Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Realist Report - Tom in CT: Propaganda

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Tom in CT. Tom and I will be discussing the psychologically and emotionally exploitative propaganda associated with 9/11 and the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII.

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  1. Spenglerian "Decline Of West" Needs Be Understood, Analyzed

    Good int.-view w. knowledgeable/informative guest, but I think I detected some flaws in ur thinking: (a) quit patronizing the females--they gotta suffer no less than males. So what females are treated as "sex-objects"?--big deal--it's always happened, always will.

    (b) Cut the crap about "evil"--there is none in a perfectly determined universe in accord w. absolute cause-effect. We're simply situated in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and task is to observe, analyze, and then act. Jew lies will come-back to haunt them, u may be sure--even if and after they've exterminated a good many of inferior, weakling goyim who were bred-up during the "good-times" and "prosperity" (ho ho ho) of 18th, 19th, and yes, 20th centuries.

    Don't forget Jews were deserved out-cast and despised in middle-ages, but they came-back, didn't they?--so who's fault was it?--stupid goyim started fighting one-another in Cath. vs. Prot. strife, didn't they? Then England fought Dutch in 17th cent. and Cromwell let Jews back into Eng. for their lending, eh?

    So just quit the whining about Jew "evil"--they're just psychopathic murderers following a "religion" of lies and criminality built and designed for Jew monsters and other criminals fm the over-populated goyim--who now work to exterminate humanity--this is just the way life goes in CYCLIC fashion and Western "decline," once again.

    John continues to use buzz-word, "usury"--get off it, I urge--it's meaningless and without clear definition as it comes fm ancient, Biblic usage whence there's no clear, definitive meaning. Too many folks now imagine it merely means charging-of-interest, which is totally false and impossible to verify. So be Christian and HONEST and lay off using the word ("usury," again).

    Get a clue, I suggest, as to the CRUX of Jew's primary, practical weapon, US Federal Reserve Bank and legalized COUNTERFEITING--charging interest is only secondary and NOT essential to the basic fraud which is proliferated receipt-money ("fiat-money"), leading to inevitable inflation and impending currency-collapse.

    "Jews-media" then is mere creature/consequence of this legally COUNTERFEITED means of funding--remove the Fed, restore real commodity money-standard, and we're on our way to restoring of our real, rationalist, Christian culture.

    [--------* * * * * * * * *see below for Part Two* * * * * * * * *------------]

    1. You claim Tom and I are "patronizing" women because we are sickened and disgusted with the way in which women are treated and valued in our Jew-run society. Tom and I are most certainly not patronizing anyone, especially women. I love women, have nothing but respect for them and their role in our world - it makes me sick seeing the way in which they are abused, taken advantage of and degraded by and in our media and culture. There is nothing patronizing about my feelings, sentiments or statements.

      Evil - when I say evil, I mean something straight from the mind of Satan, ie, a Jew, since the Jews are Satan's children after all. There is evil in this world, and it comes largely - perhaps exclusively - from this source. No one is "whining about the evil Jews" - in this show we specifically aimed to breakdown and analyze the official Jewish propaganda associated with both 9/11 and the fake "Holocaust" of WWII.

      I understand usury to mean the loaning of money at interest - and in my view, it is the most fundamental problem in our world, aside from the Jewish control of information and media, ie, perceived reality. Lending money at interest is illegitimate and yes evil.

    2. Necessary Concepts Of Basic Culture Must Be Grasped

      Thanks for ur comments. This matter of basic philosophy is much of what must be clarified for any sort of "movement" towards revival or even survival of white people and Christian culture. Remember, at base it's Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

      Thus Christianity features the objective, Aristotelian reality, necessary basis/criterion for TRUTH, this vs. the Jew (Platonistic) subjectivism, esp. fallacious/delusionary/hereticalist "good-evil" Pharisaism, this "good" actually the worst enemy of precious truth.

      (a) Thus I submit women are NOT treated any more un-fairly than anyone else--to pretend they are is patronization, I contend, but go ahead and disagree if u like--it's relatively minor issue compared to the others u and I mention.

      (b) "Evil" is much, much more important issue--and I submit u need to get serious and clear for ur thinking--if u don't there will be no hope for u or any who follow u.

