Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Realist Report - Bruce Campbell: American Defense Party

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Bruce Campbell, founder of the American Defense Party. Bruce and I will be discussing a variety of issues, including the recent alleged shooting purportedly carried out by Glenn Miller in the Kansas City area.

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  1. 51 minutes in, he blamed Lincoln for the Civil War.

    The late Bill Cooper rightly said that it was some people from the Confederate States that started the "Civil War" when they fired on the federally-controlled Fort Sumter.

    This is what Tom DiLorenzo and others want to downplay in order to further their anarcho-capitalist "blame the government for everything" agenda.

    1. Bill Cooper? Let me guess, you think Bill Cooper died in a shoot-out with police in Arizona? ROFLMAO!

      1. Cooper was a low grade ENLISTED guy in the Navy/AirForce, yet he tells dupes that he had access to all these top secret reports. As a former US Marine myself, I just have to laugh at dupes who fall for "military" crap like this! The military is the LAST PLACE one will ever find truths. As Henry Kissinger said, "we are just dumb stupid animals to be used." and never would anything of value be placed in Military hands. The military, no matter what rank, must be kept blind and dumb, less this powerful organization go against the Jew.

      2. Cooper spread the Jew/Hollywood UFO lies

      3. Cooper spread the Jew/Hollywood Alien lies

      4. Cooper says he personally saw many UFO’s in Navy and was threatened not to tell.

      5. Cooper spread the Moon Walk lies

      6. Cooper spread the Holocaust and evil Hitler WWII lies

      7. Cooper spreads the "its not the Jews" lie.

      8. Cooper spread the Nuclear Bomb lies

      9. Cooper spread the HIV/AIDS lie

      10. Cooper spread the overpopulation lie

      11. Cooper says JFK’s driver turned around and shot him with gas gun, exploding bullet and fish poison. ROFLMAO!

      12. Cooper spread the lie that race does not exist

      13. Cooper spread the lies that America and other European White Nations were not founded by race/genealogy for our White Ancestors. LOL! All Nations are founded by a particular race/people. duh! And are only destroyed once that founding population is no longer the majority. Mexicans, Asians and Negroids cannot build and maintain an Aryan Civilization, just as we Aryans cannot build one of their types of civilizations. Its like asking a Black Bird to build an Eagles Nest or vice versa.

      14. Cooper's music in his show sounds like Tom Metzgers crazy shit. We all know sick music (beats/rhythms) is important to these filthy mind controlling sickos.

      15. President Clinton even gave Cooper commendations as "The most dangerous man in America" ROFLMAO! Yea, dangerous to those seeking the truth about the nasty satanic Jew and HOW they lie.

      Cooper was a laughable idiot, similar to Alex Jones. I just hope there is a hell and he is rotting in it.

    2. Nice attempt to misdirect from the main point that I was asserting, and that you didn't refute with any arguments, that Lincoln was not the one who started the "Civil War" -- some in the Confederate States did.

      I mentioned his name because he was committed to America, its Constitution, and truth seeking, and changed his position when the evidence merited it, including taking exception with the commonly-held claim that Lincoln was to blame for the Civil War, and was such a tyrant, completing ignoring all the Northerners who supported him.

    3. The only "argument" or "assertion" that you provided is that Bill Cooper (a well known liar and deceiver) says so; as such, I revealed him for the quack he was (replaced by Alex Jones). Personally, I don't much care about the Civil War. If I had lived back then, I would have been a pioneer that got the heck out of the East Coast all together and headed West.

    4. Thank you for clarifying that you had no issue with the accuracy of what he said, specifically, and had more of an interest in discrediting him than addressing the substance of what I raised, when I said he "rightly said," meaning I agreed with him.

    5. I'm not following you around, FC, honest. We just read a lot of the same material.

      If South Carolina secedes; and then Federal forces proceed to occupy Fort Sumter, S.C. and deny South Carolina's jurisdiction over Fort Sumter, it can hardly be said that the Confederate States started the war.

      The real problem with Cooper is that his first positions were never evidence-merited. Naturally he could shed ideas exposed as rotten, presumably he did so for his own credibility.

      The Mises crowd have always been out to co-opt the Old Right: Birchers, patriots, Christians, Constitutionalists, *implicit* White nationalists. The 'Paleolibertarian Strategy.' Lincoln is a good punchbag to bring in that crowd, as well as lending himself especially well to anti-government arguments.

    6. Nick, it's good hear your take on things.

      As for South Carolina's secession, they had that right, and the states in the Union had the right to remain in it, and the federal government retained its constitutional power to operate military bases in the country, and SC's secession, I argue, did nothing to change the legal ownership of Fort Sumter, as it was federal territory.

