Sunday, June 29, 2014

Border patrol policy - Israel vs. America

A recent article appearing in The Jewish Daily Forward dealing with Israeli border patrol policy offered a striking contrast to American border patrol policy. The Forward reports:

More than 1,000 illegal African migrants have been camping out near the border with Egypt to protest their treatment in Israel.

The migrants walked out of Israel’s Holot detention center on Friday, and attempted to cross into Egypt, according to reports. The Israel Defense Forces prevented them from crossing the border.

The migrants, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan, live in the open detention facility, meaning they have freedom of movement but must check in three times a day, including for the last time at 10 p.m. They may not hold down jobs. Some 2,300 migrants live in the facility.

They are protesting the, in some cases, years-long wait for processing of their asylum requests. Israel has worked to find other third countries in which to resettle the migrants and has offered them case to return to the countries of origin.

“The Holot center is illegal because it violates our rights to liberty, freedom and to life, which are considered fundamental human rights,” protesters said in a statement. “We decided to leave Holot and go to the Israel-Egypt border. We have no more tolerance to stay in prison, and we call on the international community to take care of us.”

The migrants have called on the United Nations to resettle them in another third country.

More than 50,000 African migrants have infiltrated into Israel in recent years from Egypt, though a recently erected security fence has kept more of them out.
Illegal aliens are arrested and detained in Israel. They are not allowed to obtain jobs, receive state benefits, and are encouraged to return to their country of origin, or find another country to live in. In the past, African immigrants have even been sterilized by the Israeli government.

In a nutshell, Israel protects its borders from illegal aliens. Security fences have been erected to keep illegals out, and Israeli military units regularly patrol the border, arresting and detaining any and all illegal aliens.

Contrast Israeli border patrol policy with what is currently going on along the U.S.-Mexican border. U.S. Border Patrol agents, state and local law enforcement officials, and other immigration officials are not allowed to enforce American immigration laws, resulting in millions of illegal aliens flooding into the United States. These illegal invaders are even facilitated by the federal government in many cases, and are given state benefits and other care and services by private charities and churches. The U.S.-Mexican border is completely wide-open, and the invaders are being rewarded and coddled, rather than arrested and deported.

The invasion of America by unskilled Third World immigrants has been going on for many years now. The elite political and financial interests controlling the U.S. government are openly trying to destroy traditional America and its ethnic makeup - and their efforts have been quite successful. Vice President Joe Biden recently declared that the U.S. needs a "constant, unrelenting" stream of immigrants in order to be economically competitive in the global economy, and organized ethnic lobbies - lead by the Jewish and Mestizo communities - are demanding amnesty for the millions of illegal invaders currently residing in the U.S. 

Could it be any more obvious that America is under attack by hostile, alien forces?

America has already adopted and implemented Israeli policies relating to "Homeland Security" and the prosecution of the "Global War on Terror." Perhaps it's time we adopt Israeli border patrol policies as well, and arrest, detain, and eventually expel all of the illegal aliens who have and continue to invade our country?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Being Jewish is not a matter of religion"

"No man will treat with indifference the principle of race. It is the key to history, and why history is often so confused is that it has been written by men who are ignorant of this principle and all the knowledge it involves. . . Language and religion do not make a race--there is only one thing which makes a race, and that is blood." - Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish former Prime Minister of Great Britain

Since the French Revolution, when Jews were granted citizenship in France and eventually all of Western societies, Jews have been considered and treated as a religious minority, rather than a hostile alien racial entity seeking to subvert, pervert, and control the host nation, ultimately resulting in total Jewish domination of the entire society.

Dr. F.K Wiebe, author of Germany and the Jewish Problem, published in 1939, offered this analysis of the situation:
It is an incontrovertible historical fact that those peoples with a settled abode who throughout the ages afforded hospitality to nomadic Jewish tribes, invariably regarded the latter as an essentially dissimilar race and not merely as a different religious community. Hence hospitality was only granted to the Jews under special conditions. It is interesting to observe in this connection that in every case where a European State was weak and financially impoverished, the restrictions imposed on the Jews were greatly relaxed and eventually abrogated. The numerical preponderance of the Jews in Eastern Europe — which has become the reservoir of Jewry in modern times — is to a large extent attributable to the political and financial weakness of the former Kingdom of Poland.

