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"Never-before seen color footage" reinforces Holohoax

Recently released "never-before seen color footage shot by a Hollywood filmmaker during World War II has revealed the U.S. Army’s discovery of the Dachau concentration camp," reports the Jewish newspaper The Algemeiner in an effort to reinforce and perpetuate the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII. The article continues:
In several graphic clips, the film documents troops as they came upon piles of emaciated bodies of Jews laying in and alongside boxcars in the notorious death camp.

Some were lying frozen in the snow. Others were strewn on the ground near still-burning fires in structures, possibly those of ovens where they were to be later burned.

One of the film crew narrated the scene in a halting, distraught voice.

“As a 20-year-old man… with a sheltered life behind him… it was a terrible shock. How can one human being do this to another human being,” he asked.

“Impossible to think of; how does one justify the smallest murder… you just wanna’ hate the Germans. You just want to hate all Germans at this time,” he said.

George Stevens, who was known for 30-era classics like Gunga Din and films of dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, had joined the war effort and headed up a unit tasked with filming the troops on 35mm black and white film, according to the UK’s Daily Telegraph. [...]
It is a well-established fact at this point that the United States Army employed photographic and film specialists, many of them directly from Hollywood, for propaganda purposes during and after WWII. Many of these individuals were instrumental in instilling in the public's mind the false idea that there was indeed a Jewish "Holocaust" during WWII, and were otherwise responsible for denigrating and slandering Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists specifically, and the German people generally.

Video clips, photographs, and other news reels were (and are) endlessly shown to a gullible public depicting horrific scenes: heaps of emaciated dead bodies in railcars, lying in the snow, or "strewn on the ground near still-burning fires in structures," as the article states.

The extremely traumatizing and psychologically and emotionally exploitative imagery associated with the fake Jewish "Holocaust" is never put into context or properly explained. Gruesome images of dead bodies, presumably Jews, are shown repeatedly - over and over and over again - to a naive public, implanting the entirely fabricated notion that a German-led genocide against European Jewry was in fact carried out during WWII, when nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of people are simply incapable of thinking critically and objectively about the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" during WWII because of the extremely traumatizing and exploitative propaganda associated with the event, especially the shocking and horrendous photographic and video imagery.

The simple fact of the matter is that most of the dead bodies the Allied armies encountered upon "liberating" the German-administered labor and concentration camps perished as a direct result of specific Allied policies prosecuted against the German government, military, and civilian population, which included the deliberate fire bombing of civilian centers, farms, and industrial facilities and the destruction of the transportation infrastructure connecting and supplying the German-administered camps. Simply put, the majority of the suffering and dead individuals the Allied armies discovered in the various German-administered camps were suffering or had died due to the genocidal policies their own political and military leaders formulated and they themselves implemented.


  1. During conversations with people during my lifetime about WWII and the holocaust I have broached the subject of the fact that the war wasn't going so well for Germany and their supplies were limited, including medicine, food and clean water. We do not know who or why the people that were dead were. We do not know how they died, or how they were treated. I have had people my own age tell me that they have living relatives that were released from concentration camps, when asked if they were german or russian they admitted that they were russian concentration camps. Our "allies" were just as bad.

  2. and the good news is...

    No One on Earth HAS to be a "Jewish"...!

    Thank You - Jesus.

    The exit strategy from the stool sculpture deity cult compound is

    Knowing the Truth.

    so simple even a child can understand that...
    no one HAS to believe lies...all the time.



  3. Thanks for this worthwhile exposure of T
    'The HoloMyth". I think it would be worthwhile also to expose the real atrocity that took place there, upon liberation by US Forces :- the murder of young Guards by US Soldiers ... see
    Execution of SS soldiers at Dachau

    Sea Gypsy

  4. those bodies were long ago determined to be christians murdered by russion jews in ukraine

  5. In a 1943 memo to Leon Lewis, the Los Angeles lawyer of the Institute of Social Research, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer described their ideas for a film which they hoped to interest Hollywood in making. Quote:

    Since it is the general idea underlying this plan to counteract the apathy of a large part of the population, it might be advisable to take this very apathy as the point of departure. While it must be made plain that no average American wants to have anything to do with Nazism or Fascism, their aversion to “atrocity propaganda” should be made equally clear. Some of the deeper psychological mechanisms underlying their attitudes should be brought to the fore, e.g., the reasoning: “these things are so horrible that one cannot believe them, and therefore they are untrue” (self protection), or: “people who have been treated this way must have brought it on themselves.”

