Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Realist Report - Dave Gahary

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Dave Gahary, web editor for AmericanFreePress.net. Dave and I discussed a number of different topics.

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  1. Dave Gahary filled in last minute today. I was scheduled to interview Dr. Fredrick Toben, but for some reason I wasn't able to connect with him on Skype. There may have been some confusion with the time zone difference and when the interview was supposed to start, so I will try and re-schedule Dr. Toben next week. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. don't back down...

    and the really good news is that Jesus commanded the tares
    be rounded up and put into the "fiery furnaces"...Yeeehaw!!
    ROUND UP !!

    and the excitement continues to build...

    oh yeah, and don't forget the celebrate Israel Day !!



  3. One thorough complainfest, but I listened all the way through and enjoyed it. But, there is never ever a shortage of things to complain about, and I'm sure it'll get worse.

    Dave, I've listened to many AFP podcasts and always enjoyed them. You do a great job interviewing. You get right to the point and never talk too much. You ask the right questions and you've obviously given thought to the length and pace of the interviews. Good job.

    I believe I'm about the same age as Dave. Offline, and out in the world, I feel a bit like the main character in the movie, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Trying hard to get the brain-dead, oblivious people around me to see just what is happening in America at the hands of Satan's Children. This dark tribe has a history of subverting and wrecking societies. They've done a good job at immunizing people from seeing the truth. People have been continually conditioned for years and years. This "political correctness" was a stroke of genius.

    Every time I hear Dave, I can't help but think of reporter Mike Taibbi. Your voices and inflection are very similar.


  4. Two of my favorite net reporters. I only wanted to admonish Dave and others not to despair. When people feel it's hopeless, it's a signal to do more. I've been getting out pretty regularly and "No More Wars for Israel" is a good conversation starter. The public is ready to hear the truth and there are many more people who know/want to more more. Look at the rat shit panic of Jake Tapper et al. We win in the end no matter how bad it looks. Thanks to you both for your many years of great work.

  5. 25-30 minute mark:

    Dave needs to read Psalm 2. It does look like there is no hope, and he is right, except for the people to repent and turn to Jesus. God has always punished his people with the wicked for rebelling against his Lordship. Once the people turn back to him, he restores them.

    I wrote two articles about this on tribaltheocrat.com


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