Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 White Privilege Conference - In their own words


  1. What's really evident about the enemies' methods is that the jews and the crypto-jew inject all of this heavy and dramatic emotion into their messages and dialect.

    They aren't afraid to pull out some gory details (gory Holocaust details at the drop of a hat or "stories"of ancient atrocities against the Jews) if needed that make people want to shut their eyes and cover their ears while it's happening.

    This is an example of such an effective way the Jews and their Goya minions control the masses and how they verbally (and physically) assault those that are awake to their treachery.

  2. This was covered brilliantly here...By the

  3. A "Spingola Saga Update" lol:

    Kaminski was guest on Nick's "Circus Maximus" podcast last night; find MP3 & (censored) Mami's comments at:

    ^ It's 2 hours, and beginning at 30 minutes, Mami's mod "zapopper" calls in, mostly to inquire about the S.Hoax situation & Deanna. This discussion continues for 17 minutes. Kaminski makes his disillusionment with Spingola clear. Well worth the listen.

    Spingola has posted a couple of, err, 'interesting comments' at mami's blog entry for her most recent AFP show with guest "Wade". You have to read them to believe them:

    First DS comment is [April 3, 2014 at 10:54 AM], which I would describe as a textbook 'Flip the Script and Project' gambit... same MO which has characterized DS's entire anti-SHoax-skepticism campaign which began with her Jan 15 show, where she preemptively 'suggested' that SHoax-skepticism may itself be... drumroll... a Sunstein cognitive-infiltration psy-op!!... lol.

    Next DS comment in that same thread is [April 3, 2014 at 12:52 PM], which picks knits over Dr. Fetzer's grammar in his angry Sofia/Halbig email, and questions whether the email came from Fetzer?

    lol, where to even begin on that one?!?

  4. Brother Ryan got somethink to say ramzpaul go and check I think therewas stormfront on elswhere speak also that ramzpaul is jewish.

    And i have to say also those frikin putinist that are give ukraina indipendent nation to russia and now Finland,Finland doesnt belong russia,I hope these truthers dont come Finland if they do they wont leave Finland.


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