Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Realist Report - Mike King: Putin, Russia & Ukraine

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Mike King of Mike and I will be discussing Putin, Russia and the situation in Ukraine.

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  1. Things Are Not Hunky-Dory For ZOG Back At Proverbial "Ranch"

    I find this entire situation w. Ukraine and Russia to be very curious: it's obviously TOTALLY contrived and made-up--Putin being team-player w. oligarchs in the West, Ukraine now even more so. USA has no proper business being involved in Ukraine--OBVIOUSLY.

    So it really looks like ZOG and associates have merely enlisted Putin and associates in contriving a situation for purpose of fear-mongering and terrorizing the citizens, the USA, especially, in grave economic peril, the currency and economy ready to collapse horribly, the gov. then in danger of losing control over the citizens, the citizens fed-up w. ZOG for all the satanic hardships deliberately imposed, not only on rest of world, but also USA itself.

    Note also, on top of everything else, we now find out that the Jew Sen. Feinstein is complaining that CIA was spying on her and her committee for oversight on CIA--so there's lots of things going on behind the scenes. Russia seems to be doing fine--it's things in ZOG and USA that are questionable if not entirely critical.

  2. Paul Craig Roberts does seem to be putting the most correct interpretation on the Ukraine matter. Another good interview of him here..

    Dr. R emphasizes that it is that disease called the "neocons" in our government since the time of the Reagan administration and that has now totally infested the last four presidential administrations, including the current one. The Democrats and the Republicans, the Left and the Right, have the lethal terminal neocon disease.

    The neocons are mainly Judaics. The American Enterprise Institute and a host of other neocon organizations in D. C. have taken ownership of USA and US foreign policy for decades.

    The neocons got their "big plan" rolling with the perpetration of 9-11, the needed "catastrophic and catalytic event like a new pearl harbor."

    Dr. R explains the USA's plan for the Ukraine in that interview I linked but he just attributes the big plan to "American hegemony." There is nothing "American" about any scheme worked by the neocons. The hegemony is that of the neocons who desire to take over the world and run a one world death and slavery system for all.
    (Dr. Roberts, like I, think that the USA, "America", no longer exists. His latest book - HOW AMERICA WAS LOST:)

    The neocons' big plan is all laid out and laid on the table in the September 2000 PNAC document...

    Strategy, Forces and Resources
    For a New Century
    A Report of The Project for the New American Century

    Everyone ought to at least skim that amazing document and the plans they have to take over the world and how right and good it is for "America" to seize the moment and get busy in taking over the world. PNAC closed its doors in D.C a few years ago. as far as the PNAC group's formal existence, but the neocon disease is flourishing and has metastasized vigorously into the top echelons of the visible and invisible US government.

    The neocons have of course owned the "Christian Zionists" for a very long time, and now ALMOST own the Catholic Church. The neocons also own Freemasonry and work through them over the decades.

    I think Putin is right in the Ukraine situation, at least from my darkened field of knowledge of what is actually going on. But still I do not buy that Putin and Communism and Communist Russia and Communist Chinese are "good."

    My slogan for a long time has been "it's ALL BAD." All the people, all the choices imposed on us are ALL BAD. Do not be tempted to think "USA Bad, Putin Good." We all know, no matter how this Ukraine matter plays out, we will see then, in retroscpect, that all sides were bad.

    No ordinary real American has really believed "America is good" since at least the JFK assassination.

    I personally have a total disconnect with what "my government" has been doing around the world for as long as I have begun to understand the truth. It is particularly insane that "we" go around poking a stick int he eye of a huge nation armed to hilt with every kind of nuclear weapon in existence. Our nation is monetarily and morally bankrupt. We are in the pits on all fronts. And we see "our leaders" going around starting unjust wars all over the world.

    I feel deeply and pray for for the ordinary Americans, the ordinary Ukrainians, the ordinary Russians and the ordinary Chinese people, and the ordinary Judaics from any country.

    We have all been satanically deceived and satanicallty used by the evil forces that create and run things like the neocons throughout history.

  3. And how about that "Hacked Email From U.S. Army Attache in Ukraine - For False Flags to occur so .U.S. can take military action against Russia" posted today at SherrieQuestioningAll.blogspot, along with the video:

    "Proof US Staging False Flag for WW3".

