Sunday, May 4, 2014

A critical review of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Last Saturday, I arrived at La Guardia airport about 5pm Eastern time from San Diego to begin my 3 day, 4 night vacation in New York City. It was a much needed vacation - the first personal vacation I've had in quite a long time. I've been to New York City before, however, it had been about 7 or 8 years since the last time I visited. And it was a very nice, enjoyable visit, despite the cold, rainy weather the last day I was in town.

As you probably noticed, I haven't been doing much blogging, and I wasn't able to host any radio programs this past week due to my trip. I will be back to hosting The Realist Report this coming Wednesday morning beginning at 8am Pacific time where I'll be interviewing Dr. Kevin MacDonald about the Donald Sterling fiasco and related matters.

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On my trip, I got a chance to visit Lower Manhattan, and to check out the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, at least the parts that were open at the time. The Museum itself is not scheduled to be opened until May 21st. When the entire area is finally redeveloped, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, along with the World Trade Center complex area, will look something like the model to the right here.

Regular readers here and listeners to The Realist Report know that I have a major interest in the events of 9/11 and its aftermath. Before we discuss and review the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, allow me to briefly summarize my views on 9/11.

9/11 was the most important and game-changing event of our lifetimes - it was the seminal event of this young century, and has had disastrous ramifications on American foreign and domestic policy, international relations, and other aspects of social and political policy-making in the United States and around the world.

The official government and media promoted conspiracy theory explaining  the events of 9/11 is demonstrably false on virtually all accounts. In my view, it has been firmly established that:
  • The official government and media promoted conspiracy theory alleging that fanatical Islamic terrorists connected to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda hijacked commercial airliners filled with innocent American passengers and then crashed those airliners into the World Trade Center towers in New York City causing their destruction, the Pentagon in Washington, DC, and a field in Pennsylvania (after passengers allegedly overtook the hijacked flight) is an entirely fabricated, media manufactured deception. The commercial airliners said to have been hijacked on 9/11 were in fact not hijacked and did not crash at any of the alleged crash sites. There is no authentic evidence or proof that any airliner crashed anywhere on 9/11, or that any Muslim terrorists hijacked any airliners. The entire scenario was manufactured by the mass media.
  • 9/11 was a sophisticated psychological operation involving extensive media deception including the presentation of manipulated or entirely fabricated video and photographic imagery coupled with false, scripted testimony from alleged "eye witnesses", "terrorism and National Security experts", government officials and other individuals presumed to be in positions of authority, both on the day of 9/11 itself and in the days, weeks, and months following that fateful day.
  • 9/11 was planned, organized, and executed largely by Jewish criminals connected to the state of Israel controlling key positions of power within the United States federal government and municipal governmental organizations and institutions in New York City. Jewish criminals also owned and controlled the World Trade Center complex and it is a well known fact that the mass media - the primary means by which the 9/11 deception was executed - is almost exclusively owned and controlled by Jewish plutocrats and propagandists with deep ties to the state of Israel. Jewish writers and news outlets openly admit this fact.
  • The events of 9/11 have been used to justify the illegal, fraudulent, and completely immoral and unjustifiable criminal wars of aggression the United States military and her NATO allies have and continue to prosecute in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere. The "Global War on Terror" paradigm was pre-planned by Israeli military and political strategists working in conjunction with Jewish intellectuals and public policy makers embedded in key positions within the United States political, intelligence, media, and academic establishment. The "Global War on Terror" was designed to advance a strategic Israeli geopolitical agenda in the Middle East which would ultimately result in Zionist hegemony in the region using American and NATO military, financial, and human capital.
  • The events of 9/11 have also been used to justify the tyrannical abuses and subversion of the U.S. Constitution and traditional Western jurisprudence. The PATRIOT Act, torture at Guantanamo Bay and other prisons operated by the United States military and intelligence community, extraordinary rendition, targeted assassinations using unmanned drones, and other domestic police state policies, in addition to the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, were justified by the official explanation of the events of 9/11. The "Homeland Security" paradigm American domestic policy is currently formulated under is yet another Jewish constructed agenda which was planned well in advance of 9/11.
(I'd also recommend readers my article Thoughts on the 9/11 "debate" and its aftermath for more clarification and elucidation of my views of 9/11.)

The primary foundation of the 9/11 deception is that Muslim hijackers crashed commercial airliners filled with innocent Americans into the World Trade Center towers in New York City, causing their destruction and murdering close to 3000 people (passengers, first responders, individuals in the WTC, and others in Lower Manhattan that day) in the process. The entirety of the official story rests upon this narrative. However, the core of the deception falls apart when the seemingly strongest piece of evidence is in actual fact the weakest piece of evidence. There were no hijackings on 9/11, therefore no passengers, no Muslim hijackers, and no commercial airliners hit the World Trade Center towers or any of the other sites. Therefore there can be no justification for the "Global War on Terror" and "Homeland Security", and the entire 9/11 official conspiracy theory falls apart.

