Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Realist Report is moving to AFP Radio Network

Beginning Tuesday, April 22nd, The Realist Report will be moving to the AFP Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio. I will broadcast live beginning at 8am Pacific time on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. All archives will continue to be available at the TalkShoe page for The Realist Report. The TalkShoe page has all past editions of The Realist Report, going back to when I first began hosting internet talk radio programs. I have also uploaded many of my guest appearances on other radio programs to the TalkShoe page for The Realist Report.

As most of you know, The Realist Report is an interview-driven radio program featuring some of the best, brightest and hardest-hitting guests in the independent media, offering unique, one-of-a-kind insight and analysis into an array of issues, including but certainly not limited to:
  • media manipulation, deception, and programming;
  • psychological and information warfare;
  • the systematic Jewish assault, subversion, and distortion of traditional Western civilization; 
  • Jewish control of Western politics, culture, media, and finance;
  • all aspects of 9/11, particularly the central role international Jewry and the Jewish media played in planning, orchestrating, executing, and benefitting from the day's events and its aftermath;
  • the real story of WWI and WWII, Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany;
  • exposing the entirely fabricated Jewish "Holocaust" narrative, which is constantly reinforced and perpetuated by the Jewish controlled mass media, Hollywood, and educational and political establishment;
  • the extremely hostile, anti-White historical and cultural narrative promoted by the Jewish establishment controlling the West, resulting in an anti-White attitude in mainstream Western society, which is fostered by the Jewish manipulation and distortion of our history and culture;
  • racial realism and the fact that White people have rights and interests that are not being championed - or even openly discussed and formulated - by any organized mainstream political party or entity;
  • exposing the fraudulence and Jewish subversion of organized "Churchianity" and the ridiculousness of Christian Zionism.
It has been and continues to be an honor and a privilege to write for American Free Press, America's last real newspaper. Hosting The Realist Report on the AFP Radio Network will be an even greater honor and privilege. I hope all my regular listeners will continue to tune in, and spread and share my programs with friends, family, and other like-minded individuals on social media and other online platforms.


  1. Congratulations, John. You have worked very hard to earn this honor, and those of us who are regular listeners to your podcasts recognize that you are rapidly becoming one of the absolute best pro-White advocates in our movement.

    1. Well thank you, I appreciate the compliments.

  2. Congratulations, John. A well-deserved honor.

  3. Congrats, John. Keep telling the truth.

  4. John, you may wish to look at the video below and include this in a show.

    In the video below are the laughing "Christian" (obviously JEWISH) children of Teresa Rose Lamanno (3rd person supposedly killed by Glenn Miller) who was visiting her mother at the Village Shalom Retirement Center.

    The 3rd victim (Teresa Rose Lamanno) of the Jewish Center Shootings was visiting her mother at the Village Shalom retirement center. How many Christians do you think retire at the Village Shalom Retirement Center? Looks like her mother was a Jew which of course means Teresa Rose Lamanno is a Biological Jew who qualifies for automatic Israeli citizenship, as do her children.

    I think they are using the Christian angle to make real White Christians hate any White Nationalist type of people who are telling the truth about the nasty Jew. Especially after what happened the day prior, when White Militias drove the Federal Bureau of Land Management away from Cliven Bundy. The next day, Jewish Lightening strikes to help demonize Militias/White Nationalists. LOL!


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