      Glad to hear you see the Mises group as a misdirection.

    7. Fauxcapitalist, you never provided a shred of evidence for your claim against the Confederacy, except for the words of a proven liar and deceiver.

      Bill Cooper was an ANTI-Racist Jew Puppet who demonized both Germany and the Confederacy or anyone else who understood that race is real and sought to maintain a White/European/Caucasian civilization. According to Bill Cooper only crazy people think the Jews run the USSA or who believe the Holocaust to be a laughable fraud.

      Bill Cooper did his job deceiving people, exactly as Alex Jones continues to do after replacing him, which makes me wonder how in the heck you can support that liar and deceiver or think that anything he says is accurate.

    8. FC wrote ... "and the federal government retained its constitutional power to operate military bases in the country" -- and there's the rub.

      The Constitution of the Confederate States of America was adopted one month and a day before the Battle of Fort Sumter began, and was thus the supreme law of the land in South Carolina at the time of the battle - if secession has any meaning at all.

      The CCS began,

      "We, the people of the Confederate States, each state acting in its sovereign and independent character, in order to form a permanent federal government, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity — invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God — do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Confederate States of America."

    9. Nick, we'll just have to agree to disagree on that, since my view is that the legal federal territory remained as such, since it was separate from South Carolina sovereign territory, as it was ceded when South Carolina ratified the Constitution along with 8 other States, and only the dissolution of the Union would return that territory to South Carolina.

      Tom DiLorenzo spins this as Lincoln goaded SC into attacking Fort Sumter, to use it as a pretext to attack the Confederacy, and as an anarcho-capitalist, he's not even questioning the legal status of Fort Sumter as being federal territory any more than legal status of South Carolina as a state itself.

    10. Greg, you made a lot of good points about Cooper, but you haven't shown that he was insincere about most of those positions, and therefore I don't accept your comparison of him with Alex Jones.

      And regarding Cooper's claims about the Civil War, you're falling into the trap and fallacy of shooting the messenger and not evaluating each claim on its own merits. Since you compared him to Alex Jones, and we know who Jones is, we can see how Jones is used to discredit legitimate information in the eyes of the general public who think he's a right-wing nut. Sometimes he says good things, so we have to evaluate each claim of his independently.

  2. Hope you don't mind me posting this here, an interview with David Cole Stein and the holocaust, interview by Vinnie Eastwood, 24 April 2014:

    1. I listened and posted a generic comment (the show wasn't great because Cole isn't great) and, to my surprise, Eastwood let it stand.

      In lots of ways the old conspindustry is seeming to give way to pro-White and anti-Jew truth.

  3. For the record, I do not advocate or support attempts to violently overthrow the United States government. I don't even know how one would go about attempting a violent overthrow of the government. At this stage, I believe we are primarily in an information, psychological, and spiritual war for the hearts and minds of the masses. I am primarily concerned with discrediting and exposing the Jewish controlled mass media and our Jewish controlled government, how our culture and civilization has been systematically assaulted, and helping or inspiring people to think critically and use their own brain to evaluate information and what the media/government are telling them.

    I do support Bruce's right to freely speak his mind, and I think he makes a lot of excellent points. Most of the main goals of the American Defense Party I agree with. I also support the right for individuals to keep and bear arms, and to protect themselves from violence, theft and other criminal actions carried out or attempted against them, their family and loved ones, or their property.

  4. Campbell found it easy to inspire tens of thousands of White American men to join the Whites-only Militia movement in the early 1990s when their racialized dispossession was not nearly so advanced and obvious.

    It's proof of how wrong he is to insist on a multicult movement today that he can't get anyone to join him when things are so much worse. People take extreme measures to defend their own people, not to defend abstract ideas like 'overthrowing the Constitution' - or for that matter 'defending the Constitution.'

    Both types of alternative are perfectly predictable failures. This relates to what I said here, especially since Campbell has started fretting about what is happening to Palestinians and what happened centuries ago to the Indians.

  5. John, you and Bruce were talking about how unbelievable it is that many vets and our soldiers were "committing suicide." I agree that a lot of this is due to Big Pharma & their witches brew of pills. But please consider this. The Jews would love to slaughter all our soldiers and leave us entirely defenseless here in the U.S. so they have a free hand to genocide us.

    If you've ever listened to Alex Jones, you know how many people have been suicided. It's my strong opinion that a considerable number of our soldiers & vets are being suicided by the jews and their minions through many other means.

    Our soldiers have been used to make war on all these middle-east countries for the jews. Then, when those jew scum, who control our govt, hand all the resources and most of the middle-east i.e. Iraq, over to Izzy Rah Hell for their "Greater Israel," they suicide them. Research: "Greater Israel."


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