Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wrapping up the Spring 2014 fundraiser

On March 1st, I announced the Spring 2014 fundraiser for The Realist Report and this website. My basic idea was a "Listener Appreciation Month", and I encouraged those of you who really do appreciate and support what we're doing both on this website and on The Realist Report to consider making a financial contribution towards our efforts. Many of you did and for that I am extremely grateful and thankful.

I truly believe that what we are doing here - both on The Realist Report and on this website - is vital. We are covering a wide variety of extremely important topics, doing our best to set the record straight on many complex and controversial aspects of history, politics, the media, race and other topics in a professional, honest fashion. The Realist Report features some of the best, brightest and hardest-hitting guests in the independent media, offering unique, one-of-a-kind insight and analysis into an array of issues, including but certainly not limited to:
  • media manipulation, deception, programming and social conditioning;
  • psychological and information warfare;
  • the systematic Jewish assault, subversion and distortion of traditional Western civilization and control of Western governments;
  • all aspects of 9/11, particularly the central role international Jewry and the Jewish media played in planning, orchestrating, executing and benefitting from the day's events and its aftermath;
  • the real story of WWI and WWII, Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany;
  • exposing the entirely fabricated Jewish "Holocaust" narrative, which is constantly reinforced and perpetuated by the Jewish controlled mass media, Hollywood and educational and political establishment;
  • the extremely hostile, anti-White historical and cultural narrative promoted by the Jewish establishment controlling the West, resulting in an anti-White attitude in mainstream Western societies, fostered by the Jewish manipulation and distortion of our history and culture;
  • racial realism and the fact that White people have rights and interests that are not being championed - or even openly discussed and formulated - by any organized mainstream political party or entity;
  • exposing the fraudulence and Jewish subversion of organized "Churchianity" and the ridiculousness of Christian Zionism.
If you have never listened to The Realist Report, I'd encourage you to visit our archives either on our BlogTalkRadio page, or here on our TalkShoe page, where we upload all past editions of The Realist Report going back to when I first began hosting my own internet radio programs. We have covered an extremely wide variety of topics, and have featured many of the top personalities in the independent media. We will continue to do so.

The two primary reasons I even ask for donations in the first place are:
  1. The time, risks and work put into doing this type of research, blogging, radio interviews and other activism;
  2. The fact that we have the ability now - thanks almost exclusively to the internet - to compete with the mainstream corporate (Jewish owned and controlled, of course) mass media and "entertainment" establishment.
I am passionate about what I do here; however, there are risks associated with telling the truth (or at least trying your hardest to tell the truth and remaining professional, honest and transparent in the process), as many long time readers and listeners no doubt understand by now. It's difficult to tell the truth given the nature of the world we live in - always has been - but especially so when you are using your real name and showing your real face. And I hope those of you reading this recognize that fact.

That said, we do have the ability to fight back, expose the lies and tactics of our enemies, and escape their psychological and intellectual tyranny. That's what I am attempting to do here on this website and on The Realist Report. And I think we are making some serious progress.

I'd like to once again thank everyone who has participated in and contributed towards the fundraiser. Your financial support and positive feedback are very much appreciated. As I've mentioned on air, I will not be regularly soliciting donations, so I'll just say one more time that if you do appreciate and support what we're doing here and if you do recognize the risks associated with engaging in this type of work, please consider making a financial contribution towards our efforts. There is a Paypal button on the upper right hand side of this website where you can make a safe, secure one-time donation (you do not need to sign up for Paypal to make a donation). Also, I have placed a Subscribe Paypal button on the bottom of this website where you can sign up to make a regular monthly contribution. As always, feel free to email me directly if you have any questions or would like to send a donation via snail mail.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned for more great programs on The Realist Report!


  1. John- I think that once a month is totally okay to ask for contributions. People that can afford to support you really should be helping you out.

    In addition to one time donations and monthly donation support, I would also not discount the ability and the extra support for you to gain, via Affiliate Marketing. With Affiliate marketing "sponsor" advertising you place boxes with your special link on either the left or the right column of your blog site. These "sponsors" can pay you a commission each time someone purchases a sponsored product from a link on your site.

    You might consider focusing on Sponsors that have affiliate marketing programs that don't have clauses in their terms and conditions that terminate the arrangement if there is certain types of free speech going on.

    You might focus on industries to promote like Prepper Products, services, and educational tools for example; or revisionist historical educational books, videos; etc, etc.

    I looked to see if the Barnes Review had an affiliate program for publishers like you. Not sure that they do....

  2. John- Another way in addition to Direct Donations & Affiliate Marketing would be for you to compile certain topics of the best of your blog into perhaps a series of purchasable online .pdf books that can also be purchased or can be purchased to be gifted to friends and family of the purchaser.

    You have already done most of the work (the hardest part really) in getting started with Affiliate Marketing in that you have already created a sizable amount of your own original content. If you just go back and insert the advertizing in the right column, you should be good to go as long as the advertiser is okay with your blog....

    It may be that selling your own work: re-packaging your own written materials and videos into sellable all-inclusive formats- is the way to go.

    Good luck....

  3. One more thing- If you want to engage in auto-email marketing, you might consider giving away just one of your compilation works or short essays for free in exchange for email addresses. This would allow you automate an "offense-oriented" pro-active direct marketing style to further promote your works


    Anglin and all putinist are starting to sink rock bottom.

  5. John, I hope you'll entertain the following semi-OT post; I say "semi" coz debunking S.Hoax is part of the valuable work you do so well, and which deserves support!

    All links and my review of Spingola’s Sunday 3/30 show with guests KJohnson and ‘Wade’:

    Deanna did the first half hour on Sanshilli’s show on Monday.

    Sanshilli’s was the first Deanna interview I’ve heard who’s challenged her on her complete blind faith & reliance on gov’s “official reports” & “news” stories, in supporting her proclaimed S.Hoax beliefs. Deanna gave some quite absurd “responses”, lol. 2nd half hour there, Patrick Henningsen comes on, and they talk a bit of S.Hoax too.

    Apr 1, a deathly-ill sounding Deanna’s AFP show had S.Hoax-friendly guest “Wade” for more unchallenged re-bunking of the S.Hoax anomalies:

    Also if you missed it:

    ^ beginning about 1hr 23mins, Fetcho & Kaminski talk SHoax and the laughably untenable position taken by DS, KJ, MCP & MG; with Fetcho even saying he scratched his head to the point of bleeding, confounded by DS’s position on SHoax. They note the oddity of these 4 prominent alt-media voices, so vehemently trying to prop up gov’s official SHoax story…

    Latest updates at “Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports’s Official Sandy Hook Story” begin here:


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