Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Realist Report - Mike King: The Talented Mr. Putin

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Mike King of Mike and I will be discussing his recently published book The Talented Mr. Putin. Callers are welcome.

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  1. Very good and informative, even though I don't agree with everything. It is a blessing to hear about current events.

  2. John, I am quite concerned about another site that does some pretty good stuff but then blindly fawning over the gangster Putin. Any criticism of the former KGB ex Anatoly Sobchak trained, his partnerships with jew gangster mogilevich, controlling ukraine via gazprom, a war monger against chechnya and so many other truths that expose Putin are dismissed by the Mike Kings who have the balls to hawk a book pushing Putinism.

  3. You should read the book first. It's excellent and well researched


      "Putin’s Russia is not a “nation-state” with a homogeneous society.

      How then does secular but racialist “nationalism” or religious neo-fascism (specifically of a Catholic kind with the Right Sector in Kiev) work in the Russian Federation with its 150 different ethnic minorities, 4 different traditional religions, plus a number of religious minorities?" -
      Stop the multiracial empire building, stop state sponsored (religare) religions the jew klown kapner knows damn well the difference between a man made religion and a faith.
      150 different ethnic minorities equates to what ?
      It is a dishonest and political correct term for multi-racial.
      "read the book first" - put a pdf online.
      "excellent and well researched" - does it have pictures of the billion dollar Dacha (Putin's Palace), or his off shore wealth, or where Mogilevich is living protected, the profiles of the mushroomed kleptocracy of 5-7 billionares to over 140, the many small businesses who were driven under by the parallel tax (state and mafia), the real 11996 2000 2004 2008 2012 election results (, the gazprom mafia strangle hold over Ukraine and others (partnered with mogilevich front man Firtash), the yearly transfer of Russian wealth to western banks and offshore banks (estimated at us $50 billion), the 'terrorists attacks that resulted in a hot and butchery 2nd Chechnya war, St.Petersburgh days with mafia ties oil for food ect.
      try PROTOCOL No. 5 and 6 on for size.

  4. Matthew Raphael Johnson is an expert on Russia and Ukraine and is often taken to task for being too soft on Putin. Johnson says in response, 'He's doing all he can in the situation.'

    It's a plausible hypothesis but so is the claim that he could do more if he were really on the side of normal people everywhere, including us.

    I just don't know. King made a very good point when he said that the holo-denial laws may in the end be used against Jewish, NATO, US, controlled opposition - Useful 'Nazi' Idiots. That may be.

    But for now, figuring out what Rumsfeld called the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns in all this is beyond me. The truth about these questions might never be revealed. I can be sure that right now it's deliberately buried under layers and layers of cross-party misdirection. That's about it.

    So I'll bash him for the obvious bad stuff and praise him for the good stuff.

  5. Why don't You praise Netanjahu too for his good staff?


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