Monday, April 14, 2014

Questioning the Glenn Miller shooting story

According to the same Jewish-owned and controlled mass media that brought us such fantastical events as the Sandy Hook "school massacre", the Boston Marathon "bombing", 9/11 and the fake Jewish "Holocaust" of WWII, Glenn Miller, a long-time White advocate involved with various organizations and causes, recently went on a "shooting rampage" in the Kansas City area, murdering three non-Jews (although ostensibly he was trying to murder Jews) at two different Jewish community organizations. The anti-White Southern Poverty Law Center reports:

Frazier Glenn Miller, 73, of Aurora, Mo., was arrested today for the murder of three people at two separate Jewish Community Centers in Overland Park, Kan. Miller, who was arrested using the alias Frazier Glenn Cross, has been in the movement nearly his entire life. Miller is the former “grand dragon” of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which he founded and ran in the 1980s before being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for operating an illegal paramilitary organization and using intimidation tactics against African Americans.

After subsequently forming another Klan group, the White Patriot Party, he was found in criminal contempt and sentenced to six months in prison for violating the court settlement. He went underground while his conviction was under appeal but was caught by the FBI with a weapons cache in Missouri. He served three years in federal prison after being indicted on weapons charges and for plotting robberies and the assassination of SPLC founder Morris Dees. As part of a plea bargain, Miller testified against other Klan leaders in a 1988 sedition trial. [...]
It should be noted that many consider Glenn Miller to be a compromised individual, possibly a federal informant. I personally don't know the man, and I certainly do not know all of the details relating to his history and involvement in the pro-White movement. I considered inviting him on my radio program about a year ago, but decided against it after briefly speaking with him on the phone.

My question is: why does anyone with half a brain accept this narrative coming from the (anti-White) Jewish-owned and controlled mass media? Is there any evidence or proof that Miller did indeed commit these outrageous and horrific acts, let alone that they even occurred? Why would a man who supposedly cares about White people and the pro-White movement do such a ridiculous, absurd and counterproductive thing? Was this a set up or some sort of hoax?

I don't know if Glenn Miller did in fact commit these murders. I tend to doubt it, because I don't trust anything the Jewish-owned and controlled mass media reports anymore. I just don't understand why the independent media, particularly those in the pro-White independent media, would accept this ludicrous narrative so blindly, without any real evidence or substantiation.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, Mindy Corporan, the mother of the allegedly slain 14-year-old boy, Reat Griffin Underwood, and daughter of the supposedly murdered Dr. William Lewis Corporan, gave a speech at a "memorial" to the victims hours after the purported shooting this past Sunday afternoon. Please have a look at the article and video, and ask yourself how credible this testimony and behavior is:

The grieving mother of the teenage boy and daughter of the man killed in the senseless shooting at a Kansas City-area Jewish community center on Sunday said that the pair are in heaven together.

Speaking at a memorial service just hours after the Sunday afternoon shooting at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas, Mindy Corporan, the mother of Dr. William Lewis Corporan, and his grandson, Reat Griffin Underwood, repeatedly thanked the people in the audience for being there and talked more about the two victims.

'I'm in shock,' Mrs. Corporan said, looking remarkably composed given what she has gone through. But I want you know I appreciate you all being here.'

Shortly after speaking, Mrs. Corporan introduced herself as the mother of Underwood and Dr. Corporan's daughter, prompting gasps from the crowd. She also referred to her father as 'Popeye.'

She said she came on the scene shortly after the shooting, before police and ambulances had arrived. But she knew right away Dr. Corporan and Mr. Underwood were already in heaven. 'I know they are in heaven together,' she said. [...]

Just to repeat myself: I am not saying that Glenn Miller did not commit the murders the Jewish-owned and controlled mass media said he did. I do not know whether he did or not (I tend to doubt it). I am simply questioning the authenticity of the narrative being promoted, and scrutinizing the actions and behavior of the alleged victims' family member shown in the video above.

To get a deeper understanding of where the organized Jewish community is trying to push the dialogue surrounding this event, have a look at this headline recently appearing in The Jewish Daily Forward:

The tragic shootings in Overland Park, Kansas, seemed, to many of us, like a throwback to a bygone era. It’s no coincidence that the shooter was at least 73 years old. His ideology seems ancient as well: the Ku Klux Klan, Jewish banking conspiracies, hatred of miscegenation. Anti-Semitism is still with us, but usually not this anti-Semitism.

