Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The staggering reality of Jewish charity in America

The Jewish Daily Forward, one of the oldest and most respected media outlets in the Jewish community in America, recently published Part I of a series of articles examining and analyzing the extremely powerful, influential and well-funded network of Jewish charities operating in the United States today. The information revealed is simply staggering, even for those of us knowledgeable and aware of organized Jewish power dominating American politics, media, finance and culture. The Forward reports:

The American Jewish community’s network of charity organizations is a font of Jewish power, a source of communal pride and a huge mystery.
We know that the network exists. We know that its federations, social service groups and advocacy organizations influence America’s domestic and foreign policy, care for the old, educate the young and send more than a billion dollars a year to Israel.

Yet until now we’ve had no idea what the network looks like. [...]

The Forward’s investigation has uncovered a tax-exempt Jewish communal apparatus that operates on the scale of a Fortune 500 company and focuses the largest share of its donor dollars on Israel.

This analysis doesn’t include synagogues and other groups that avoid revealing their financial information by claiming a religious exemption. But even without this substantial sector, the Jewish community’s federations, schools, health care and social service organizations, Israel aid groups, cultural and communal organizations, and advocacy groups report net assets of $26 billion.

That’s more than the Las Vegas Sands Corp., which owns casinos all over the world. It’s about the same as the CBS Corp. which owns 29 TV stations, 126 radio stations, the CBS Television Network and Simon & Schuster. The Jewish communal network of tax-exempt groups employs as many people as the Ford Motor Co.

And its $12 billion to $14 billion in annual revenue is more than the federal government’s 2014 appropriation to the U.S. Department of the Interior, which manages a fifth of all the land in the United States, runs the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the national parks, and administers Guam, American Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands. [...]
Truly amazing, simply astonishing information being revealed. I knew the Jews had a lot of money wrapped up in their charities, lobbying groups and other organizations, but $26 billion? I don't even know what to say - I'm dumbfounded reading this report. And it's only Part I.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, at least for anyone who studies organized Jewish political, financial and cultural power in America today, much of the revenue generated by the various Jewish charities analyzed comes from either the federal government of the United States or state and local governments. The article continues:
In the coming weeks, the Forward will publish a series of articles reporting the results of its investigation. The Forward can now describe a Jewish apparatus that, despite extensive rhetoric about the importance of Jewish education, still dedicates the largest share of its donor dollars to Israel-related causes. It’s an apparatus that benefits massively from the U.S. federal government and many state and local governments, in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars in government grants, billions in tax-deductible donations and billions more in program fees paid for with government funds. And it’s an apparatus that requires vast resources to support itself, spending $2.3 billion a year on management and fundraising — and $93 million on galas alone. [...]
The Jews have managed to create a $26 billion industry strictly dedicated to advancing their own unique political, cultural, financial and ethnic interests, including a foreign (criminal, terrorist) government, largely at the expense of the American tax-payer. How is this acceptable?


  1. You have my great admiration for your consistent hard work on the subject of the 'coup d'etat' that has corrupted America, going back as far at least, as Woodrow Wilson. This article, in particular, could arouse the 'sleeping sheeple' ... perhaps. It should be widely disseminate, and discussed - "HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE?" - indeed
    Sea Gypsy

    1. Thanks Sea! What's incredible, is that I would be smeared as an "anti-Semite" for critically reporting and commenting on this and related topics, and yet I almost always use Jewish sources when writing these types of blog posts (News from the Jews, after all).

    2. I am surprised that you did not realize just how extensive is the Jewish charity allotments. Keep on learning, John, and don't think of the term "anti-Semitic" as being a smear.

  2. After Jewish Banksters got control of this nations money and printed themselves a lions share of the wealth (read about Congressman Louis McFadden) they then turned the money(gold and silver backed) into paper. A magic trick that puts three card monty in the dust bin. And like three card monty , when the players are bilked of all they have , the games over.

  3. I realize that Jewish financial power influences all facets of our daily lives, but is this actually a problem? Is this a matter of the "Have Nots" whining about the "Haves." As I see it the Jews are not standing in the way of any other ethnic group from becoming financially powerful. So why are so many people Anti-Jew? Did the Jews really orchestrate world wars and bank collapses? If so why did the gentiles allow these conspiracies to repeat themselves over and over? Maybe we are receiving what we deserve by default. The Jews have out maneuvered the rest of the people of this planet hands down. Maybe they are the superior people. If so it would be wise to snuggle up to the Jews instead of vilifying them. With that said, Am I con doing their behavior? Yes! Why? Because we the people are too damn lazy or cowardly to stand up to them. So, as Aristotle once said, "The people get the government they deserve." Americans knew about the dangers of the Jewish banisters as early as the 1790's. Andrew Jackson told them to take a hike. He almost lost his life doing so. Do you really want to thwart the Jewish Power system? Then Play their game and cease the whining. Good day.