Just to underscore this point: there were no hijackings of commercial airliners, no "Muslim hijackers", and no passengers on board any of the alleged flights on 9/11 - meaning, the entire official narrative of 9/11 is a monstrous media manufactured deception using fabricated testimony (i.e., fraudulent phone calls from "passengers" on the "hijacked airliners"), deceptive imagery (i.e., photographs of "Muslim terrorists" at the airport), and outright fabricated videos presented in the mass media as if they were real life depictions of the events unfolding on 9/11, particularly in New York City.

Understanding that the entire "Muslim hijacker" scenario is a fabrication is crucial as we turn our attention to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. As you can imagine, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum operate under the assumption that the official narrative is not only correct, but infallible.

During my visit to New York, I stayed at a hotel on the Lower East Side called Bowery's Whitehouse Hotel of NY, which is just north of Lower Manhattan in the NoHo district. The hotel I stayed at was essentially a hostel, offering single rooms for roughly $35 per night and shared bathrooms. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone wishing to visit New York, especially if they are strapped for cash. It's cheap, clean, and located in a great part of New York City. On Monday afternoon, I took a subway down to the Brooklyn Bridge, and proceeded to walk to the World Trade Center area.

I walked past City Hall and City Hall Park, and continued west on Vesey Street. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was walking right towards the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site. By the time I arrived at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, and had a chance to walk around the small shop and take some photos, the actual National September 11 Memorial was closed. I began talking with a staff member, and it was clear I wasn't missing much anyways. The Memorial, designed by an Israeli architect (go figure, eh?) named Michael Arad, is entitled Reflecting Absence, and according to the Wikipedia page of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum consists of:
... a field of trees interrupted by two large voids containing recessed pools, marking the footprints of the Twin Towers. The deciduous trees (swamp white oaks) are arranged in rows, forming informal clusters, clearings and groves. The park is at street level, sitting above the Memorial Museum. The names of the victims of the attacks (including those from the Pentagon, American Airlines flight 77, and United Airlines flight 93) and the 1993 bombing are inscribed on the parapets surrounding the waterfalls, in an arrangement based on "meaningful adjacencies".
The more I saw at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site and heard from the employee who I spoke with, the more I realized that the official commemoration and memorialization of 9/11 is shaping up to be yet another crass commercial enterprise, playing on the average American's naivety, gullibility, and emotions (just like the fake "Holocaust" narrative and the industry that has arisen to perpetuate that fabricated event). The entire Memorial and Museum is about raising money, selling official 9/11 propaganda, and remembering and honoring the (alleged) victims and first responders. What follows are some photographs I took at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site:

"Honor" the 9/11 "heroes"; don't ask questions.
"Although we were lied to about all aspects of 9/11, we still love New York - more than ever in fact."
Official 9/11 propaganda for sale promoting the ridiculous conspiracy theory that Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network of "radical Muslim terrorists" hijacked commercial airliners on 9/11, crashing them into the WTC towers and Pentagon. Who believes this nonsense anymore?
It's important to note the Mission Statements of both the Memorial and Museum, which is found on the official National September 11 Memorial and Museum website:
The Memorial Mission

Remember and honor the thousands of innocent men, women, and children murdered by terrorists in the horrific attacks of February 26, 1993 and September 11, 2001.

Respect this place made sacred through tragic loss.

Recognize the endurance of those who survived, the courage of those who risked their lives to save others, and the compassion of all who supported us in our darkest hours.

May the lives remembered, the deeds recognized, and the spirit reawakened be eternal beacons, which reaffirm respect for life, strengthen our resolve to preserve freedom, and inspire an end to hatred, ignorance and intolerance.

The Memorial Museum Mission

The National September 11 Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center will bear solemn witness to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993. The Museum will honor the nearly 3,000 victims of these attacks and all those who risked their lives to save others. It will further recognize the thousands who survived and all who demonstrated extraordinary compassion in the aftermath. Demonstrating the consequences of terrorism on individual lives and its impact on communities at the local, national, and international levels, the Museum will attest to the triumph of human dignity over human depravity and affirm an unwavering commitment to the fundamental value of human life.
Is it me, or do the official Mission Statements read like they were written by some Marxist Jew straight from the Frankfurt School, particularly the bit about inspiring "an end to hatred, ignorance and intolerance"?