Yet to disregard this act of domestic terrorism would be a mistake. In fact, there are at least four important lessons we should take from this heinous act.

To begin with the most obvious: anti-Semitism is real. [...]

The further lessons of the tragedy, though, are at once less obvious and more important.

The first of these is what activists call “intersectionality.” Glenn Miller (as the shooter is known) hated Jews, African-Americans, “foreigners.” He hearkens back to the days in which Jews and blacks, in particular, found common cause against a common enemy.

Lately, we seem to have forgotten this solidarity with other oppressed groups – and have indeed become the oppressors. The “Republican Jewish Coalition,” which just held a ludicrous “primary” in front of its billionaire-king, Sheldon Adelson. High on the agenda: voter suppression, which is essentially the last gasp of white supremacy.

Republicans know that their “base” — white people — is shrinking relative to the overall population. The clock, as John Judis memorably pointed out in 2002, is ticking. Democrats are licking their lips at the prospect of turning Texas blue. [...]

A second subtle lesson of this tragedy is about the power of conspiracy – and here, both Left and Right are to blame.

It’s notable that, despite his racism, Miller was a fan both of David Duke and Louis Farrakhan. What could a white supremacist possibly have liked about the leader of the Nation of Islam?

Other than base hatred of Jews, what Duke and Farrakhan have in common is their belief in conspiracies. Jewish bankers, Jewish media bosses, Jews controlling government – as usual, conspiracies help the marginalized and disempowered reassure themselves that they are not simply outvoted or disliked, but the victims of a vast, sinister machine. Everyone else is either a dupe or a knave.

This same corrosive way of thinking is found on Right and Left today. [...]
Here's one from the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

The suspect in deadly shootings at two Jewish institutions in suburban Kansas City made no secret of his hateful views, but nobody anticipated the attack that claimed three lives on Sunday.

The shooter was identified as Frazier Glenn Miller, a 73-year-old white supremacist. The attack illustrates the dilemma of how best to protect Jewish institutions from the threat of deadly violence by extremists acting alone.

“Lone wolves are really by far the most dangerous phenomenon. They are vastly more difficult to stop in advance of their actions,” said Mark Potok, the publications director for the Southern Poverty Law Center. “You can’t simply follow around all the people in the United States who have noxious views.” [...]

The Jewish Federations of North America, a leader in obtaining Department of Homeland Security funding for security measures for Jewish buildings, said the Overland Park shootings underscored the need for the program.

“The horrific shootings in Kansas City emphasize the fact that Jewish communal institutions have been the victim of an alarming number of threats and attacks,” William Daroff, JFNA’s Washington director, wrote in an email. “Due to those threats, the federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program has provided millions of dollars to assist nonprofits in upgrading their security capacity.”

Goldenberg’s SCN organized a call Tuesday with top Homeland Security and FBI officials, and 350 Jewish officials across the country dialed in, a spokesman for JFNA said.

President Obama, who in a statement said the attack was “heartbreaking,” pledged federal resources to the investigation. [...]
I question this event because the entire official narrative is absurd, and it does nothing but advance a particular Jewish agenda, just like the fake Sandy Hook "school shooting", the Boston Marathon "bombing", 9/11 and a variety of other fabricated, media manufactured events which have been presented to the gullible public as if they were real-life depictions of reality. We would be foolish indeed to blindly accept yet another "mass shooting" horror story based on dubious and highly suspicious testimony from "victims' family members" and "eye witnesses" without further investigation and corroboration. 


  1. Thanks, John. I thought this was fishy from the first, and this incredible "memorial" that supposedly took place hours later, with the bad acting and hokey lines, clinched it. NO ONE who had lost a son and a father hours before--found their bodies, no less!--would be standing there talking to an audience.

    They chose a good patsy, too, since Glen Miller is both a bona fide White nationalist and one for whom many other White Nationalists feel little sympathy.

  2. If he was such a big anti-Semite, why did he only shoot and kill Gentiles?

    And why were Rabbis on the MSM blabbing about the shooter asking people their religion before he shot at people?

  3. Thank-you for this reasoned response.
    Totally out of character, yet folks swallow. Disappointing.

  4. If this is a false flag then the purpose could be : 1) the confirmation of the idea that "anti-Semitism is still a real danger", 2) the confirmation of the idea that "white nationalists are evil racists", 3) to obtain more government funding for the security of Jewish institutions.

    I must say this woman acts suspiciously cool and businesslike for someone who has just lost two loved ones. But one has to ask oneself : if this is really a false flag or hoax and nobody got really killed, then why not pretend that JEWISH persons were l killed?