    1. So, all non-Jews should just "snuggle-up" and surrender to their financial gangster syndicate? To forever forfeit our right to self-determination in our own lands?? No way, dude!

    2. The Jew Disease And Necessary Treatment For Human Survival

      Interesting response u present, anon: and indeed it does deserve analysis and expo.

      First, Jews are problem for mankind regardless the circumstances as they're anti-human monsters who equate themselves w. God--ck their Talmudic theology ( consider, therefore, it's their God-given duty to enslave and exterminate gentiles.

      But further, note gentiles now find themselves in CYCLIC historical "decline," according to Oswald Spengler. For due to their success, gentiles bred-up an over-populated generation of weaklings and inferiors who wouldn't have survived otherwise, these scum now having betrayed their culture, allowing Jew criminals to invade, dominate, and rule--esp. by means of their legalized COUNTERFEIT operation known as US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).

      Now Jews and associated criminals are determined upon literal extermination of humanity according to UN AGENDA-21, this extermination ALREADY taking place by slow-kill methods, poison fluoride in water supplies, GMO poison foods, other poisonous food-additives like aspartame and MSG, toxic vaccines, poison prescription drugs forced upon folks (20% of all school-kids), "chem-trail" poisoning of the ground-soil, and nuke contamination--as of the Pacific ocean now fm Fukushima.

      In a way, u're quite correct: Jew disease and psycho-pathology is the affliction God seems to apply to over-populated gentile population which has fallen into degeneracy of its own accord. But it's now a crucial matter of survival as humanity fights this horrific Jew disease and psycho-pathology--we need a Christian revival as of St. Constantine the Great.

    3. This is the typical response I get all the time.

      Here it is...probably written by a Jew and passed along to Jews and non-Jews alike:

      "Maybe the Jews are just good at being successful. Have you ever thought about that? If you worked as hard as they do, you would be making what they make and you wouldn't be complaining. Get out there and find a job or start a business! No one is stopping you."

      It's like saying "I'm giving you a canoe and I want you to race those cigar boats. Now get out there and quit complaining !!"

    4. The late President John F. Kennedy stood up to the Jews and their lackeys. He signed Executive Order 1005, abolishing the "Federal Reserve" and restoring the power to coin money to Congress through the Treasury; he fired CIA Director Allen Dulles following the Bay of Pigs debacle and threatened to "break up the CIA and cast the pieces to the wind"; he refused to give Israel nuclear technology and demanded the Zionist Entity open the Dimona nuclear facility to UN inspectors.

      What price did he pay for all of that? He was assassinated on 22 Nov. 1963; and, what happened afterwards? His successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, a crypto-Jew, rescinded EO 1005; gave Israel the green light to develop a nuclear arsenal; greatly expanded the war in Vietnam with a surge of 500,000 troops; and, worst of all, betrayed the officers and crew of the USS Liberty (34 dead, 170+ injured) by recalling naval fighter jets who had scrambled to the defense of the Liberty, which was under Israeli attack.

    5. I agree with your assessment completely. Historically, Jews are credited with destroying 'Christian nations' repeatedly. Gulad camps in the Ukraine was set up by no other than a Jewish Ukranian Butcher named Lazar Kaganovich. American news papers still exist showing the number of dead Christians was 6,000,000. Surprise... Guess who took credit for that number as well????
      Jews are not more intelligent than the Christians they're just more altruistic. Notice, even the self proclaimed atheists are still considered Jews by other Jews because Jews comprehend the power of Altruism.
      Christian leaders have a habit of enslaving themselves to Jewish bankers. The Torah commands every Jew should charge interest to a goy - however, it is 100% forbidden to charge interest to a fellow Jew. Ever wonder who implemented compound interest while the church and Muslims reject it as 'usury'?
      I would hardly say to sacrifice one's integrity by pandering to the Jewish agenda 'Can't beat em join em' because as Muslims will prove, they will NEVER accept you into their club. Goyum are always seen as sub human. Muslims and Christians theologically have some set of morals when it comes to how to treat one's neighbor.
      Muslims have been fighting a losing battle against the Jews thanks to the Christian slaves of Europe since the fall of the Ottoman empire. Again, I will contribute that to the fact the Ottoman Turks stopped innovating, allowed themselves to become weak, over weight, self indulgent. The British were in debt to the Jewish bankers after the battle of Waterloo.
      Many Christians have this false belief that the modern day state of Israel was created due to Hitler but are too ignorant and illiterate to bother to look up Palestine was promised to the Jewish Banker Rothchild in a world published well known document 'Balfour Declaration' dated 1917. It was at the expense of the local Christian AND Muslim Palestinian population.
      The real issue is the followers of the Muslim and Christian faiths have a disgusting habit of supporting their governments who pretend to be religiously motivated when clearly their primary motivation is greed. Every uninformed citizen is complaisant.
      Imagine what the world would look like if every professional refused to buy into the modern day monetary system and told governments as well as Jewish bankers to Eff off.
      This is what the BRIC has done. China, India, Russia, Brazil. However, in Russia 1.5th of billionaires are Jewish, this AFTER the Russians managed to purge the Jewish oligarchs out of Russia.
      Non Jews should value moral over wealth. Or at least change the system to render the Jewish wealth obsolete. Most goy are oblivious that while the US is 18 trillion in debt (artificial debt) the Elite 1% Jews are hiding 32 trillion in taxes from the IRS. link for proof. Forbes in 2012 even released data a year prior to this study citing 23 trillion.
      Any way, when the Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, essentially the non Jewish world yet again find themselves with empty pockets, filled with disease, malnutrition, etc.. they will unite to defeat those who have made them believe in absurdities about each other which led them to commit atrocities. The Jews really aren't the problem. It's the greed in the hearts of the complaisant.