In any event, you can see that the National September 11 Memorial and Museum are not interested in critically examining the actual events of that day, or the policies - both domestically within the United States and in the foreign policy realm - enacted as a result of 9/11. The invocation of the alleged 9/11 victims and heroic first responders is designed to systematically exploit an individual at a base psychological and emotional level. By focusing strictly on the alleged victims and first responders, and their horrific experiences, one is unable to critically examine the information being presented. And it is designed that way: the insidious, deceitful, and manipulative forces behind 9/11 and the official commemoration of the event do not want people thinking critically about the day's events and its aftermath.

Here are two more photographs I took at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site:
Project Rebirth: Survival and the Strength of the Human Spirit from 9/11 Survivors
The Stories They Tell: Artifacts from the National September 11 Memorial and Museum
What the Jews are doing with 9/11 is literally the same exact thing as what they've done with the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII: turned it into a commercial enterprise - an industry complete with memorials, museums, books, documentaries, official spokespersons/propagandists, etc. - that exploits mass audiences psychologically and emotionally in order to maintain and perpetuate entirely false narratives of past events that advance a particular Jewish agenda.

I've often said that the lies concerning Adolf Hitler, the fake Jewish "Holocaust", and WWII generally form the basic paradigm the vast majority of Americans view recent history, while the lies associated with 9/11 form the basic paradigm the vast majority of Americans view current events.

Both of these Big Jewish Lies must be exposed, debunked, and destroyed in order to set the world free - intellectually, psychologically, culturally, politically, and spiritually. The time has come to stop believing and accepting the Big Jewish Lies of history. 


  1. Why do we have so few people like you John? You are one of the very few who really get it, as illustrated here.

    1. Thanks man, I appreciate it. It's pretty clear to me what's going on, how we're exploited, and how the Big Lies are maintained and perpetuated. I just hope people finally get sick and tired of being lied to.

    2. Me too, but I am not holding my breath.

  2. Thanks for a very informative article John. They wanted their "New Pearl Harbor" - it's only the sheeple that let it happen:
    When are the sheeple ever going to unite and resist such tyranny?!

    1. Good question. That's why I think it's important to explain how the masses are exploited by this deceitful, emotional propaganda. It all follows the exact same template, no matter what event we are looking at.

    2. John,I'm a Viet Nam Vet and was there when Henrey Kissinger signed the Peace with Honor with Lee Doc Tho.Feb.25,1973,I left that country after being there 3 years.40 years later and my beloved Country is controlled by dual citizen Jews and our in every aspect of our Government and in command of all our well being,I did see the 2nd plane hit the towers,but nothing hit the Pentagon but a missile,The speed of the aircraft would not let you know if it was commercially owned or not.Nothing hit building 7 and it came down and Mr,Silverstein got wealthy.Chertof in charge of Homeland Security.Ralm Emmauel became Mayor of Chicago after leaving the White House 2 weeks later.We are in for a rude awakening.As long as the Media is controlled,we will become sheeple to the Jewish state.Our Children have no chance.Mr.Kissinger,leader of the NWO.Regards..No peace or Honor when we left the Nam,just 3 million people murdered..

    3. They have to see it as tyranny first.

  3. Nicely done. This would be an effective syllabus to use when you berate your local unconscious public official for supporting the lamebrain story put forth by the Jewish criminals and their dupes running America into the ground. Because no matter how smug we may feel at seeing through the basic scam that has hijacked the country into a permanent war mentality, frustrating though it may be, we must continue to fight against these willing accomplices to the 9/11 lie lest we let our country, which includes our families and our friends, slide silently into this permanent coma which the Jew criminals have arranged for us.

  4. Dude, nice to hear someone talk about the memorial from a conspiracy theorist's point of view. I too found the place somewhat awkward and repulsive.. Definitely plenty of books in there meant to dispel conspiracy theories.

    But no offense, you are absolutely wrong about the planes being faked or video being manipulated. Planes were hijacked, terrorists were involved. We don't know if they were the same planes that hit the towers, and certainly no plane hit the Pentagon, but come on, don't tell me the planes that his 1 and 2 were holograms or something. That's just retarded.. We have multiple videos from regular, everyday people, and eyewitness accounts of seeing the second plane. Believing that the planes were faked is believing in disinformation and does damage to all unofficial narratives. It's like saying nukes were used on 911, only serves to make more people think 911 truthers are unthinking idiots...

    1. I have heard this same spiel countless times man, and to be quite frank it's getting old.

      There were no hijackings on 9/11, no Muslim terrorists, no commercial airliners crashed at any of the alleged crash sites, and the videos depicting "an airplane" effortlessly entering the WTC are entirely fabricated. Please check the links I provided in this article. All of this is well established at this point.