    1. Simple. To keep the christians in their phony alliance with jews. Keep in mind they first said he killed jews, THEN they said it turned out they were christians. JUDEO christianity for you.

  5. I read this report of sniper/s in Kasas City the other day and don't know if it's related to this one but thought for interest I'd post it here.

    There are a lot of holes in this KC shooting story too.

  6. I agree with your suspicions of the jewsmedia. That should be the first thing White Nationalists need to take into consideration, especially with an event like this, which makes absolutely no sense for Miller to commit. Frankly, being somewhat discouraged by the reporting on this event, I only watched a few seconds of the victim's mother's comments. I immediately thought to myself, this woman is awfully composed considering the sudden loss of her son, and father. Strange.

  7. ...and on NPR and all the rest of the "JEWISH" agenda driven "Media" portals for processed poo was Mark Potok a catamite of unrivaled mendacity claiming that
    in fact Anti-Semitism and WHITE MALES are the fount of Domestic TERRORISM
    and these LONE WOLVES are concealed in "conservative" Christian enclaves
    waiting impatiently to do DARK deeds....

    very good analysis John.

    one should feel sorry for the poor little "Jews" abused by these purveyors of the
    Jewish Narrative....which curiously omits the most fundamental FACT especially at this glorious time of the year ...{John 8:32}

    when telling the ASHKENAZIM that they could in fact {Khazars are not Hebrews}
    escape the spiritual dungeon of Talmudic Judaism by simply knowing the Truth.

    yet the Mass Murderers & Liars {John 8:44} are investing literally trillions in tormenting
    and terrorising not just "little" JEWS ....but 7 Billion so-called Gentiles with
    NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION if they don't worship the dung god of Talmudic Judaism

    No One HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound....

    They could come out !!!



  8. Miller may just be a Manchurian candidate. it cannot be an accident that ALL of his victims were Christian, not Jewish. And on the one night that Christians were invited into a synagogue for some type of audition. This smells of some kind of mossad type op to me. Miller was supposedly away for a few days gambling; he phoned his wife and said something about hitting big and their worries about money would be over. Could he have been threatened into accepting a role as the fall guy? He was sick and knew he didn't have long. maybe he was told if he shot up some Christians his family would be financially set, but if he didn't, they'd off the family. This type of scenario, It's a pretty common occurrence, actually. I cannot keep coming back to the fact that he just "happened" to kill only Christians. That was done by design, not accident.

  9. Now they are going to be pushing the Boston Marathon theater production as if I was was an actual event. I am getting sick & tired of the theater.

  10. Divide and conquer of the people by group labels is a tactic used by malicious people from above that hide their own group label of themselves.

  11. I've known Miller personally for over a decade. I'm about 99% sure he's not guilty of the shootings, for several reasons:

    1. Miller hates the Jews, but he's always cautioned that the way to fight them is by educating non-Jews about Jewish mischief, not by making martyrs of a few rank-and-file Jews. Miller has preached that strategy endlessly on, for example, the messageboard at (as "Rounder").

    2. If Miller suddenly did change his thinking radically, and go kamikaze, he would have assassinated one or a few especially obnoxious Jews. It would have been like "Taxi Driver" at the bordello. Miller would have assassinated a Jew who was so obviously and heinously guilty that even the other Jews wouldn't mourn the victim too much, and thereby Miller would hope gain a measure of applause. Miller wouldn't have gone after average Jews who were merely using the Jewish Community Center. And he especially would have avoided shooting minors. Miller saw the world from the point of view of a propagandist.

    3. Miller was quite worldly and streetwise. He would have known that many people using the Jewish Community Center were non-Jews. He wouldn't have chosen such a poor targeting strategy. To Miller, shooting non-Jews would be a tactical and propaganda disaster to be avoided at all costs.

    4. Miller was a Green Beret noncom for 20 years including Vietnam tours. If he'd done the shooting at the JCC, he would have shot way more than three.

    5. Miller was fed up with the prison experience. He would have committed suicide rather than be captured.

    6. Miller had been "working within the system" effectively for a decade. For example, in order to expose the fact that we don't have real elections, he filed for Congress, forcing the Missouri state chairs of all three parties on the ballot (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian) to make highly publicized announcements that Miller would be excluded from the primary ballot because "racist" candidates were forbidden by them, despite the absence of any statute forbidding racists to be primary candidates. Then, to get even more publicity, Miller took it to federal court and the federal judge upheld the state party bosses. So everybody, at least in Missouri, became aware that only candidates approved by the state party bosses are allowed on the primary ballot, i.e. the primaries are a sham.