    These snatches of conversation finally reach some very prominent Americans who believe in probing things to the quick. They should be public figures whose reputation is unimpeachable like outstanding Congressmen, representatives of commerce and industry. They should not be played by actors but the personalities themselves should appear in the motion picture. They decide that people should learn the full, unbiased truth about what Nazism means to its victims and what it would mean to Americans in the case of a Hitler victory… The skeptics shown at the beginning are present making embarrassing remarks, when they interrupt the narrators they should be answered quietly and firmly. The climax is reached when one of the hecklers asks: “Where are your eyewitnesses?” The answer is: “there are none.” Then a cemetery with a fresh Massengrab (mass-grave) flashes on the screen. We see how the skeptics of the beginning eventually are brought to the conviction: “Those devils must pay.” They are shown, their numbers increasing, finally merging with a symbolic picture of the whole American nation, marching united against the Axis. /endquote

    [Memorandum on a motion picture project, April 27, 1943, Max Horkheimer-Archiv, II, 10, 397]

    1. Horkheimer, Adorno, Neumann, and Herbert Marcuse were Frankfurt School Marxists who worked for the OSS. Herbert Marcuse, Murray C. Bernays and Mickey Marcus organized the Nuremburg IMT. All three of them were Jewish and Lt. Col. Marcus actually died in Israel training the IDF under an assumed name. C.D. Jackson and Daryl Zanuck were pals. Try to find anything out about C.D. Jackson in WWII or William S. Paley and you run up against a brick wall. Paley's papers are still sealed. The Holo-fix was in at the top most levels of the U.S. intelligence and state department bureaucracies long before the war was over. In order to understand how this could have been one must search out and read old books by forgotten authors published right before, during and after the war. American libraries have been purging themselves of this history to make room on their shelves for books published after the cultural Marxist takeover of academia and the media that occurred in the Sixties. Anything written about WWII after about l980 is going contain the usual victor's prejudices and excuses for that sorry world shattering bloodbath.

    2. Great comments in this thread, w+d+w.

      On this particular point I'm guessing sources would include Richard Harwood, NUREMBERG AND OTHER WAR CRIMES TRIALS, and, from their perspective, Neumann, Marcuse and Kircheimer, SPECIAL REPORTS ON NAZI GERMANY?

      Anything else you'd recommend?

  6. Hate the Germans now clearly affect all Germans that is not only "the Germans/Deutsche tribes) but the Franks, Brits, Swedes, Croatians, Russians, etc that are all racial offshoots of the German nucleus, even though some adapted or developed non-Germanic languages. A Jew sees us all as Germans, as much as we might see all Asians as Chinese or all Latinos as Mexicans.

    1. Just for accuracy's sake,

      1) Jews hate Whites especially, and therefore Germans (not the other way round), but they hate all non-Jews in one way or another.

      2) Jews are Asian -- but we don't see them (or Indians, or Thais) as Chinese.

      3) Other White groups did not develop from a German proto-race.

  7. John,
    What most people still do not seem to know is that even the Simon Wiesenthal Center, etc. states that there were no "Death Camps" outside of Poland, all of which just so happened to have been "liberated" by the "jewish" led Soviets!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but to me this is a very important aspect of the holoHOAX that is continually being overlooked!

    US Army Vet
    Marc C. Daniele

    1. I think wintermute said it nicely,

      [quote] It should be acknowledged that even Yad Vashem does not hold that there were death camps inside of Germany. This is very significant: every camp that might meet the conditions of the hypothetical death camps just happen to be those which were captured by the Red Army …

      Since [the revisionist] case has taken the day with regards to all of the camps captured by the West, there is strong reason to believe that the case you make that begins with the officers in these camps intuiting and carrying out the wishes of their superiors is not sustainable. Part of your case is plausible, that officers in the field understand their broader mandate and pursued it under their individual initiative, but how on earth could the Nazis have known in advance to only kill Jews in only those camps that would later be captured by the Soviets, rather than the Americans or the British?

      Perhaps the Nazis really did have the Spear of Destiny and could use it to tell the future? But even accepting this - as we now must - do we go on to suppose that the Ahnererbe was sharing occult information with officers in charge of the camps, even morale crushing information about their eventual loss of the war? [end quote]

      'colin laney' commenting in a thread at

      Hilarious. The rest of the post and indeed the whole discussion is worth checking out.

      'colin laney' has more often posted as wintermute. A site search on majorityrights for wintermute provides plenty of illuminating reading. Put into google: wintermute

  8. Check the Joo's own figures. They did their own European census. 1938 found ~6+ Million in all Europe. Not until, I believe 1948, was another count taken. So guess, after 6 Mil burned through the night from the need to dispose of so many corpses, how many they counted of themselves then. Guess.
    9+ MILLION!
    Check the Red Cross figures. They estimated a total Joo extinction figure of 250-270K in the camps. You could earn script for work at Auschwitz and pay for a prostitute.
    Current news in the last year has pointed out the purchase of billions of rounds of ammo ( hollow point), as well as bullet proof checkpoint booths by the DHS. Sources in private intelligence affirm that the DHS is peopled with far too many Israelis, giving preference in awarded contracts.
    Israel is a hobby for the Rothschild's and some of the other inbred 'owners' of the western banking system. The Holocaust deception was an integral piece of PR to establishing Israel.
    The formation of Israel is a psychotic assault on western values and world history. This parallels the behavior of the system owners over the last couple of centuries.
    The game is up! I look cheerily forward to their removal from the table, so to speak.