The opening of the so-called "modern era" seemed nevertheless to herald a period of permanent peace and rest for the hitherto restless wandering Jew. It was the era of enlightenment, of liberalism, of belief in the ideals of progress and the rights of man. Conformably with the principles in vogue in this era, the Jews only differed by their religion from other citizens and as such enjoyed equality with the adherents of other religious bodies. They were no longer considered as appertaining to a different race, in other words as strangers. Differentiation on ethnical grounds between the Jews and the native population was on principle abolished by the French Revolution, and this principle was adhered to alike by the legislation and the social custom of ensuing decades.

The nineteenth century was thus dominated by the tenet of the emancipation and assimilation of the Jews.
Especially today, most people consider Jews to be nothing more than an insignificant, persecuted religious community, when in reality being Jewish transcends religion - always has, always will.

Stephen Fry, a homosexual Jewish actor living in Britain, recently openly declared that "Being Jewish is not a matter of religion," according to The Algemeiner, confirming what virtually all "anti-Semites" and "racists" have been saying all along:

Legendary British actor Stephen Fry asserted on Tuesday that Jewish identity can come irrespective of one’s religious beliefs.

His comments came in a Twitter conversation with follower Julian Storey who questioned why a gay person would identify with Judaism.

Storey wrote, “It puzzles me why any gay person would wish to follow a religion which disapproves of them?” Fry, who is gay and Jewish, responded, “Being Jewish is not a matter of religion: I’m a Jew, but don’t follow judaism.”
The Jews have always and will always operate as a racial entity (and a hostile, subversive one at that), and yet they deny that very same principal to others, particularly White European peoples. As the great German philosopher Martin Heidegger once wrote, "The Jews, with their marked gift for calculating, live, already for the longest time, according to the principle of race, which is why they are resisting its consistent application with utmost violence."

A "consistent application" of the principal of race around the world would be a much more harmonious and natural ordering of the world than the Jewish Utopia we are currently living under. Unfortunately for the Jews, they would have to stop living as parasites, criminals, and scavengers in the various nations they currently occupy, and find something productive to do amongst their own kind (if that's even possible), rather than exploit and defraud non-Jews. Is there any wonder why Jews resist the "consistent application" of the principal of race "with utmost violence?"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Holocaust" art

The fake Jewish "Holocaust" story is one of the strongest aspects of Jewish identity. No matter the political or ideological convictions of a Jew, whether they be Zionist, Communist, Capitalist, or anything in between, the vast majority of them identify with the deceitfully manufactured "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, and are constantly coming up with various ways to commemorate, profit from, and exploit it. A transgendered Jew named Gil Yefman has even created a number of absolutely horrific "art exhibits" designed to commemorate "Holocaust rape" (whatever that is).

How sick are these Jews and their "Holocaust" art? From Jewniverse:

Israeli artist Gil Yefman doesn’t hesitate to shock.

His most recent show, “Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn (To Me You Are Beautiful),” focused on the Holocaust, and on the juxtaposition of everyday objects and beautiful scenery with the horrors of violence—particularly sexual violence. A crocheted “Sex Slave Doll,” whose gaze rests on a monitor playing scenes of the serene lake at the Ravensbrück concentration camp, invites visitors to interact, and therefore participate, in her oppression and exploitation. Another work, “Time Table,” presents prominent Nazi women in a lurid pin-up-style calendar, including Eva Braun with tattoos of logos of companies that profited during the Holocaust.

Rather than depicting death directly, Yefman uses domestic materials like wool yarn to look at “the hardship of everyday life.” He has worked with the Remember the Women Institute, dedicated to investigating sexual violence against women during the Holocaust.