      Note then objective reality is necessarily and TOTALLY determined according to absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" will, and we're all sinners (self-interested, according to our will, though not perfectly "free") in eyes of the Lord, doomed to fiery flames of heck without God's grace and mercy, this according to definitive and verifiable texts of St.s Paul and Augustine. U need to get this straight, as it's basic philosophy and metaphysics, Christian aesthetics affirming. Note Christian literature actually is vehicle for most serious philosophy--it's not just mere "fairy-tales."

      Jews are satanic (psychopathic), surely, BUT NOT NOT NOT "evil," which doesn't exist but for dogs, little children, and morons (perhaps the bulk of present mankind) for purpose of intimidating/manipulating them into obedience.

      Jews are no more "evil" than the lion that eats the fluffy, little duckling--that's just what lions do. Jews are a disease (psychopaths), literally, like Typhus, leprosy, or plague who are inflicted by God or reality (whichever u prefer) for purposes of exterminating and culling the excess gentiles.

      Jews certainly don't agree they're "evil"--how could they?--they're just psychopaths pursuing their Talmudic instructions upon which they've been schooled and trained fm young age. There's never in history been established objective criterion for "good-evil"--u REALLY do need to getting a clue, esp. as u assert u're college-educated.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      (c) If u truly mean charging of interest when u say "usury," then I submit u so say and LEAVE-OFF w. the buzz-word, "usury," which does not and could not mean mere charging-of-interest. For charging of interest couldn't possibly be a problem in any economy, and u cannot so demonstrate w. any exposition or text which u otherwise would be obligated as college-educated scholar to cite.

      Note white culture and civilization prizes FREEDOM, esp. individual freedom very highly, and u identify urself as enemy of whites, white culture and civilization if u attempt to legally proscribe and forfend the charging of interest which is right of individuals. U need to grasp this about freedom and right of contract btwn and among parties--BASIC to Western civilization.

      [--------------see below for part II to above text-------------------]

    3. [-------------------here's part II to above text------------------------]

      Observe that charging of interest within "usury" system or scheme could only be so disastrous when this charging of interest is combined w. the issuing of fiat-money, which fiat-money, by definition, is actually (legally) COUNTERFEITED receipt-money for the real-commodity money stored in banks, the genuine receipts then issued by the banks, this genuine receipt-money thereupon legitimately traded and circulated in substitution for the real thing, the commodity money itself.

      What happens then is the fiat-money is issued at first w. low int. rate, and as the fiat-money is introduced and augmented w. ever more amounts the inevitable inflation of prices results--u MUST begin to grasp this--for the "money" aggregate increases while the amount of goods and svcs remains relatively stable--this "inflation" is necessary and inevitable--it's happening now, even as we speak in US economy, and it's why the economy suffers and must and will collapse--like in Greece and other countries as we've observed recently.

      As evermore fiat-money is continuously introduced, spent, and circulated throughout the economy, the masterminds have a problem, the inexorable inflation, which now they hope to assuage by means of raising the int. rate, but long as evermore money floods the economy, inflation necessarily and steadily continues.

      Finally, the inflation inevitably gets to the "hyper" stage, as of Weimar Germany in the mid 1920s, and the masterminds MUST cease the flooding of fiat-money simply to save the economy for basic feeding of the people, and to keeping civil order.

      Thus u observe a sudden and abrupt "de-flation"--the torrents of fiat-money stops, and now there is nothing available by which to pay-off the wide-spread, massive, and outstanding debts which bankers have induced upon practically the entire population in various ways and modes.

      Thus u see the problem was NOT actually or primarily the interest rates or charges, BUT RATHER the torrents of COUNTERFEITED receipt-money which is the root cause and problem. For the interest COULD, at least theoretically, have been paid-off but for the deflationary lack of money available but which had to be abruptly halted for the far more disastrous & immediate inflationary effects.

      Thus through the centuries, Jews and cohorts have persuaded ignorant humanity that the only problem w. fiat-money/central-banking system was the interest-charging, and NOT the more basic COUNTERFEITING (literally) of otherwise genuine receipt-money.

      So I hope u begin to realize necessity of CLARITY of thought upon BASIC concepts, it being essential for simple, accurate definition of terms being used in dialectic. A leader, nor any serious spokesman cannot afford to leave basic things un-defined, vague, and fuzzy--he will sooner or later be observed as a half-baked phony and deservedly ignored.