  9. Reminds me of this holohoax propaganda piece from Sep 2012, seekrit audio recordings of German POWs boasting of their atrocities! Grisly reading, what savages!!

    "'They seized three-year-old children and shot them': Darkest atrocities of the Nazis laid bare in the secretly recorded conversations of German prisoners of war "

  10. Nobody talks about the Holocaust as an intelligence or a psychological warfare operation except myself and the videographer "denierbud" whose site "One Third of the Holocaust" with his added written report on the cold call he made to a Psyke War veteran is now down. Revisionists have been recyclyling the forensics conducted by Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolph for 20 years now with little progress made in convincing the general public of the fraudulence of the received history of the Holocaust. "Furtherglory's" and the Scrapbookpages blog is a good resource for daily updates on hypocracy and media obfuscation of the real history of these events, but revisionism itself is stalled because nobody has gone into presidential, national, university, military and charity archives to look for and thoroughly examine evidence for propaganda and prevarication.O.K. so now we know there was no Zyclon B stains in the purported gas chambers. We know, too, there's a lack of evidence for mass graves for the millions who disappeared. Why don't
    revisionists now go to the source of the story instead of revisiting the scene of the crime? We are living in an age of administrated security. Quit thinking like grave diggers and start thinking like intelligence operatives!

    A comment from whodareswings to Peter Schaenk, 2008.05.20.

    QUOTE During the war Hollywood screen writer Ben Hecht and Irgun operative Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson) cook up grisly holocaust propaganda for American mass consumption in magazines like the Reader’s Digest. Using Freudian based mind control techniques, first put into play by Edward “The Father of Spin” Bernays, the “Bergson Group” 

    inoculate the English speaking world with the sacred 6,000,000 number before the war ends and the camps are liberated. Bernays is the wildly successful nephew of Sigmund Freud and the man who introduced Freudianism to the USA. Like Bernard Baruch, he is a “king maker” and personal friend of presidents Wilson, Hoover and Roosevelt with whom he’s consulted and globe trotted. Joseph Goebbles acknowledges his debt to Bernays in his diaries.

    The Bergson Group” was a Zionist cell working out of Washington DC with access to inner circles of media power and politics. “Having energized politicians, gangsters, Hollywood moguls, and ultra- Orthodox rabbis, the handful of young men taught other Zionist and American-Jewish groups not only how the media was the message but how it could and should be used. A guiding force behind the creation of the War Refugee Board, the group served as a beacon for contemporary Zionist militancy while ultimately laying the groundwork for other organizations to utilize the media in future political campaigns”:

    Immediately after VE Day, but also during the war, “The Ritchie Boys,” (up to 10,000 mostly German speaking Jewish refugees trained in interrogation and psychological warfare techniques at the Fort Ritchie Camp Sharpe annex in Maryland are sent into Allied occupied Europe to interrogate high ranking POWs, spread disinformation and de-Nazify the Germans. This is a chapter in US Army intelligence history that remains curiously obscure. Less than a dozen out of these thousands of "fresh off the boat" Ritchey Boys have been identified. They have been put forward as reluctant avuncular heroes not spies, disinfo agents, prosecutors, court clerks, translators, torturers and hangmen.

  11. Hi w+d+w I would add that there is no likelihood of anything being gleaned from official sources here in UKplc, all got burned or filed away for ever, so the true researcher needs a keen nose and an aversion to anything “public” or “altpublic”.

    Also note that the British Army's Jewish Brigade skulked out of the direct line of fire in the Med, coordinating Jewish "resistance" groups in the Balkans, setting up rat lines out to Palestine for use after the shooting match and staged war in the West was over. If one leafs through published SOE/SIS histories the culprits can be found operating out of Tel Aviv and Cairo amongst other places. One does not have to look too far. All one needs is a keen eye for detail in official group photographs and a sense for false family names.

    Agreed w+d+w, the older the book the more likely the usefulness of the info contained therein. Also agreed that almost all the alternative researchers are gate keepers stalled by Rock/Roth bollox and blue tainted walls.

    75% of the weapon factories' staffs in the Reichsprotektorate were corporate employees enjoying corporate benefits. 100 percent in the R&D directorates. Any alternative research work done on this fact. Nah!! Let's all stare at Hitler's one ball and the "evil" of 1933-45.

    BTW the JBrigade got to go Nazi hunting in the UK occupation zone immediately after May 1945, they all got a 00numern to go kill witnesses to the Roth theft of technology heading for Dimona in the so called displaced persons.

    Agreed w+d+w. Off topic, and just to see who is awake out here, has anyone noticed that the same clowns that invented the holobollox ended up farting around in UFO/exopolitics/Area51 wankfests?



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