Yefman’s largest sculpture, “Tumtum,” literally knits together various representations of human genitalia, divorced from the rest of the body. (“Tumtum” is a rabbinic term for people of indeterminate sex.) As visitors confront it, and the other works in the show, they recognize the familiar alongside with the grotesque—a disturbing, thought-provoking combination.
I won't post any of the repulsive photos of this sick, perverted Jew's supposed "art work", but if you click on some of the links above, you can see for yourself how deranged and truly evil this stuff is.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Study: Jewish job seekers receive preferential treatment

An article appearing in The Jewish Daily Forward highlighted a recent study which found that Jews are often given preferential treatment in the job market, especially when they actually indicate their religious/racial affiliation or background on their resume.

As a college student often working on my resume, I am always given impersonal directions. “Keep the sentences concise and specific — subject-verb-object, then get out,” college advisor wags; “Move that ‘Award’ section where it can be seen,” Mom presses; “Strong verbs are critical. Throw in an ‘Achieved’ or ‘Progressed’ for best results,” career center lady assures.

And yet replace my name with North West or Apple Martin and it’s as if I never existed. Turns out the greatest tip I might have received is to emphasize my name by adding the single, most personal of identifiers to my resume: Jewish.

A recent study out of the University of Connecticut discovered that adding religious affiliation to 3200 fake resumes sent to 800 jobs in a 150-mile radius of two major Southern cities hurt the applicants’ chances in all cases except one — Jews.

“Jewish applicants received significantly higher employer preference rates than all other religious treatments,” the research team wrote in their conclusion. “They were more likely to receive an early, exclusive, or solo response from employers, compared with all other religious groups combined.”
Just to underscore one of the main conclusions of this study, according to the abstract the authors "found evidence suggesting the possibility that Jews received preferential treatment over other religious groups in employer responses." This comes at a time when White Americans - the very people whose ancestors founded, developed, and built this once great nation - are being systematically discriminated against through state sanctioned "diversity" quotas, affirmative action, and other measures designed to promote and elevate minorities at the expense of White America.

Here we have yet another example of the total Jewish domination of Western society - politically, culturally, economically, and philosophically.

Indeed, as Joshua Blakeney has correctly observed, Jewish exceptionalism (along with "Holocaustianity" and "multiculturalism" [read: White genocide]) is an official dogma of the Western political, cultural, and financial establishment. Jews can do no wrong, and they are certainly not allowed to be scrutinized let alone criticized for their behavior, actions (past and present), and collective lobbying efforts throughout the world. As this study suggests, they are even given "preferential treatment over other religious groups" in the job market.

The Jewish influence and control over the Western world could not be more complete at this point.

Friday, June 20, 2014

12-year-old Jewish boy makes raunchy penis jokes, advances in "America's Got Talent"

American pop culture has been so thoroughly debased, it's tough to know how much lower it can or will sink. In perhaps a new low, a 12-year-old Jewish boy made a number of filthy penis jokes in a brief stand-up comedy routine for the popular television series "America's Got Talent," allowing him to advance to the second round of the competition. The Times of Israel reports:

Josh Orlian, a 12-year-old Modern Orthodox boy from White Plains, NY, had the judges of “America’s Got Talent” bent over with laughter with a stand-up comedy audition Tuesday night that was deemed “naughty, naughty, but nice.”

Audience members covered their mouths in shock at the confident tween’s unexpectedly smutty performance.

In one joke, Orlian, wearing a skullcap, said that after attending circus camp, he wanted to learn “sword swallowing,” but his mother objected. To which, he said, his father replied: “I’m not surprised. Your mother hasn’t been interested in sword-swallowing since we got engaged.”

His yarmulke-clad father, standing on the sidelines, was asked how Mom feels about the jokes.

“She just heard them for the first time,” he replied.

The judges — Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B. (the Spice Girl) — invited him back to the next level. “You’re 12 years old and you’re talking about all that dirty stuff. I like it!” Mel B. said.

“If nothing else you’ve got a great piece of tape for your [bar mitzvah] reception,” Mandel said, offering a “mazel tov” with his decision to vote in favor of sending Orlian to the next level.
You can watch the entire clip below:

A 12-year-old child joking about the size of his penis, wanting to have sex on his first date, and his parents' oral sex habits received standing ovations, uncontrolled fits of laughter, and praise from the judges on "America's Got Talent," rather than outrage, revulsion, and disgust.