  2. [---------------* * * * * * *Here's Part 2 to above Part 1* * * * * * *-------------]

    Of course the DEEP, cultural problem is more complex, entailing, for thematic example, present "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) hereticalists/traitors supporting terror-state of Israel--this is ZOG's WEAK-PT., which must be addressed most urgently. For once gentiles consolidate Christian culture and society, the game is up.

    Key is Christianity is RATIONALIST, featuring ideal of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precepts, including "love," "faith," peace, or especially "good" which is just Pharisaism, Pelagian heresy ("good-works"), and worst enemy of truth. Christian "love" is only possible as product/consequence of success of TRUTH.

    Thus Christian TRUTH requires the Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality as criterion--and this is the special, rationalistic insight Christian leaders must grasp against Jew mysticism and subjectivism, its pretext always the false ideal of "good."

    Otherwise, it should be obvious it's totally contradictory and obscenely absurd for so-called "Christians" to be supporting psychopathic terrorists and mass-murderers like the Israelis--and as we see happening before our very eyes, Jews gloating over having murdered Christ in their filthy Talmud, calling Mary, Mother of Christ, a prostitute--see how the good people at Whtt.org treat the problem. This Christian issue is CRUX of the deep, cultural-psychologic contest.

    Note then, Christian vs. Jew is crux for "Kultur-Kampf" in USA, translating to Reason vs. mysticism, objective vs. subjective--it's not really difficult, truth be told--TRUTH vs. Pharisaism/Pelagian heresy.

  3. Great to see you have Tom from CT on again. I actually just started listening, but since Sandy Hook was brought up, I just wanted to post a couple of links. First, Spingola has been on a rampage promoting the Jewish narrative on SH, and a great dismantling of her "arguments" can be found here:

    http://gold-silver.us/forum/showthread.php?75243-Spingola-Jumps-Shark-Supports-Zion-gov-s-Official-Sandy-Hook-Story/page6 (this page specifically addresses her appalling "interview" of Wolfgang Halbig, but the entire thread is definitely worth a read, as he does a great job outlining the jewey tactics she's using, including that classic "flip the script" move)

    Also, since MG and MCP were brought up, I just wanted to say that I stopped listening to both of them (and other TUT hosts who appear to follow MG in lock step) way before Sandy Hook b/c they repeatedly endorsed the official story around other highly suspicious shootings, including Batman/Aurora, Gabby Giffords/Judge Roll, Sikh Temple, and Norway/Brevik, Needless to say, I wasn't at all surprised that MG and MCP were in support of the official story on Sandy Hook, but I was a bit shocked by their aggressive attacks on the rest of us who questioned it.

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to Tom doing a show on the disinfo agents in alternative radio who are promoting the Jewish narrative on Sandy Hook--I assume the show will be posted at grizzom, though that may not work out that well b/c the admins over there are deleting comments and banning people who criticize Spingola. Not sure what that's about, but it's rather pathetic.

    Also, here's the latest on Wolfgang Halbig's efforts to get some answers: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/03/24/wolfgang-halbig-heads-to-newtown-for-the-truth-about-sandy-hook/ (And on those FOIA requests, he's also going after documents that will go toward proving that SHES was not an operational school, which is quite obvious to anyone with basic intelligence)

    Also, more information on Sandy Hook is posted here http://gold-silver.us/forum/showthread.php?65846-new-shooting-Newtown-Conn-details-breaking/page120 This is an open forum and anyone can join. There are also threads on the Boston Bombing and Hollywoodization of Terror and Media Fakery. It would be great to have more people join and help post on these hoaxes.

  4. I hope Tom will provide substantial evidence for his claim of one or more individuals being a paid counterspeech operative.

    It's a small pond out there, the way I see it, with only Mark Glenn, Michael Collins Piper and Deanna Spingola regularly covering the issue from a fairly sizable alternative media platform, and Keith Johnson two times, so who is he referring to?

    Such an allegation without at least probabilistic evidence is damaging to make publicly.

    Also, I don't see it as one-sided. As much as I have had issues with Michael Collins Piper, for instance, and even conveyed to him personally, if one is going to talk about questionable claims, I think it would only be fair to publicly analyze those on the other side of the debate and attacks of the last few months, including Dr. Jim Fetzer and Sofia Smallstorm.

    1. Simon Shack recently had an excellent post on these shills:

      It really is all very simple: the remaining bunch of 9/11 gatekeepers are desperately protecting the media and its central role in airing fake / fabricated imagery on 9/11.

