Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Realist Report - Joel Skousen

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Joel Skousen, editor of World Affairs Brief. Joel and I will be discussing Putin, Russia, and Ukraine, and the alleged "fall of Communism" with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe in the early 1990s. Callers are welcome!

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    1. Skousen is what I would call a sincere Zionist.

      I think he sincerely believes in Zionism because of his Mormon faith, and is not gatekeeping for Zionists for nefarious purposes like Alex Jones.

      Take what he says about globalists and apply it to elite Zionist Jews, and then you have the full picture.

      As for his purported membership in the Council for National Policy, how current is that? For instance, Dr. Stan Monteith was a member back in the late 90s, but he publicly renounced his affiliation with them long ago, saying they were part of the problem.

      He has made some important contributions over the years in particularly outing various individuals as phonies.

      He should've seen through Alex Jones now and smoked him out, but I think he's been sincerely fooled by him.

    2. Interesting show, John. But I had to bail out when Skousen denied that Fox News represents the mainstream. I'm willing to consider info that puts Putin's actions in another light, but he is obtuse if he thinks that there isn't a major across the board demonization of Putin and Russia. I didn't hear him use the word JEW. I remember reading him years ago before I got into Jew truth.

    3. 100 jewish oligarchs owns everything in Russia and tehy are also the russian mafiabosses or many of them. So everybody shoukd see if they can see that the pan-Europa of Coudenhove-Kalergi is here and it is not divided into two polars. When Putin speaks like that he tries to fool the opposition and the goyim in the West and in his own country.

    4. There were no planes used on 9/11. There are no nukes (they don't work). Nukes, and the threat of nuclear war, are purely a terror tactic to keep the people in a state of constant fear and anxiety.

      Skousen is a Skoundrel, a fear-monger and a liar.

    5. This guy has really interesting theories and I can agree that Putin is playing an actor in this whole conspiracy, but the details of his story are not plausible. He really started to lose his credibility when he danced around John's challenges of the media and politicians demonizing Russia and Putin. And yes, that he refuses to name of the Jews says a lot.

      I don't know what to think about guys like this. Is he an outright liar and deceiver or is he just trying to play his political hand the right way or what?

      Great show overall until the end when the guest became angry at legitimate questions. I don't agree with either side of the issue; Putin is a pawn in the game but he is a pawn of the globalists, not a separate entity that is against the globalists (Jews). The guest is either willingly ignorant or lying outright.

    6. I do want to say that I appreciate a lot of his discussion and his ending of encouraging getting into rural areas. We do need to get out of the system NOW and separate ourselves into communities.

    7. 46:13

      JF:So what is the ultimate goal behind this ?

      Joel Skousen:
      The ultimate goal behind is to have a continual reason to intervene and slowly take back the former Soviet states. Remember this is why Putin no not Putin but Russia before Putin came to power, before Yeltsin moved in hundred of thousands of Russians into the three Baltic States. Into Belarus, into Georgia, into Ukraine. So that like Hitler they would have an excuse to rescue and defend their own ethnic minorities, someday.
      HUH ????????????????????????

    8. Ya this guy sounds like a Zionist Republican. I caught that too, he said Putin was behaving like Hitler, giving himself an excuse to invade neighboring countries. We all know Hitler was protecting his volk from grave danger in Czechoslovakia and Poland, and protecting Christian Europe from the Jewish Bolshevik menace. If he doesn't know that much, then I don't hold much weight in anything else he says.

    9. He might be right about a couple of things, but overall I thought this guy talked a load of bollocks. Globalism vs Communism - the battle for the NWO! That's the picture I got. Communism is Jewish internationalist and therefore a GLOBALIST ideology, and the 'Globalist' party is a bunch of more 'capitalistic' Jewish internationalists! Now we see the underlying connection: i.e. Jews working together toward their goal of world domination, whilst leading people up shit creek thinking there is a real difference between communists, capitalists, globalists, and whatever other bullshit term cowards like this guy call the powers that be!!
      If someone doesn't call them Jews outright, then it's a pretty good sign they are talking crap!

    10. Considering the subject matters discussed here ,I find it curious that the word Jew was never used. Titus114


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