My, oh my how far we have fallen on the cultural front, thanks largely to Josh Orlian's fellow tribe members' influence and control over the mass media, educational establishment, and "entertainment" industry. How much lower can or will we go?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Realist Report - Alex from Chile

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Alex from Chile. Alex is a regular listener to The Realist Report, and has undertaken a project to translate Andrew Carrington Hitchcock's epic work The Synagogue of Satan into a number of European languages. Alex and I will be discussing his project and related subjects.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Realist Report - Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. Andrew and I will be discussing his books The Synagogue of Satan and In the Name of Yahweh. Calls are welcomed!

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saudi scholar: Jewry destroys morality through children's TV shows

Nabil Hammad, a Saudi scholar, recently appeared on Saudi TV claiming "children’s TV shows and cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse are all part of a Jewish-Zionist conspiracy to destroy the moral values of humanity," The Times of Israel reported. The article continues:

“A normal child, who has been watching TV from the age of two, has been assaulted by all kinds of films,” Nabil Hammad said in excerpts of the May 15 interview on Iqraa TV, provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). “How did the ‘sagging’ pants fashion ever emerge? The men wear their pants so low that their private parts are exposed. This fashion originated on the Cartoon Network channel. The Cartoon Network aired a film showing the longest spit. What kind of education do we provide?”

“It is not only the future generations of the Islamic world that are destroyed — the moral values of humanity are destroyed,” Hammad claimed. [...]
Mr. Hammad would go on to denounce Mickey Mouse, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch, three popular characters in children's television programs, as subversive, loathsome characters who should not serve as role models for children. He described these characters and the subversive propaganda masquerading as "entertainment" for children today as a Zionist "conspiracy to destroy humanity and its moral values."

He also correctly pointed out that "all the global film companies are owned by Jews," and that the "destruction of human morality is an old Zionist-Jewish scheme."

Of course, Mr. Hammad is correct: the destruction of human morality, the corruption of the youth, and the systematic promotion of sexual deviancy, degeneracy, debauchery, and perversion are indeed an integral aspect of the Jewish agenda of world domination and subjugation. Organized Jewry has always championed and led the debasement and destruction of traditional Western civilization and human morality.

I can't say I completely agree with everything the courageous Saudi scholar stated during this interview, but his overall point is very well taken. At least in the Islamic world, scholars can openly say the things Mr. Hammad did and be taken seriously.

Here in the West, our scholars, politicians, and other high profile individuals openly embrace and elevate all of the Jewish perversions masquerading as "entertainment" and normal social behavior today. Homosexuality, transgenderism, sexual licentiousness, and every form of degeneracy is celebrated and made to appear "cool", "hip", and "trendy", while traditionalism is deemed "old-fashioned", "backwards", and - gasp! - "bigoted" or even "racist".

Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Stand with Israel" license plates officially sanctioned in South Carolina

As if America couldn't get any more subservient and slavish to international Jewry and the fraudulent Jewish regime occupying Palestine, the state of South Carolina is now offering drivers there specially designed license plates which read: "South Carolina Stands with Israel". Expect other states to follow suit in the near future.

The Jewish Press reports:

By an Act signed into law by Governor Nikki Haley on June 2 and effective immediately, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is permitted to issue to car owners in South Carolina special license plates. Those special license plates will have the message: “South Carolina Stands With Israel.” The graphic on the plate will have intertwined flags of Israel and South Carolina.

Rep. Alan Clemmons, a passionate supporter of Israel, introduced the legislation into the South Carolina House of Representatives on Dec. 3 of last year. The bill was approved in committee, approved by the full House on April 3, 2014 in a vote 57 to 1. The bill was approved unanimously by the Senate on May 21 and became law on the date it was signed by South Carolina’s governor, on June 2.