    7. Miller had numerous relatives in the area and it wouldn't be unusual for Miller to be in Kansas City. It would be easy for, say, Mossad to do a false flag event, shooting some non-Jews when Miller was in the vicinity, and framing Miller for it, claiming that Miller did it and that Miller was aiming at Jews but - what a coincidence! - missed every time.

    Joseph C. Keller, M. D.

  12. Any word at all on how the event supposedly went down? Any step by step details? Or this capture? Did he just shoot and then throw down his guns and sit on the curb to wait for police? I cant find ANYTHING.

    1. I would like to know this too it seem someone of this man's reported background would been more effective and picked better targets

  13. Watched the video, cracked up out loud. Most of us have seen the 9/11 video of the unknown "expert" guy on the scene, calmly pontificating to the cameras how the steel melted--this within an hour or so after the towers collapsed, and the outrageously bad acting on the part of the "parents" at Sandy Hook.

    But this one, this one takes the cake. I was laughing so hard I couldn't get more than a third of way through before having to take a break. The repeated open-handed (left hand) gesture, the amazing self-composure, the repeated ending of statements with a vocal uplift, as though they were questions. Even the script itself. This, from a mother who found her father and her child murdered just hours before?

    This actress couldn't pass an audition for a high school play. I'm no fan of psychiatry, but if she's not, in fact, an actress, she's a deeply disturbed individual. And were I a cop I'd immediately suspect her as the possible shooter, based on her behavior and body language.

    I could be wrong, of course. Perhaps she was on sedatives, and watches too many poorly-acted soaps.

    And what's with the blood-red Oklahoma sweatshirt? What are we supposed to be reminded of? (What I'm reminded of is too-obvious Hollywood product-placement.)

  14. I dont believe in the news report. At All. Period.
    Breakdown: A questionable and provacative figure, aka Glenn Miller, (felon with record and possible prior deal cut with Feds) supposedly walks into an Old Folks Home where people are bound into wheelchairs, beds and canes to walk and can only manage to shoot 3 White gentiles, when any decent modern handgun like a Sig, HK or Glock carries 15 rounds + a few spare mags and now your capacity is close to 75 rounds..
    Sorry, not buying it. Meanwhile today is TAX day and Bankers are safe.

  15. But what if the media has it right..and Miller went off his nut and shot three people, including a child?

    1. What if the media is staging events? To terrorize the public? No...No way.

      Repeat this sentence again...What if the media has it right? How many times have you ever said that and the answer was this...Yup...They got it right this time...This really is hilarious.

  16. Qui bono ? Not whites in America it seems..

    1. Qui bono indeed...This is like a jewish jackpot...its almost like it is scripted or something? Nah...Fort Hood had a 'coincidental' shooting as well...lets see...

      Elementary schools, airports, ARMY bases...jewish centers (and christians die)...come on people...stop trusting this media...

      Anybody see that national news story about the white guy who guy got shot by those 'youths'...nevermind.

  17. “Due to those threats, the federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program has provided millions of dollars to assist nonprofits in upgrading their security capacity.”
    - Is this what it is all about ?
    We pay them to confuse and abuse us, are we to now pay to defend them from the Great Awakening ?
    The Holohoax has less clothes every day, retribution will be at hand.
    Is this one of the reasons for the move across the board ?
    As far as Miller, I Like everyone else am disappointed if he did do this, but then again when you think of just a fraction of what those DEVILS have done to us and other peoples, not too hard to snap. Or he was setup, or mind controlled, when dealing with the jew and their shabbos goy traitors, this is far from a tin foil stretch.

    1. This is total bunk...Period...The media can not be trusted in any way...This is not taking advantage of situations...This is situation creation...Completely scripted fake event...How controllable is a Jewish Community Center...Pretty Controllable...I bet they found this guy drunk and he has no idea if he did this or not...And nothing happened anyway so he thinks he may have done what did not happen...What a joke this all is...Don't buy what the media sells...

  18. Is this the same woman? Bottom video

    1. Great link...same woman...telling a fantastic tale about faith and heaven...smiling quite a bit too...even says 'not real' at one point...I actually LOL'd during it...This is a false flag hoax...better give up your guns...and your feelings about who rules over you...

