Saturday, April 19, 2014

Johnny Racist

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  1. These guys are on the right track. The only things that are going to save our people/civilization and change things is ARTISTIC CREATION; which includes music, movies, comedy, news, fictional books, painting, sculpture etc... These are the EMOTIONAL conduits into the human soul.

    So far, most of us (a tiny tiny minority of our population) have woken up through dry facts, physics, reason/logic. This is not how most of the human animal population behaves. They seek emotional entertainment.

    Ps. Anyone ever hear about the Anti-Masonic Party in the USA? They say secret societies are an evil sickness to any society. President John Quincy Adams was a Party Member. The succeeding Whig Party also had an interesting ideology (Liberalism, Economic Nationalism, Agrarianism, Pro-Federalism) which then became the Republican Party. It is worth the reading about in these two Parties in Wikipedia.


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