Tuesday, April 1, 2014

White Man March 2.0


  1. Thanks John for that. What really concerns me is how IN DENIAL so many people are about taking another look at an alternate history. Their minds are the opposite of the concept of Mind Wide Open. It's like they don't want to go there.

    The typical excuse I hear from the hardest people to get through goes something like this as a response to me:

    "Even if you are right, what can you do about that now? Let's talk about something else. Don't bring up the Jews anymore, okay? Let's talk about NBA, Golf, Baseball, Auto-Racing or the latest MOOOOOOVIE. Have you seen this cool MOOOOOVIE that I want you to watch that shows the good guys taking care of the TERRA-ISTS. It's really good."

    That's what we are dealing with amongst those that I term "Walking in the Dark" white brothers and sisters.

    We've got to be steadfast in this journey of re-educating our fellow whites as wells as fellow non-Jews who are next in line, after us whites, to be enslaved and/or culled by the Jews.

    1. Its aka Cognitive Dissidence. Its an affliction.
      You have to reach them in stages, drop subtle hints, cues and teasers.
      Otherwise, its Info overload and youll fry their computer.
      Theres an art to it. Practice make perfect.

      Thanks John!

  2. Wake up people. Our Jewish overloads are using their money and influence to
    breed a better slave race, All you have to do is look around you. Look at Jew owned
    TV, the Jew owned Add company's, the Jew owned banking system. I spent most of my life asleep, now I'm awake.

  3. It's the money system that must be changed for us to succeed. During the Great Depression in the early 1930's, only two major nations escaped the Jewish money system of usury by coining their own money: Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. Around 1934, economist Gottfried Feder persuaded Adolf Hitler to use his system. Germany's unemployment rate reached to virtual zero within four years, and the GDP improved exponentially. At the same time, Imperial Japan's economy also improved just as well.

    Unlike Germany after WWII, Japan continued its monetary practices; but did so under the Jews' radar, pretending to have a stagnant economy and to be in debt. Japan was in debt; but, not to the Jewish banksters, but to themselves; since they were coining their own money. They continued improving with their exports - at least up to the day before the disastrous earthquake and tsunami struck off its northeastern coast.

  4. John,

    Spending some time on this.
    I really like the phrase 'White Heritage Movement' as opposed to white pride, white nationalist, white supremist et al.

    Think about it and consider it and use your clout to spread to others if you like it and agree..


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