemented Israeli policies relating to "Homeland Security" and the prosecution of the "Global War on Terror." Perhaps it's time we adopt Israeli border patrol policies as well, and arrest, detain, and eventually expel all of the illegal aliens who have and continue to invade our country?


  1. This is a war against the Nation State. They need to mix the people first somewhat, before they can get rid of them. Here is the uncensored playbook:

    A Warning For America From South Africa

  2. Sorry, NO VACANCY, we're fresh out of something for nothing! The governors of every state should load them on busses and send them to get dumped on the white house lawn and the capital building steps. They made this bed, let them lie in it.

  3. "...The Holot center is illegal because it violates our rights to liberty, freedom and to life..."

    How does it violate their right to life?? They are alive - nobody is trying to kill them.

    How does it violate their right to freedom?? They are free to come and go and do what they wish. The Israeli state , representing the people of Israel, just says they are not free to invite themselves into Israel.

    As for the 'right to liberty' - see previous paragraph

    1. I think you missed the big picture: It was Israel and the international banking cartel which created this socioeconomic mess in the first place. Stop blaming the victims; that's what the Zionists want.

  4. JF, I think perhaps you use term 'third world immigrants' unthinkingly, maybe because that's just what people say.

    Alex Jones is not on the side of America's White Nationalist founders and their Declaration of Independence and Constitution so having his Black bitch-boy bitch about other people laying claim to that land and inheritance is no shock.

  5. The jews and the corporations and their whole Diversity Cult want to bring in low paid workers who then suck off the middle class tax base via welfare, etc. Some corporations actually direct their low skill workers to apply for government hand outs. The jews are the main directors and the hispanics the biggest beneficiary. They think this is their country and that they're going to take it over. What's funny is that they hate the jews.

    But we can't wait for them to 'help' us evict the jews from our own country. I happen to think Whites should be listening to the decent blacks who advocate against this massive displacement of american citizens.

  6. Impossibly difficult to comment on your site...lot of hurdles...along with a menu of Google/CIA/NSA identity tools...Gee, thanks.


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