Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Realist Report - Thomas Buhls: TradYouth

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Thomas Buhls, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Traditionalist Youth Network. Thomas and I will be discussing TradYouth activism and philosophy, American identity, and the future of the White race.

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  1. The definition of capitalism is freedom?


    Thats a new one.

    And no, I would not say that all people suffer under jewish oppression - certain not equally. That is an outright lie.

    Jews are using and rewarding their two-legged bioweapon negroes against White people.

    Objectively, I would say that negroes are benefitting. I would also say that negroes believe they are benefitting.

    There can never enough emphasis on "White", on "European" and on MY PEOPLE.

    So now I will launch into a useless diatribe criticizing John Friend and his guest using terms of my own invention - because I have misplaces my meds……..


  2. I like the idea he has about getting involved with helping the poor. But he is too soft on Christianity. He needs to give glory to Jesus. Wholehearted devotion to Christ is what is needed, not just "religion" and not even just "Christian religion" but an actual laying down of our live as a sacrifice to God.

    1. Romans 12:1,2 call us to give our lives as a living sacrifice, not being conformed to the world. This means total giving of our lives for the purpose of the Lord Jesus, who gave his life for us.

    2. In other words, all of our dreams, hopes, ambitions, and plans must be given to Jesus. It is HIS will that is to rule our lives, not our own will. Jesus was the perfect example of this, who did not come to do his own will, but his Father's.


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