Because it is a vanity plate, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will charge $7 for each plate. However, Rabbi Yossi Refson, leader of the Charleston Chabad announced that the Chabad of Charleston has decided to front the cost.

Even those who don’t live in South Carolina can participate in this expression of support for the Jewish State, by donating money to the Chabad specifically for this project. [...]
There are all sorts of superficial political disputes in American politics, whether it is at the local, state, or federal level. What is not in dispute, however, is America's blatant submissiveness to organized Jewish power and the fraudulent state of "Israel". Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, environmentalists, Christians, atheists, and everyone in between all love worshipping, funding, fighting wars for, and otherwise doing the bidding of "Israel" and the organized international Jewish community.

What a pathetic state of affairs prevailing in America and the wider Western world today.

An extremely hostile, alien elite - international Jewry - is completely dominating and controlling Western society on virtually all fronts. The genocidal Jewish regime occupying Palestine routinely subverts, steals from, spies on, and attacks the United States, while her agents and assets direct its foreign and domestic policy, netting the Jewish state and organized Jewry billions of dollars per year while simultaneously advancing their international geopolitical agenda of world domination and subjugation.

And yet we still have clowns worshipping the Jews and "Israel", ready to purchase and proudly display special license plates proclaiming their unwavering support for a foreign country that has repeatedly and continually abused and exploited them.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Realist Report - Don Advo

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by attorney Don Advo. Don and I will be discussing issues pertaining to freedom of association, White rights, and his proposed amendment to the United States Constitution explicitly recognizing the right to freedom of association for all peoples. Calls are welcome!

The Advo Amendment reads:
The right of freedom of association, however and by whomever exercised by persons over the age of 18 on the basis of religion, race, color, natural origin, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, whether real or perceived, whether exercised individually or otherwise, whether exercised to make and enforce contracts or otherwise, whether exercised in commerce or otherwise, is absolute and shall not be regulated or abridged by the United States, the several states or any political subdivision thereof.
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Jewish news outlets openly promote "anti-Semitic stereotypes"

The organized Jewish community, led by the extremely well-funded and highly influential Anti-Defamation League, is constantly warning the world about "rising anti-Semitism", hysterically raging against and decrying the promotion of "anti-Semitic stereotypes" (no matter how factual or obviously observable those "anti-Semitic stereotypes" actually are). The ADL recently conducted a world-wide survey in an effort to gauge "anti-Semitic attitudes" on a global scale, asking participants whether or not they agreed with "an index of 11 statements that the ADL believes suggest anti-Jewish bias," according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency. The 11 statements were:
Jews talk too much about what happened to them during the Holocaust; Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the countries they live in; Jews think they are better than other people; Jews have too much power in international financial markets; Jews have too much power in the business world; Jews have too much control over global affairs; people hate Jews because of the way Jews behave; Jews have too much control over the U.S. government; Jews have too much control over global media; Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars; Jews don’t care about what happens to anyone but their own kind.
I wrote about the ADL survey a few weeks ago, highlighting the fact that all 11 statements used by the ADL to gauge "anti-Semitic attitudes" are indeed demonstrably true. Ironically, Jewish news outlets themselves often openly admit and promote "anti-Semitic stereotypes", and Jewish writers, authors, journalists, and activists regularly expose the true nature of organized Jewry, its immense influence in the Western world, and its over all agenda.

For example, The Jewish Daily Forward recently published an article praising Stanley Fischer, the newly appointed vice chairman of the Federal Reserve System, who is also an Israeli-America dual citizen. Jewish control and influence over international banking and the Federal Reserve is, according to the ADL and other Jewish groups, an "anti-Semitic stereotype". Yet Jewish news outlets openly report on these facts. Here is the promotional snippet of The Forward's biographical article highlighting Stanley Fischer which appeared in my email inbox:

The Forward openly indicates or implies that Fischer, a Jewish man with deep ties to the Jewish state of Israel, is the "banker of the world," invoking an age old Jewish stereotype of Jewish control over global finance and banking. 