      Jim Fetzer & Richard Hall say:


      Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson say:


      Dimitri Khalezov & Don Fox say:


      It's all par for the course, folks. The constant use by the TV networks of fake imagery to fool the USA (and the rest of the world) is the Nutwork's Primary Weapon of Mass Distraction. NOTHING is more important - for the powers that be - than to uphold the public's belief in the (phony) imagery they are shown on TV. Ever since their successful "moon landings" TV hoax back in the early 70's (lapped up hook line and sinker by most people on this planet), they have kept playing this 'winning card'. They will desperately clutch onto that precious card until "the end".

      What "end", you may ask? Well, let's wait and see.

      Simon Shack

    2. Jim Fetzer & Richard Hall say:


      Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson say:


      Dimitri Khalezov & Don Fox say:


      I presume you won't do this because the proof does not exist for what you writte, but if you want to show good faith, please post links to where these people said these things or essentially said these things. If it was on video or audio, please cite exactly where..

      Everything I have seen about the hologram theory is said to explain the eyewitnesses who said they say a real plane. I have never observed any of the people say that the holograms are the planes that were broadcast as live on TV.

      I might also mention that "collapse" is not a word you will ever hear most of these people use.

      "the remaining bunch of 9/11 gatekeepers are desperately protecting the media and its central role in airing fake / fabricated imagery on 9/11"

      Maybe the commenters are among gatekeepers, such as Dr. Steven Jones and Richard Gage and Alex Jones etc., who are really about subtly selling us on the idea of a classic "controlled demolition" of the "collapsing" Twin Towers under the guise of "gatekeepers" not wanting to admit networks used faked videos to protect the media.

    3. With literally trillions at their disposal, it is not a stretch to conclude that ALL media on ALL platforms can be controlled by a sophisticated mind control apparatus with unlimited resources. These psy ops come with different purposes to confuse and control with state of art efficiency . It really is a total waste of time to try to discern real truth from these cartoon characters. The only possibility is for a clearing house to be established to vet sources for authenticity and credentials. Until this happens we are all just speculating. John Friend and the Realist Report is about as genuine a source as I have found probably because I have watched him grow from a grassroots beginning and he comes across as real. As we all well know gut feelings, while useful, are not a good measure for absolute truth and it only contributes to the partisan division that substitutes for real research and validation of the criminals that plague humanity

    4. "As we all well know gut feelings, while useful, are not a good measure for absolute truth and it only contributes to the partisan division that substitutes for real research"

      Nice comment, "Upon..."

      I think it would be nice to hear someone objectively set out to all of us the obstacles to doing real research regarding 9-11 and other false events of current times.

      I have observed that the deception is so very twisted and sophisticated and multi-layered that the traditional rules of research no longer work very well.

    5. Fauxcapitalist, what would you accept as "proof" of someone engaging in "Counter-Speech"?

      Would I need to provide you with a signed "Certificate of Counter-Speech" or would a fact pattern leading a reasonable person to conclude that Counter-Speech on going on be enough?


    6. Jeannon, you are absolutely right concerning the deception. There are ways of unravelling that. In my presentation on Renegade, I described the construction of a Hypothesis Map using a fairly straight forward technique that forces you to walk step by step through the process. The end result was two competing theories. One was quite complex and the other one was comparatively simple. The complex one involves many highly unlikely components that had to be taken on "faith".

      We applied several analytical methods to Sandy Hook and all methods identified the same problems with the Official Narrative.


    7. Tom,

      I heard you make the case why the official SH narrative is a hoax, but no new evidence supporting your inference that Deanna is engaging in paid counter-speech. To the contrary, you compromised your argument with a skit about Deanna giving a BJ to someone.

      And in your interview with John, you said you weren't implicating Michael Collins Piper, but why? Deanna is suspicious but MCP isn't?

  5. I forgot to mention in my last comment that since Tom is from CT, it would be great to hear his take on whether people in CT are waking up to Sandy Hook being a hoax, or to the fact that there are problems with the official story. Now, I'm fairly certain that some CT residents should be aware that people are questioning the official story, as I have seen several CT news clips concerning the blocking of FOIA requests, in which the newscaster makes references to "conspiracy theories" on the internet about Sandy Hook. Anyway, it would be great to hear Tom's take on this, especially since it seems like it would help the cause for residents of CT to start asking questions and demanding answers.

