Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is Edward Snowden helping Israeli tech industry?

Edward Snowden, the alleged computer expert, former CIA employee, and "rogue NSA contractor" responsible for ostensibly obtaining and disclosing thousands of classified documents and files relating to purported NSA spying on American citizens, foreign governments, and international politicians and world leaders to the media, may actually be helping the notorious Israeli tech industry, according to one expert recently interviewed by The Times of Israel.

Israeli cyber-security companies that can promise to effectively protect user information from prying eyes may want to send rogue NSA operative Edward Snowden a thank-you letter. It’s because of Snowden, in large part, that the European Union is significantly tightening its rules on what data companies are allowed to access and how they are allowed to process that data — providing new opportunities for Israeli firms.

“For Israeli companies, the new rules may appear to be onerous, but there could be a great business opportunity for many of them in Europe as a result,” according to Patrick Van Eecke, one of the leading legal experts in Europe on cyber-security policy issues. “There are many companies around the world that specialize in collecting data, but they are not clear on the implications of Europe’s new policies — and as a result, there is opportunity for companies from Israel, many of which do understand the policies.” [...]
I've long been suspicious of this character known as Edward Snowden for reasons laid out here and here. I'm not saying that the above article proves Snowden is a con-man or some sort of agent or operative, but it certainly lends credence to that notion. 


  1. John- If you go to and look for the postings re: Snowden, it gives you pretty good reason to believe that Snowden could be and likely is a Simulated Person (Computer-generated real-looking person), just like Julian Assange may very well be a simulated person. A simulated person's PR is a lot easier to control than a real person's PR- no doubt.

    What that means is that the Jew-owned-controlled media can create anyone they want and write news stories galore about any one of their digitally simulated artificial human celebrities. These, in effect, become like characters in video games yet they look astonishingly real.

    This reality unfortunately is something that the gatekeepers (Alex Jones, et al, etc. etc. ad nauseum etc.) would like to divert you from considering.

    That's why it is their agenda to make anyone who questions this (whether or not a computer-generated-animated-person is a real person or a total fake) appear to be a nutjob needing psychiatric help from a Jewish Psychiatrist.

    But yes it makes sense that they would create this person and fabricate this story to inact new rules which would spell opportunities for guess who?: Israeli security companies! Isn't that special?....

    1. Sorry- I meant Here is a recent video of Ed Snowden Snowden made a surprise "appearance" as a talking head on a little screen speaking to TED Talks from "an undisclosed location in Russia":;end=35:17;cycles=-1;autoreplay=false;showoptions=false

      Kinda reminds me of the character "Max Headroom" on the HBO show back in the 1980's.

    2. Here's another video of Snowden:

      A poster on wrote the following about the video link above:

      "Who else makes the following observations:

      - inverse tan-line...redder below the neck than above. How biologically-credible is that? White 'band' around neck?
      - chin-stubble forms a hard leading-edge, with insufficient repeated neck under-droop of soft tissue during speech
      - adam's-apple appears inconsistent and...odd
      - around 52 blinks in 99secs. Languid, not performing. Approximately 5 sets of curious double-blinks.
      - episodic head-swings, with an impression of a repeated action
      - interesting collar shadow-angle

      I cannot claim to be totally-objective in this analysis, I may be projecting all throughout the interpretation.

      But: that doesn't negate the value of the observations.

      And, since I'm being so unmitigatingly-subjective, perhaps I might add....'the eyes are the window to the soul' "

      Snowden's eyes appear to not have a distinction between the pupil and the colored part of the eye. Fishy....


      Max Snowroom indeed. Bingo.

      And has there ever been ever anything sillier than this?

      I die laughing.

  2. I never bought into this guy from the beginning. Just too obvious not one mention ever about the Israeli espionage, corruption, or anything. Now if he was cracking open the eggs of so many chickens, most certainly some of that kosher yolk would be spilling out. I believe is has "chosenite" written all over him or his underwear and is another hoax on America. Revelations by this guy were meant to get put into the public by our behind the scenes administration puppet masters!

  3. The MSM is using Snowden as a diversion. While you guys are chatting him back and forth. The jews are weaseling a pardon for jonathan pollard. Pollard should have gone to the electric chair.


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