An editorial recently appearing in The Forward promoted yet another "anti-Semitic stereotype" - the tremendous Jewish influence and control over the American government and political process. Entitled Big (Jewish) Money Can't Buy Our Votes - So Far, the editorial reads in part:

A new book details how a handful of extraordinarily wealthy Americans are manipulating our political system, and how a few Jews play an outsized role in the narrative. [...]

The Jewish names in this elite group span the political spectrum, from an outspoken liberal like George Soros to an Obama Democrat like Jeffrey Katzenberg, to the more libertarian Paul Singer, and then to the man who started it all, Sheldon Adelson, whose quixotic and expensive attempt to promote Newt Gingrich in the 2012 GOP primary heralded the beginning of the Big Money wave. [...]
Will the ADL be exposing and denouncing The Forward for their promotion of "anti-Semitic stereotypes," despite the fact that they are factually and obviously true?

The Forward articles were published shortly after The Jerusalem Post released an article highlighting, in The Post's view, the "top 50 Most influential Jews of 2014", which Dr. David Duke has correctly described as a "Who is Who out of the Protocols of Zion." The Post, easily one of the most popular and influential news outlets in Israel, promotes some of the most widespread and well-known "anti-Semitic stereotypes" in the article, including the fact that Jews dominate and essentially control the United States federal government and Federal Reserve banking establishment.

According to The Post, the top two most influential Jews in the world today are Jack Lew, Secretary of the United States Treasury, and Janet Yellin, Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve. Lew and Yellin occupy two of the most prestigious and important positions in American politics and banking. The Post's brief description of Treasury Secretary Jack Lew reads in part:
JACK LEW is the most powerful Jew in the US administration, the world’s top superpower. Formerly President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, his current post of secretary of the Treasury puts him in one of the key jobs in the executive cabinet: proctoring economic recovery, forecasting future debt, and managing a complex infrastructure of international sanctions. The Treasury, not the Pentagon, would be responsible for the weapon of choice used by Obama against a nuclear Iran, and Lew has been central in shaping the policy.

Controlling the purse strings of the US Treasury, Lew’s proximity to the president, the most powerful person on the planet, is indisputable. [...]

His appointment to the Treasury secretary was above else a testament to Obama’s appreciation of Lew’s skills, values and judgment. But it was also an opportunity for Jews in Israel and abroad to delight in the fact that a member of the tribe had climbed to such an influential position in the US.

This is especially true in the case of Lew, a man proud of his Jewish roots and unabashedly committed to his rich tradition. An Orthodox Jew who observes Shabbat, he regularly attends synagogue services. Lew’s former chief on the National Security Council, Sandy Berger, once commented that “Lew’s faith never got in the way of performing his duties.” [...]
The Post's description of Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellin begins by stating:
JANET YELLEN made history this year when she became the first woman ever appointed chair of the US Federal Reserve. This made her one of the most influential people in the world, and arguably the most influential woman.

She was voted No. 2 on Forbes’s list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women this year.

Dominated by American Jews over the last 50 years – at least five chairmen have been practicing members of the faith – the position is now held by “one of the nation’s foremost economists and policy makers,” according to US President Barack Obama. [...]
The simple fact of the matter is that Jewish news outlets regularly promote "anti-Semitic stereotypes", and often boast and brag about Jewish influence and power over the Western world, as indicated in the articles cited above. There are many more examples I could cite.

For instance, The Times of Israel, a popular online newspaper in Israel, published an Op-Ed a couple years ago openly promoting the "anti-Semitic canard" that Jews do in fact own and control the mass media - an obvious fact that is hysterically decried and denounced by the organized Jewish community.

Joel Stein, a Jewish journalist, published an article in the Los Angeles Times back in 2008 unabashedly announcing - even bragging - that Hollywood is entirely controlled by Jews. At the end of the article, Stein states that he does not "care if Americans think we're [Jews] running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government." Stein only cares that Jews "get to keep running them." Once again, here we have a Jew openly discussing and admitting the fact that Jews essentially dominate the West - and he's proud of that fact. As he states, his only concern is that Jews maintain and perpetuate their dominance over the American government and political system, banking establishment, and mass media.