    1. I have heard two talk show hosts in the last week say that CT is a notoriously corrupt state. They said it is the most corrupt state in the union. If true, that seems important.

      I have not been able to register for the gold silver forum and have waited 24 hours for the confirming email.

      Amanda, you have done more than anyone to seek Sandy Hook truth.

    2. Amanda is like white on rice, by golly, for Sandy Hook issue--I see her everywhere.

    3. But Amanda, maybe the guest is not really named Tom and is not really from Connecticut, or at least not very familiar with that state. We all so appreciate you, dear patriot.

    4. Newtown, CT is also only 30 miles from Bristol, CT, the headquarters for the anti-white, anti-Christ ESPN.

    5. I do recollect one connection that in the past the guest has stated he has to Connecticut, attendance at Yale.

    6. Add Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Tucsan, Denver, Boston, Little Rock, Chicago. usually cities with heavy Mafia presence to help with the criminality.

  6. @Jeannon- Thanks for letting me know about problems with registering for gold-silver forum. I'm going to post a comment over there to see if I can get things figured out for you. I'm assuming you are using the username "Jeanon" but if not, maybe you could send me an email (John has my email, I don't want to post it here). And, fyi, I also had trouble registering with them, and so did NTseeker.

    @Apsterian--good to see my comments have been getting out there:) I don't have a radio show, or my own blog, but I try to spread the word as best as I can.

  7. If I remember correctly, it was on this show that you endorse Renegade broadcasting. I took your recommendation and download a show called the Roundtable, which was recent. You had a host you slurps coffee loudly into the microphone.

    Then he gets a couple of other guys on the line and they all bash Christianity and the Bible, mocking people who would die for their faith. If these are the kind of people someone endorses, all for the cause of white unity, then you have effectively denied your Christian faith for the sake of an idol. These people should be renounced and, as stated before, according to 2Corinthians 6:14-18, we should have no fellowship with. If we are not going to obey the scriptures for the sake of white unity, then we should stop claiming to be a Christian. Thou shalt have no other gods before me, says the LORD.

  8. I am listening to Kyle's show right now though, and it seems he is not as bad.

  9. I like to listen to certain shows such as yours John, to identify problems and learn proper history. But as Christians, our solutions need to be based in the word of God, not human reasoning. The biggest problem in America today is that our people have sinned and abandoned God, and have refused to repent. We cannot keep pointing the finger at others until we ourselves repent and love God with all our hearts. Once we have the blessing of God on our people, we can begin to see the restoration of our people and our efforts will be blessed. Read Psalm 1.

    1. Sounds definitely right to me! Thanks for truthful uplifting words.

      The dividing line of world history is the Incarnation.

      Jesus said "you are either with me or against me."

      Jesus is God and He is the only One Who has the right to say that.

      When politicians, like George W. Bush, make similar statements, they are setting us up for an authoritarian dictatorial pronouncement or they are setting up the dialectic, where we have to look at everything as completely black or white, and anyone who disagrees does not have the right to discuss or express disagreements but is automatically set up as the enemy.

      What one says in one's own heart about what Jesus said -- "Who do you say that I am" determines how one responds on these forums.

      I do not like the dialectic or "dialoging to consensus" or "voting on" or "democratic way" of deciding what is "right." All of that is a manipulation that began by the serpent in the Garden.

      I also do not like what I know of "debates", that is live debates, not in-text-only debates. It looks to me like there are a million little manipulative tricks one can "legally" employ in a debate to "win" the debate. That DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO TRUTH. That simply shows gamesmanship or OneUpMansShip skills.

      Christians are supposed to have a love of the truth in all matters because of our love of the One Who is Truth.

      Trying to the best of one's ability to learn what the bible says and what difference it makes in interpreting the bible between the New Covenant and the Old CovenantS (there are several OT covenants, not just the Mosaic), one cannot conform one's life to Christ.

    2. Sometimes you need to pull the tares to let the wheat grow.

  10. Thank you so much Jeannon and the Lord Jesus bless you. Very true how you are either with or against Jesus, as he said. Great post.

    I am going to have a few articles up and even a podcast on tribaltheocrat.com sometime in the month of April, God willing, regarding a Christian approach to all of this; the importance of earnest prayer, and the importance of righteousness in our lives. I hope to also do an article and/or shows on a Christian critique of the white advocacy movement, and how it is all being done in the arm of the flesh instead of by the power of God.