  4. While Dr. Paul Craig Roberts seems coherent on the "Neo-Con" problem - he consistently maligned the "Nazis" and portrayed the "Nazis" in very malicious terms.

    To me, this did nothing for Roberts' credibility.

    He is simply wrong.

    This means that at least that part of his assessment is wrong.

    The truth about the nature of the German National Socialists is extremely different from what Roberts says. The Germans were not the aggressors. They were attacked by world jewry.

    Roberts says the Germans were calling themselves "the chosen" people.

    Roberts is laying out a narrative that portrays Putin as not working in concert with world jewry.

    Roberts seems to be parroting what the jews-news is saying about the nature of the current "conflict".

    I do not think that Roberts is a very good source. He is wrong about the Germans. He is wrong about his inferences concerning the nature of WW2. But he's right about this conflict?


    1. You are right about Paul Craig Roberts. I used to send him an occasional email, wherein I would either congratulate him on a well-written article, or chastise him for lacking the spine to name the real enemy and instead, constantly try to mislead his readers by harping on 'brownshirts' or 'Nazis' or Adolf Hitler. Initially, he would usually send me a short reply - usually only when I gave him a pat on the back for a decent column, but he lacked the character to respond to my perfectly legitimate criticisms.

      So, I finally decided that emailing the guy was a waste of my time. Either he is incredibly stupid and blind as a bat as to who is behind 99.99% of the problems that both America and the rest of the world face - or else the guy is a gutless, pants-peeing, spineless coward who is terrified of naming the jews for fear they'll send a Mossad hit team after him or his family.

      Roberts deserves zero respect from anyone in the White Nationalist movement.

    2. I don't know if his sidestepping your emails evidences a lack of "character" on Roberts' part. Could it be that Mr. Roberts is doing what he's supposed to be doing?

      Surely, even the most bloated Warmart Walrus is aware that something is amiss concerning the way our government operates. Could it be that Roberts is supposed to consistently support the false meme that "it's just like the Nazs"? "They're almost as bad a Hitler"?

      Roberts waxes eloquently on the evils of government policy, but misdirects when it comes to "who" is responsible.

      If he was intellectually honest, he would simply remain silent - rather than lying or bullshitting.

    3. Paul Craig Roberts is a not a shill. He is like all those who were wrapped up in the "conservitive tea part bs". The Rothchild family has the whole thing sewed up. They are the economic rulers of the world now. The Ukrane USA thing is just another version of the left right paradigm that they have perfected. NO use getting excited about any nationalism on Russias part. They have invited the Hassidim to come and nest while usa burns. Sorry for the bad news.

  5. At 28:07 in the above referenced video - Roberts describes the jewish media as being "worse than the media in the Third Reich".

    Roberts repeatedly and consistently maligns the Germans and National Socialism.

    Roberts repeatedly and consistently uses the term "Ultra-Nationalist" in a negative way.

    I have come to realize that Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is not playing with a full deck. Apparently he is an "educated" man - so we have to assume he is aware of what is true vs what is not true at least with respect to certain basic issues.

    Is Roberts a jew? What's going on with him?

  6. I have a feeling that we could be making the same mistake with Russia as we did with Germany during Hitler's reign. The Jews want another world war as the final blow to take over the whole world. They have to have a player that is the puppet enemy in order to get that war. My current view regarding Putin is the same view I have of Hitler; he starts doing good things to the benefit of his people, eliminates corruption, promotes morality (to get the good people behind him) and then the international Jewish controlled nations come in and wipe him out; same way they did to Hitler's Germany.

    On a side note, I am going to have to look up the protocols of zion and see how this fits in, if it does at all. I haven't read the entire thing but I thought I heard that it mentions whom the players in each war will be (unless I am mistaken).

  7. Go and seek Vladimir Borodatsh pleage putin to let Japan to let vote sahal and kuril,Let the Finland start to karelian vote joining in Finland and same think whit germany and staliningrad,

    Putin is jew tool.And china is jew ruled country also.

    Putin dont go grim to protect Krim russian ukranian dont harm them anyway,It is like cold war same jews playes both sides.


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