    2. "anonymous"
      please explain how the hollow aluminum tube of a 767 (with a plastic nosecone no less) can penetrate the massive steel beams of a wtc, gliding thru effortlessly like caspar the ghost, without being subjected to any crash physics whatsoever - because that is what every "official" video of the event portrays.
      the videos are faked and a real 767 would have squashed against the side of the wtc like an empty beer can against a BBQ grill.

    3. also, "anonymous":
      nukes more than likely were used to destroy at least 2 of the wtc towers.

      the New York Post revealed that 70,000 New Yorkers have applied for 9/11 victim compensation, most for cancers that can only be attributed to direct exposure to ionizing radiation from nuclear weapons.
      here's a link:

      also click my name to learn more about the demolition of the wtc.

    4. Hi james,

      Why not use old fashion dynamite for the demolitions of the WTC towers? That is what they normally do. It is cheep, available, real and works very well. Please watch this short video on WTC dynamite demolition:

      How do we know that nukes are real in the first place? And not some fiction and another Big Lie like holohoax etc? How do we really know that? Because of all the nuke wars we have had? Because we learned it in school? How?

      There isn't any crater in Hiroshima in any of the published films or photos of the event, You will not find any traces of any epicenter or any Ground Zero either. If you can find this for me, I'll donate $200 to JF in your name. If you study the images of the firebombed Tokyo and Yokohama, you will see that the impressions you get are identical to the impressions you get when looking at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Have a look at this and report your findings please. JF can need another $200, don't you think?

  5. Excellent article.
    Opening is scheduled on 5/21/2014 - numbers reduce to 6.
    It's 141st day of year - 6.
    there are two columns on display, two tridents - 33 or 6.

  6. I never felt comfortable being coerced into repeating the pledge of allegiance every morning at school and in 12th grade I had a varsity member wipe his foot on the back of my head because I wouldn't stand up for the "pledge" at a pre graduation assembly . I have relatives who died fighting for this country which destroyed our whole family coherence forever. This country has a constitution that our congress has allowed to become a standing joke. The oligarchic scum who have control of our country are the first that should hang , we "citizens" have all benefitted from acts of unspeakable evil but instead of standing to fight this hypocrisy we hide like scared children who fear losing their paltry material wealth. We need more people like you to speak out. You are the real citizens we need.

  7. Hugh left the following comment via email:

    Yes, excellent article. I'm on your page! One question, though. Friends always ask me about the people who died on the aircraft and I don't know how to answer them. Specifically, we were told Barbara Olson made phone calls and those calls have been discredited. But what of Barbara Olson? Where is she, has anyone seen her? What are your thoughts about her? If we could find her, that would help collapse the whole fraud. Of course she was/is Ted Olson's wife, and he's a bad actor who was packaged as a good guy conservative. Thanks!


    1. First off, I'd definitely recommend checking out the links I provided in this article for starters. Then, see this:

      From what I gather, the "passengers" on the allegedly "hijacked commercial airliners" are yet another aspect of the 9/11 hoax. Not that 9/11 was a complete hoax, but almost all aspects of the official narrative are entirely fabricated.

      I really don't know what happened to Barbara Olson or her husband, who from what I understand was the Solicitor General on 9/11! Can you believe that? And his testimony changed repeatedly, every time he was interviewed about his wife!

      You should also check this info out, although I don't necessarily endorse it all:

    2. Great article! I found it in comments at
      David Johnson YT did a video a while back on that Chris Dorner hoax in LA. He says reporter is Barbara Olson. I don't know. Ted Olson supposedly re-married to a woman that looks strikingly like Barbara Olson. Goes by the name of Lady so and so. Can't remember her name.

  8. The Memorial is so jarringly uninspiring, meaningless, it reminded me of a series of posts by Alex Robinson of the too-long-in-this-place blog on war memorials. She has about the most original mind I've ever come across online, and her essays do make you ponder ... eg.: [links to others in the series at bottom of post]


    Putin signs law banning rehabilitation of Nazism

    President Vladimir Putin has signed a law banning the rehabilitation of Nazism, the Kremlin press service said on Monday [May 5, 2014]. The law, which introduces criminal punishment of up to five years in jail for the denial of facts set out by the post-war Nuremberg trials and for the dissemination of false information on the actions of the Soviet Union during the war, was earlier adopted by the parliament. Publicly desecrating symbols of Russian military glory or spreading information disrespecting public holidays related to the country’s defense will be punishable by a fine of up to 300,000 rubles, ($8,400) or community service for up to a year, RIA Novosti said.

