Tuesday, March 18, 2014

White Man March - the beginning of something much bigger?

Kyle Hunt, host of The Blitzkrieg Broadcast on Renegade Broadcasting, is one of the leading organizers of the White Man March which took place this past Saturday, March 15th. What follows is a transcript of the questions I asked Kyle for a review of the White Man March I am currently writing for American Free Press (America's last real newspaper!), followed by his responses. I also interviewed Kyle on my radio program, The Realist Report, earlier this morning (mp3 is here).

JF: Could you please provide a brief explanation of the purpose and goal(s) of the March?

KH: The purpose of the White Man March on March 15th was to get our message out to the public. The message that “Diversity” = White Genocide is intended to plant seeds in people's minds, getting them to think about how massive immigration and forced assimilation, affirmative action and "Diversity" quotas, and the anti-White media are all part of the “knockout game” against White people.

JF: What are your general thoughts on the March - did it exceed expectations? Were goals met? Were there any problems or major incidents?

KH: The March exceeded my expectations in every way. Our Pro-White demonstrations happened all around the world! There were actual marches, flier distributions, big signs, banner drops, stickers, and even a moving “billboard” on the back of a truck. The White Man March was trending worldwide on Twitter, sometimes at #1, for almost the entire day.

It was particularly great seeing activist Jimmy Marr and his crew holding up a banner outside the Diversity & Equity Center at South Puget Sound Community College, only a few days after they had to cancel their Diversity Happy Hour because it was revealed that they were excluding White staffers. We are showing people what “Diversity” is really all about.

Almost all activists were able to avoid violent confrontations, which is exactly what we wanted. However, it appears a lone pro-White activist was pepper sprayed and violently assaulted by an anti-racist (anti-White) gang in Illinois. These anti-White criminals, who are supported by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), seek to prevent us from exercising our rights to free speech and free assembly.

JF: How has the mainstream, alternative and independent media responded to the White Man March?

KH: News outlets flocked to cover the White Man March. There has been local TV news coverage and I was interviewed on cable TV in America and the #1 morning radio show in Canada. There was also a huge amount of online press from outlets such as Raw Story, Vice, Gawker, Salon, New York Observer, International Business Times, Village Voice, CounterPunch, Jezebel, and countless others from around the world. There were even some big counter-protests that helped gain us publicity.

Although much of the coverage was not portraying us in a favorable light, these stories were all well-read, shared, and commented upon, meaning a massive amount of new people have been exposed to our message. We have forced “White Genocide” into the public consciousness! It should be noted that while some of the articles written about the march got thousands of “likes” on Facebook, our previous Q&A, which I posted at the site, had 20,000+ “likes” at the time of the March.

JF: Was the White Man March the start of a much bigger movement? Do you have plans to organize or instigate more globally coordinated pro-White demonstrations? What is the future for pro-White activists and concerned citizens?

KH: Many people thought that pro-White activists had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting any mainstream coverage of our issues, but we proved them wrong with the White Man March. Now this snowball is rolling and creating an avalanche of support.

We cannot let up at such a critical time. We are forcing the media, politicians, and public to pay attention. In order to push our agenda further into the mainstream, we will be having a White Man March on the 3rd Saturday of every month. We will continue networking, sharing ideas and inspiration, and refining our tactics moving forward. If we continue to press this issue, we will not be ignored and mocked for much longer. We will keep gaining momentum until we are unstoppable.


  1. Those who do not yet get it, were not yet meant too.

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  2. john thankyou for covering this, here in the uk several marches were stopped by police, as white people are not allowed to march.

    1. That's why I have no desire to visit the UK, they treat the White population worse than the U.S. does.

  3. Since the 'Black community' yammers endlessly about how 'great and proud they are' to be 'people of color' and try to force the idea they are somehow 'superior' to Caucasians, by definition, this claim is racist. Furthermore, if being 'Black' is so 'great'; why do Black men breathlessly pursue 'Caucasian women' in America instead of other women of color? It ain't 'love' in most cases, we can be certain. There isn't that much 'love' in the known universe. If the answer is the pathetic 'sex' explanation, as a civilization, we are then indeed, doomed. Women thinking with their 'little head' is about all we can expect from them as they hypocritically demonize men that allegedly do the same. Diversity? Another gaming by use of the dictionary. The term diversity also replaced the term 'affirmative action'; which has pretty much died off. Wake up. We're being gamed by racial hypocrites of the very worst stripe.

    1. The only coloured people are the White. We have the seven colours in the skin. Black is the absence of color, no color. Those are colorless people.

  4. Great news. Our family was able to participate in a small way. Hopefully a few people will be impacted.

  5. Asia for the Asians, Africa for Africans, Israel for J EWs, White nations for Everybody!

    (Dont forget Israel in your Mantra!!!)

  6. I wanted to support. I couldn't find details- Toronto Canada.

  7. Drop "White"; Use Christian For Best Results

    Honestly, my good comrades--emphasizing "white" people is the wrong angle--it should/MUST be CHRISTIAN. "Christian" gets it PERFECTLY, isolating Jews.

    For don't doubt ALL PEOPLE are ultimately being targeted by Jews, and singling out whites makes it seem, at least to many, that whites are trying to monopolize for self-pity, etc.

    Under a Christian regime, never doubt racial loyalty and exclusivity would go without saying--whites have everything to gain, nothing to lose w. the Christian theme.

    One might justifiably suspect Jews are behind this attn. being put on the "white" aspect, knowing this will invoke self-pity theme among the non-whites who would otherwise well and much -sympathize w. whites.