  19. Thank you for your article. Yes, this Miller thing needs a much deeper look. Why would someone who is so 'anti-jew' not be more sure of his 'targets' knowing that he would not want more 'whites' against him. AND, why did this happen on the tail of the NV ranch stand-off! Is it so that the anti-gun 'jew' lead crowd can crow about why more laws are needed against firearms and the people who have them? But, it seems to be acceptable that they have non 'title 21' feds carrying weapons and threatening Americans with the Constitution when they are in the wrong. (my mistake, i forgot, all feds are covered by title 21 because they say so.
    We can only have a decent form of government if they fear the people, but then problem is they have HAARP, SCALAR, LRAD. . . . . but that's another story
    Thanks for questioning -- more of these 'shootings' need to be questioned more deeply.

  20. Thank you for this post! It's important to expose Jewish terror as well as their various hoaxes.

    Here is another great website that has exposed Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Malaysian Plane Crash etc including what this article has addressed:

    1. SPLC is a subversive communist terror group working inside of our country on its destruction!

  21. Another concerning aspect of all of this John is that you are the only voice of reason that I have come across so far in the Jew wise community on the web. Here in the US, at least for now, you are innocent until proven guilty, but Miller has already been tried, convicted and condemned by many sympathetic to his views, solely based on accounts from the Jew controlled media. This is disgraceful. Just like you, I think it is completely possible that he may have done this, but as of yet, as far as I know, we don't even have a credible statement from him, forget even a trial, or a plea, or a legal verdict.

    Most of the so-called, self-proclaimed "awakened" have lost all ability to think rationally or critically.

  22. Hi John. Just dropping by to let you and all your readers/listeners, know that Herald of Albions' debut album, "One People, One Culture, One Nation", is now live and and available to download FREE from :

    Feel free to drop by and help yourselves to a copy.


  23. More praise from the Hate the Gentile crowd:

    In an interview with an anti-Semitic and conspiracy-theory promoting newspaper last month, Sheriff Joe Arpaio claimed that President Obama’s support for immigration reform is an attempt “to pacify the Hispanic community.”

    American Free Press was founded by anti-Semitic activist Willis Carto, and regularly pushes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. It has recently pushed the conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook shooting didn’t actually happen.

  24. What a hoax. Listen to Jew Howard Stern wonderfully tolerate Miller's comments. Now, why do you suppose that is? Miller, Linder, etc. are all Jews. They make up both sides of an issue to jackup their agendas. A giant hoax on America, and I mean everywhere you turn it's a hoax, a lie, deception, fake, all for the benefit of the Jews behind the curtain!
    Go to the VNN website. Run by Linder, Jew no doubt. They play both sides of the isle, remember that. Nothing in America is as it seems. Everything you are told on your jew tube tv is a lie.

  25. I'd like to see some proof and substantial evidence Linder and Miller are Jews. I haven't seem any. I doubt they are.

    1. I noticed an mp3 download was posted by Linder on VNN today, so I grabbed it - thinking perhaps that he agreed to do one of his rare radio interviews. I started listening to it - and was shocked to hear Linder babbling on about how he has been writing songs over the last few weeks.

      Having listened to Linder and his on-the-money quick wit and wisdom about the jew and about the sorry state of the White race on his regular interviews over the years - hearing the guy babbling out a pile of nonsense about becoming a songwriter made me feel as if I'd stepped through a time warp and entered into the Twilight Zone.

      Linder minus his normal red-meat, go for the jugular style of verbal combat is like watching Clark Kent minus his Superman powers getting his tail kicked in a diner by a obnoxious loudmouth thug. We all remember that incident in one of the Superman movies, right?

      I lasted only about 10 minutes into the podcast and I had to either bail out or find where I left my barf bag. Made me wonder if Linder had the FBI agent who killed that Ibragim Todashev pal of the Tsarnev brothers standing next to him while he recorded the podcast with a cocked pistol pointed at his head.

  26. Hey John...good article. After viewing video of the woman I believe she is a phony and this is some sort of psyop, to show that so called anti semitism is a problem and will be used to further the agenda of hate speech laws etc.

  27. John, you are overlooking the timeline.

    The OKC Bombing (April 18) was used back in the 1990's to demonize and destroy the "Militia" groups.

    On 12 April 2014 some supposed "militia" guys show up to force the BLM to stand down in Nevada (Clive Bundy), then the next day on 13 April Glenn Miller (KKK, Militia, Neo-Nazi, White Nationalist) performs his skit that is then used to demonize all of us.

    The USSA cannot have anyone standing up against them like happened in Nevada over the weekend.