    Also see here.

    Just in time for the big bash on Red Square on May 9th. Won't it be grand.

    I predicted this outcome on my Saturday, April 12th radio broadcast (it was totally predictable) while the big Putin fans at the Daily Stormer kept down-playing it as "probably not going to happen." So now what? -cy

    1. I think we have to question the REAL idealogy and motives of EVERY SINGLE PERSON in power whether they are in Russia, in the U.S., or anywhere else. Putin did not get where he is without his Soviet Union KGB background. The Bolshevik Jews started the Soviet Union. I believe that Putin serves different masters (and sets of masters) behind the scenes than he does publicly. I believe he picks his battles carefully to balance the two.

    2. Keep on dreaming nothing is change since cold war,It is same kind play once again both side are controlled By jews like good old days.

    3. The obvious Devil's Advocate response is, these lies benefit the Russian Empire/Federation as well as Jews, where lolocaust truth right now would not benefit the Russian Empire/Fed. It's also easy to see how Russian nationalism might benefit right now from the Russian Federation: more direct control of the peripheral tribes and territories that the Jews' empire would certainly use against Russians.

      But I do not know that Putin is acting in this fashion in defense of Russia, just as his critics do not.

    4. According to google no-one has used the term "lolocaust truth" before.

      "I survived the lolocaust" gets only 5 hits.

      Join me in pushing these numbers onward and upwards!

  10. Jews did Fukushima and MH Flt 370 as well and are now fomenting Jew WWIII in the Ukraine.

  11. Hey John, why Jew York for a vacation? This was a good article about the 9/11 fraud, so am I to assume that you took your vacation there for the expressed purpose of seeing ground zero for yourself, and thus the article? Because being that our politics are so close, it would be rather perplexing, even concerning, as to why you would take a vacation to the biggest moral sewer that our country has ever seen, perhaps even the world. Jew York would be the last place on earth I would take a vacation to, being understood that the purpose of a vacation is to enjoy oneself. I was there only once, about 12 years ago, and I could only tolerate about 1/2 a day....seriously. The rudeness of the people, the freaks, fags and the rest of the heathen were so offensive to my senses that it was almost unbearable.

    So did you go to enjoy yourself, and did you? Wish you maybe would have come down to the rural south and spent some quality time with a bit of the salt of the earth.

    1. Good question. I actually originally booked this trip to visit Dave Mansfield and Tom in Connecticut. I found a cheap flight a few months ago, and purchased a ticket. Funny thing is, about 10 days before my flight to visit Dave and Tom, both of these guys totally bailed on me! Neither of them would return any of my phone calls, text messages, or Skype messages. Well, I did Skype chat with Dave once, but that was it. I don't know what happened to these dudes, but they totally bailed on me! That was the reason why I originally even wanted to go back to NYC - to visit those guys, in person, face to face, and they totally flaked on me (typical bullshit these days). Needless to say, I won't have anything to do with either Tom in CT or Dave. Best of luck to those lads.

      New York is an interesting place, lots of pros and cons in my view. I did get to meet Mike King from and a few other friends, so it was worth the trip. I actually had a lot of fun.

      I'd love to come down to the rural South and spend some quality time with a bit of the salt of the earth. When are you going to email or call me so we can set this up in the future? It's not like I'm hiding from anyone! :)

    2. John great site visit. The Tim thing is very strange. You launched the guy. He always seemed to have a nuttiness on the verge of breaking out. Perhaps his story is all bs and he's a keyboard Kenny who got called.

    3. Thanks for the reply John. Very unfortunate to hear about these guys bailing on you like that, but it isn't surprising considering the character of so many people these days.

      I am going to email you right now.

  12. So, how did a Dartmouth Government major wind up designing the 9/11 memorial, (and beat over 5,000 other entrants)?
    He can't really answer:

    1. Nope, typical BS from another one of Satan's kids. When are people going to realize that these people simply cannot be trusted, and are evil to the core?

  13. "May the lives remembered, the deeds recognized, and the spirit reawakened be eternal beacons, which reaffirm respect for life, strengthen our resolve to preserve freedom, and inspire an end to hatred, ignorance and intolerance." -
    Is this an ad for hate speech laws ???

    Hey John, do the dancing Israelis have a store in there ???

    Hey John, the Gift shop that keeps a giving.

  14. Interesting google search results:

    "Muslims did 9/11" ... 37,900 results

    "Jews did 9/11" ... 1,300,000 results

    We do all live in 'democracies,' don't we?

  15. Someone in, or visiting Denver needs to do an updated review of their NOT-JOO-TERROR Museum, aka "The CELL".

  16. I just saw this:


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