  4. Kars for Kash is a front for $$ to Jewish kids ONLY, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like "America Deceived II".

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama.

    Last link of "America Deceived II" before it is completely banned:

  5. No one stops other Americans from organising ,Like they use to.
    Today Americans are a fragmented ghost of what use to be when the unions were strong, when Americans stood together. Don't cry about those who do stand together
    rather ask yourself why are other Americans not standing together, perhaps then you
    will have some answers about who divided you.

    1. Jew Chutzpah (Efrontery), On Top Of Gross Lying

      "No one stops other americans fm organizing"?--this is OBVIOUS, BLATANT, bald-faced lie, and the exposition could stop here. Who but a Jew would even venture such idiotic lie and lying? Ho ho ho ho Only excuse is he/she is mentally retarded, eh?

      Did the IRS illegally refuse to grant exempt status to Tea-party org.s?

      We have every right to resist and oppose "those who do stand together," esp. when they're given tax-payers funds and legally protected, while whites and Christians are horrifically oppressed, taxed, and persecuted in so many ways.

      Observe ZOG steals children whose parents take medical marijuana, denounces and villifies gun-owners on TV, takes guns fm veterans who suffer fm injuries incurred during svc to their country, etc., etc.

      Jews are literally a disease, a criminal extened family and need to be seen, understood, and dealt-with as such.


  7. Jews, you can't live with them...... that's it.

  8. Only one man comes to mind in regards to Jewish charities.
    Bernie Madoff.
    Jewish charities are a scam to commit insurance fraud, avoid paying taxes and get the courts to reimburse them of their losses.
    A 3 to 1 payout scam.

  9. By golly John, but ur blog here just made's big-time, buddy--keep up ur great work.

  10. While the Jews outright steal from everyone, their biggest defense when cricized for anything, is that they give to charity more than anyone else! Ha! Ha! It's easy to give to charity when it is going to go to more Jewish interests and it's other people's money and you get the tax write-offs to boot! If you see a Jew, you can look for the scam and the sham.

  11. Israel took big risks on 911 when they (mossad) along with their dual citizen traitors in the US Government took down the twins. They keep the truth from the sheeple as they own the Major Media centers. More and more are now waking up to 911 but all the 911 truth groups are run by jews. The jews are good at lying just look into the holocaust BS for yourself. The sheep have no shepherd.

  12. apsterian, can't you spell the word "you"? It's bloody irritating reading moronic rubbish such as

    What the hell?

    1. Then don't read moronic rubbish--it's not good thing to do that. Problem solved, eh?

  13. Everyone has the right to criticize a foreign government when it breaks international law, even if others have deep emotional ties to it. …taking that in point, also if you NATIONALIZE, your religion, then your religion politically can be addressed, and skewered, and made fun of, openly mocked, which can be pretty dicey, but who am I to judge? I prefer the term comparative.
    If telling history from an anti Zionist point of view makes pro-Israel apologist feel uncomfortable, that’s not anti-Semitic on our part. It’s denial on theirs.

  14. The philo-semite, like any fanatic, has a thin skin, and any words that cast any doubt on their hearts first love and desire is bound to be followed up with shrill shrieks of condemnation. This is natural. They are ruled by emotion, and fables that only children and the mentally enfeebled could put faith into.

    Hail John for casting a spotlight on the money mill that breathes life into the fiction of ersatz israel, and the chosenites that delight in stirring up needless quarrels and strife around the globe.

  15. The chosens ones own/control the world and even that is not enough for them. Even as non-Jews go homeless, jobless and their identities have been destoyed the Chosen Ones want more gentile blood.

    They used to operate in secrecy which bid them well but now they are close to the finish line they cannot control themselves and have come out into public view for the world to see them in a shark feeding frenzy of criminality.


  16. As my Jewish great uncle says, and I quote..."There's a sucker born every minute.."

  17. My take on.
    How many Jews were in existence before the second world war? If the entire world Jews population as at 1940 was put at 6 million, there would have been no Jew after the war.
    Similarly, what was the total Jews population in Europe as at that date in comparison to world Jews population.
    With all sincerity I doubt and vehemently reject the Holocaust as there are many questions begging for answers to prove it.


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