  28. Does it appear to anyone else that things are speeding up? I think this is all prep for a major false flag event.

  29. April, the month of the Zionists Passover, seems to be fraught with false flags. Here is a list taken from Beforeitsnews: This was posted April 16, 2013. Let's add to the list and make it current:
    April 1st 1992 – Bosnian War Starts
    April 3rd 1888 – First Murder By Occult Serial Killer ‘Jack The Ripper’ occurs
    April 4th 1968 – MLK Jr. is assassinated
    April 6th 1830 – Mormon Church organized
    April 8th 2005 – Funeral of Pope John Paul ll
    April 1th 2010 – Polish Presidential plane crash
    April 12th 1945 – FDR dies in office
    April 13th 1970 – Apollo 13 crippled
    April 15th 2013 – Boston marathon bombings – 1912 – RMS Titanic Sinnks
    April 16th 2007 – Virginia Tech massacre
    April 18th 1983 – Beirut Barracks Bombings
    April 19th 1993 – Waco Siege Ends in flames
    April 20th 2010 – Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill begins 1999 – Columbine School Massacre 1961 – Bay of Pigs failure 1889 – Adolf Hitler born
    April 21st 1989 – Tiananmen Square Protests
    April 29th 1992 – LA riots begin
    April 30th 2009 – Queen Beatrix assassination attempt 1980 – ascended to the dutch throne 1966 – churchof satan founded

    Aprilis a terrible month. Many of connections to be made here. -Mort

    1. Jean, you neglected to mention the Murrah building bombing in OKC, on April 19th, 1995. This was to accomplish portraying militias and ex-vets (McVeigh) as dangerous to America and to start the dangerous "Muslim" narrative. I watched the news live in OKC and the original report said the Feds were seeking 2 "Middle Eastern" men. Also it's ridiculous to believe an ANFO bomb did the damage especially in light of 2-3 other devices having been found in the building as reported on local and national news during the rescue and as confirmed by US Dept. of Justice. Scientists have researched the data and suspect the devices were sophisticated, hydrogen "barometric" explosives. In the chaos of attempting to locate survivors, the search and rescue was suddenly halted and the Feds came in, cordoned off the area and removed boxes for at least an hour before allowing the rescue teams to resume. What could be so valuable in boxes to stop looking for survivors? The Murrah building stored the CIA investigative files of Clinton/CIA/Mena Arkansas drug running to fund Contra rebels, "off balance sheet" and w/o the need to ask Congress for appropriations! The debris from the site was hastily cleared so that no forensic investigation could occur exactly like "ground zero" at the WTC on 9-11! You can verify this easily and "A Noble Lie" is an excellent DVD. To vote, pay tax or obey any federal law, regulation or directive is an act of treason against the United States of America! The government in DC is NOT the government of the American people!

  30. "The filthy Zionist with is wretched lie about a “serious domestic” threat, arising from the “radical right” is attempting to create momentum on the basis of a non-event to attack in this case not the Islaamic person but, rather, Zionism’s newest enemy, white patriotic, freedom-loving Americans. Yet, it could not be achieved just by Potok and Foxman alone, along with their other ADL and SPLC collaborators. The shifty-eyed Khazarian Jew Frazier Cross is the essential element of the plot. His photos speak a thousand words and reveal his real nature, which is of a hired agent, specifically an agent provocateur."

    "He surely is a rebel. However, his rebellion is not on behalf of the American people of Anglo-Saxon race but, rather, against them. He is also a rebel against blacks and all others by attempting to foment strive between the races."

    Read more:

  31. Franklin Ryckaert wrote the following"

    "If this is a false flag then the purpose could be : 1) the confirmation of the idea that "anti-Semitism is still a real danger", 2) the confirmation of the idea that "white nationalists are evil racists", 3) to obtain more government funding for the security of Jewish institutions."

    Well said Franklin Ryckaert!

    Yes this is a False Flag in the form of a Hoax from the same people who did 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and all other False Flag terror events as well as hoaxes.

  32. This is fishy, Cross is a perfect patsy. He looked drugged and a little incoherent at the court hearings. In the "staged?" radio interviews over the last few years he was pretty coherent and very chatty.

    At this point he needs to speak out and offer clues as to what happened. Does he remember anything? He could have been MK Ultra-ed. Or was this whole scene was staged with actors. This may never go to trial: he could be "suicided", have a heart attack or die of fast growth cancer before the truth gets out. Somebody independent needs to get him on record and soon.


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