Organized Jewry is often criticized for promoting "multiculturalism," "diversity," and massive non-White immigration into White countries in an effort to destroy traditional Western civilization, which will ultimately result in the genocide of the White race. This "anti-Semitic stereotype" was openly admitted to by a Jewish activist named Barbara Lerner Spectre:

There are countless other examples I could point to, but I think my point has been made: Jewish news outlets routinely promote "anti-Semitic stereotypes" simply by reporting factual information about the nature of Jewish power and influence, and the overall agenda of international Jewry.

The Jews have weaponized language, using terms like "anti-Semite", "racist", "bigot", and "conspiracy theorist" in an on-going war against the public designed to neutralize and eliminate any criticism of the organized Jewish community and its insidious agenda of world domination, which includes monopolization of all political and economic power at the international level and the perversion and ultimate destruction of all natural racial and cultural groups. The "anti-Semitic" slander must be exposed for what it truly is - a trick used to stifle any open, honest discussion of international Jewry and its subversive, parasitic nature.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jews demand more state funding, "Shoah" indoctrination & "hate speech" legislation

It should be perfectly clear to anyone paying attention to current affairs and politics that the organized Jewish community is the most cohesive and effective organized political lobbying force in Western politics today. In the United States, for example, the organized Jewish community and its various political lobbies - AIPAC, the American Jewish Congress, the Anti-Defamation League, etc. - essentially control the United States government, the electoral process, and both major political parties, dictating or heavily influencing and shaping both domestic and foreign policy. A similar situation prevails in Europe and the United Kingdom, perhaps only to a less blatant extent.

Following major, extremely tragic events, whether real or manufactured in the media (see here and here), the organized Jewish community is often ready to immediately begin lobbying the government to enact legislation and policies that advance their own unique ethnic interests. In many cases, criminal elements and factions controlling or influencing the government, intelligence services, and mass media provoke or outright stage events in order to justify their own insidious agenda. 9/11, for instance, was a major false flag-style operation involving extensive media deception, which was used to initiate, justify, and advance a number of pre-planned, tyrannical, and frankly un-American agendas formulated by the organized Jewish community, namely the fraudulent "Global War on Terror" and the "Homeland Security" paradigm of American national security policy and domestic law enforcement.

In the aftermath of an alleged shooting at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels recently, which reportedly claimed the lives of four Jews, the organized Jewish community residing in Europe is demanding state funding for security for Jewish institutions and organizations, more "Holocaust" indoctrination, and enactment of more Orwellian "hate speech" legislation designed to specifically curtail and criminalize criticism and open discussion of Jewish criminality, subversiveness, and false narratives of history and current events.

A delegation of 25 Jewish community leaders met with Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and other top Belgian politicians in Brussels Monday to demand funds for increased security after a shooting attack at the Jewish Museum of Belgium that claimed four on May 24

World Jewish Congress Ronald S. Lauder and Maurice Sosnowski, president of the Belgian Jewish umbrella organization CCOJB, along with a delegation of 23 other international Jewish leaders, addressed security and other Jewish community issues with the Belgian politicians.

“I will ask for three things: financial participation of the government toward protection of Jewish sites, measures against cyber-hate on a European level, and a reinforcement of education, notably about the Shoah,” said Sosnowski at a press conference ahead of the meeting. [...]
Despite the fact that I do not particularly care for the Jews, I have to admit: they are good at making known and eventually getting what they want. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Realist Report - Dr. Fredrick Toben

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by the heroic Dr. Fredrick Toben. Dr. Toben sits on the Board of Contributing Editors of The Barnes Review, and has been persecuted as a "thought criminal" in a number of Western countries for challenging the official narrative of WWII and commenting on other controversial topics. Dr. Toben and I will be discussing a variety of subjects. Calls will be taken through the broadcast!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Realist Report - Dr. Kevin MacDonald

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. Dr. MacDonald and I will be discussing moral universalism vs. ethnic nationalism, the biological reality of race, the recent success of right wing political parties in Europe and the reaction of the organized Jewish community.

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