    Christian theme retains all the benefits and positives for whites, w. none of the (perceived) negatives. Again, emphasizing exclusively "white" is serious tactical mistake, overlooking advantages to be gained otherwise by means of Christian theme.

  8. Mentioning Jews is the fastest way for the message to go straight to the garbage can.

    Go to www.whitakeronline.org/blog and read all about it.

    There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Watch Nick Griffin's speech, and read bob's analysis.

    Speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kmDuPccLON4

    Analysis: http://www.whitakeronline.org/blog/2014/03/16/weve-learned-tailgating-now-lets-adopt-the-word-hijacking/

    Unfortunately, too many Christians are Zionists for that to work.
    White is better.
    Nothing is better. "Diversity" = Genocide works too.

    1. Important Issue: Should Christian Emblem Be Used?--Or Should "Whites" Be Isolated?

      This is precisely what Jews want u to think, comrade. Remember: Jews want to keep whites in spot-light--ISOLATED against all others, Jews made out to being the heroes, sticking up for rest of humanity.

      Best is to make it a Christian matter, reminding folks what Christianity stands for: TRUTH above all/any other principle, tenet, ideal--Christianity is amazingly rationalist when u stop to consider, for truth needs that objective reality as criterion.

      Of course, Jews are the worst enemies of Christianity--as well as all humanity, reason, truth, science, etc., but if u don't want to mention Jews, u can let their front-men take spot-light, the homosexuals, as homos are surest of all to attack Christianity.

      And if u don't want to attack Jews directly, then it can well be done against their top-most cohorts, the single strongest gentile interest-group, the Judeo-Christian heretics/traitors who push Israeli terror-state.

      And Christianity opposes LIES (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and as one opposes lies, foremost liars are inexorably exposed, the Jews, who are the real problem--behind the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam, primary instrument of ZOG.

      This is extremely important issue: what's BEST?--to use the Christian emblem of TRUTH above all, or to merely invoke the "white" aspect?--perhaps John Friend might do a show, at least a segment, examining this issue in some detail, asking folks to comment and even to voting in a poll.

    2. I don't remember where I heard Kyle say it...But he is very much in favor of adopting the Celtic Cross as an emblem that we should use and hold high...

      For the very reasons you suggest...I agree...

  9. As far as blacks, get used to it. The government handouts pretty much compartmentalize the welfare blacks in their ghetto. Else, they're not going back to Africa any more than you are going back to Ireland. It's the illegals that dilute the white control and drain welfare. They should be kept out, cut-off, and never granted citizenship until legally immigrating. Any emergency costs should be passed on to Mexico and we pick up emergency medical for tourist americans. Mexicans can $10,000-$30,000 from the IRS for feeding every relative they can think of and they can apply in spanish with no legitimate verifying papers. Just give them names. No questions asked or ever audited. Bribery to come to America. Traffic tickets? No problem, just don't pay or ever show up in court. No records kept, expunged. Pretty soon the military recruits will be 2/3 foreigners.

  10. I am white, not Christian.
    I am highly moral, constantly spiritual, but not religious.
    I believe in the fair treatment of people of other races, but I by the same token, I expect for my own race as well.
    I won't support any conflict, for none is necessary, but I do support a 'cooling off' period for integration. What we got now is just outa hand, is wanton destructive, and is being committed by people who are not white, and won't (are simply unable to) value the white race.

    Jews would integrate the white race into non-existence without even batting an eye. Their actions are morally outrageous. But try to tell them that they need to stop what they are doing... The only way to do that it is to expose them to their own hypocrisy, again and again and again and again and again, and then maybe, maybe they will start to get it.

    Yes, eventually we will have a peacefully integrated world, but this won't occur for at least another 400 years. Until that time, when the separation races is moot, people need to respect our natural boundaries, race being the most important one.

  11. Bingo!!!!!! Deport every illegal, as they drain this nation's resources, steal our jobs, and contribute much to the crime rate. These scumbags must be kept out, cut off, and never granted citizenship until they do it the right way - apply for a visa and wait in line. Also, with millions of Americans jobless, no work visas may be granted to foreigners; give the jobs to US citizens first, period.

  12. A good article, and timely event as well.

  13. "Are we any better off than we were 50 years ago? Absolutely . . . White dominance is on the decline as the demographic white majority heads for oblivion over the course of the next 30 years." - Mark Potok, Jew and Senior Fellow at SPLC

  14. Very, very excellent show. I am encouraged to hear all of this.

    But I do want to make one correction to what Kyle said near the end. We CAN afford to have large families. We have 8 children and are not even in our mid 30s and we do this on a VERY limited income. My wife stays at home with the children and home schools them.

    The reason we are able to do this is because we have separated ourselves from unnecessary purchases and make almost everything from scratch. In the future we are looking to have more land where we can provide for most of life's necessities. If white people were to start their own communities, providing for their own needs, they would be free from the wicked corporate jobs, thus being free to speak their minds, and also be able to have a lot more children.

  15. You are a true inspiration, Swiss Kinist. I think we need to form Christian communities, not necessarily White communities.

    Those we fight against promote homosexual behavior because they do not produce progeny. Those we fight promote abortions, especially among certain people groups, so that they will die out. Those we fight promote sexual depravity because that also destroys the family, the place where children can and should be safely raised.

    1. Thank you Jeannon, I agree. Christian communities. I think that once community building becomes common among Christians, the separation of races will naturally occur. But glorifying Christ is top priority.

  16. Thank you, John, you are a true hero to the White population.


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