  11. I don't bash Christianity.

    Renegade has some very good hosts who have walked through the process of questioning their previously held "World Views". World Views that were, in many cases, based upon religion as dogma - as presented in "Churches".

    If you hear someone bashing Christianity, just tune it out.

    Someone way up at the top there sates that there is no definition for the term "Usury". I define the term to mean "Charging Interest for the Use of Money" and/or "Interest Slavery".

    It looks like John has at least one commenter who is a "Relativist" where there are no "definitions" and there is no "evil". Yet, that same commenter uses the term "murder". What is "murder"? Isn't "murder" just a word with no definition? LOL

    As for "Counter-Speech" in the alternate media, do you really think there is no Counter-Speech going on? Did Cass Sunstein write all about the promotion of Counter-Speech for no reason?

    Why would anyone take the position that the Official Narrative of Sandy Hook is objectively true? Why? Why - especially when we can easily prove that its not true?

    Are those people just stupid?

    There is no need to have a "debate" on Sandy Hook. The typical "Internet Debate" is nothing more than an unstructured meandering series of arguments.

    We analyzed the Official Narrative and constructed a Hypothesis Map using various structured analytical methods. The results are always the same. The analysis shows what we actually "know" vs bullshit "claims" made as component parts of the Official Narrative. A clear pattern develops as a result.

    In addition, apparently several people very closely related to the Sandy Hook event have "won" the CT State Lottery ... not once.......but multiple times.

    You can go ahead and "believe" that there is nothing nefarious going on with the CT State Lottery all you want. But, statistical analysis does not lie.

    People lie.


    1. Clarity For Interest-Charging Associated With Legalized COUNTERFEITING Absolutely Necessary

      Tom: fact is there's no clear definition given for the term, "usury"--it simply appears in the ancient literature without specific meaning, only generally described and associated w. charging-of-interest. And it doesn't matter what u "understand"; what counts is the real meaning, PERIOD.

      I pt. out charging-of-interest BY ITSELF is not, and could not be the basic problem--charging interest is mere matter of contract btwn parties. Rather, the basic problem is the literal, legalized COUNTERFEITING of receipt-money, now called fiat-money.

      But I actually agree w. John as he indicates charging-of-interest upon issuance of "money" w. no backing, printed-up out of "thin-air," so-to-speak, is absurd, there being not enough money in existence then to pay off the debt.

      And I agree w. John for pernicious effects of loans and int. charging, but I note that the root cause for this debt-problem and -slavery is the issuing of waves of money which (a) causes inflation, and then (b) must be curtailed for the inflation problem WHICH THEN MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY-OFF THE DEBTS.

      So I conclude that the ROOT of the debt problem is the legalized COUNTERFEITING and issuing of torrents of "money" which, when stopped, as it must in order to quell the inflation, makes the debt problem impossible and fatal for the economy and people.

      So "usury" could only really refer to the fiat-money which is the root-cause for the monetary problems, charging-of-interest then being a pernicious complication, surely, but not itself the basic problem--YET Jews then do indeed themselves make-out that charging of interest is main problem--how they then justify issuing fiat-money, always at first at low int. rates.

    2. Exactly right on these false flags, endless debate sucks all the energy out of the room. We know who the criminals are, we know they commit countless crimes, start focusing on evidence against perps and a whole lot less on details like photo shopped shirts and possible firing positions.

    3. Tom,

      No, Cass Sunstein didn't write about counterspeech for no reason. What he specifically was concerned about was dispelling "conspiracy theories" involving Israel, as Michael Collins Piper drew attention to.

      But, ironically, Piper was the one taking exception with Dr. Jim Fetzer's theories, which originally involved the allegation that the Mossad was directly involved with shooters at Sandy Hook, and he later abandoned that.

      And since then, MCP was at the forefront of those claiming Zionists had nothing particularly to do with Sandy Hook, other than possibly mind-controlling Adam Lanza.

  12. As late as the 1950's the POCKET OXFORT DICTIONARY defined Jew as " n. Person of Hebrew race:(fig.), unscrupulous usurer or bargainer: 2. verb.t. (colloq.) cheat, overreach."...As contempt for them was not such in bad taste and " .and Political Incorrect......."Gosp. John 8:44 will be mentioned at next church meet-up...for sure


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