Monday, March 24, 2014

The Realist Report - Gilad Atzmon: Jewish identity politics

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by the internationally renowned author, philosopher and musician Gilad Atzmon. Gilad and I will be discussing his book The Wandering Who and Jewish identity politics.

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  1. Well John: I listened to ur interview of this air-head who pretends to being such a "dissident." I thought u were very fair, letting this Jew speak at length. Atzmon seemed to me to just babble rather typical metro-sexual -type platitudes. Atzmon seems to be rather embarrassed for being an Israeli, he being honest enough, in his air-head manner, to know what murdering psychopaths they really are.

    1. Hmmm... I don't think I'd characterize Atzmon as an "air-head" - I find him to be a very unique, original and genuine thinker to be quite honest.

    2. [Here's my book-review of Atzmon's work]

      * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Brief Book Review: Atzmon's "The Wandering Who?"--Confessions Of A Jewwy Narcissist
      (Apollonian, 17 Sep 12)

      In Gilad Atzmon's "The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics," Zero Books; Wash. D.C.; 2011, 202 pgs w. notes; we have the account of a fairly typical narcissistic Jew (which is practically a redundancy, never forget), having fun, it truly seems, and explaining for us how he became anti-zionist dissident who admits simply, hey, the Jews/"Israelis" flat-out stole the land belonging to the real owners, the Palestinians.

      The work is excellently and smoothly written, Atzmon supremely articulate, even glib, analyzing himself psychologically along the way--and along w. giving a general hist. and psychologic analysis for the Israel/zionist situation and then world situation for added perspective. Atzmon divides his basic text of less than 200 pages into four general sections, including a forward and epilogue, w. 22 chapters in btwn.

      Thus Atzmon quickly explains for us that while in the Israeli army (IDF) he found out by age 21 (early 90s) about zionist psychopathology for stealing the Palestinian land; he was soon out of Israel, comfortably living in England w. career as saxophonist musician. Thereupon meantime, while living and working in Europe, Atzmon attempted to reconstruct for himself, and go over things, thinking about Jews, hist., etc., and now announces for us he's discovered amazing things about kikes and the problems they're in the middle of.

      Thus it's too bad Atzmon, the moron, can't figure out Jews follow the Talmud--NOT the Old Testament (or "Torah"--first five books). But at least, the rest of Atzmon's book still makes a lot of sense even given this initial admission of such amazing, idiotic ignorance of these (typical, it would seem of these) people who pretend to such "intelligence," etc.

      [------------see below for part 2 to above book review--------------]

    3. [----------------------here's part 2 to above part 1-----------------------]

      Perhaps most interesting about Atzmon's great achievement for his book is he creates an amazing little world-view, all so well detailed and even tightly-knit, put together and related, strange and affected as the actual details are for his text. Thus Atzmon admits that even for Jews--but for so many goyim too (esp. the "metrosexuals," ho ho, the brainless little morons)--the holohoax lies are now constructed and held as taking the place of former traditionalist religion(s), holohoax thus rendering that necessary self-righteousness allowing zionists to mass-murder so horrifically, the neo-con -controlled metrosexual scum merrily going along w. the massive drone-murders of civilians as in Afganistan and other places (soon to come to USA too, don't doubt).

      Thus Atzmon in his little masterpiece of a very short and sweet work mentions and cites Jewwy patriots, Max Nordau and Jabotinsky, others like Bill Clinton, fellow saxophonist, various jazz figures, the neo-cons, Cheney and Wolfowitz, even Alan Greenspan and Milton Friedman for economists. Atzmon draws parallels with cartoon movies like "Shrek," and compares gays, feminists, and Jews for their identification w. ideology and psychology, and he invokes history of the famous French "Dreyfuss Affair"--at least somewhat--Atzmon is careful never to go too deeply into any subject-matter detail, such is the consistency for his most artful work--a real masterpiece, as I note--superficial, but so consistent throughout, rendering an amazing integrity.

      And there are many, many other figures, people, and details too, weaved into his clever narrative by Atzmon, Dickens' Fagin character, and Einstein, Moses Mendelssohn, and Ariel Sharon. So what is Atzmon's purpose?--it seems to be a philosophical/ethical -styled lecture/sermon to Jews and their sympathizers, trendies, yuppies, metrosexuals, and all others subject to the Jew-serving "politically-correct" mentality--including Judeo-Christians (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) too, dumb as they are. But I think it's all in vain (by Atzmon) as these people to whom he's preaching are even more superficial, hollow, and empty than Atzmon imagines. And regarding the JCs, Atzmon is far too intellectual.

      CONCLUSION: The key then, sociologically, is to understand Jews are hopeless psychopaths--as well as their suck-alongs among goyim. Still, foremost props for this insane Jew MAMMONIST power are the JC hereticalists, so heavily funded by Jews, thoroughly infiltrated by queers, who intimidate, confuse, and dis-inform the rest of gentiles sooo effectively, corrupting and perverting the real Christian msg which is TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). Regardless, I highly recommend Atzmon's work just for entertainment aside fm the info--it's genuine work of art reflecting Jew mentality for all the irony.

    4. Bit harsh; he has a huge ego yes, though his message i believe, is welcome.................

  2. I agree with apsterian in general here. For one thing, no doubt that Atzmon has made great contributions to exposing the Jewish extremists and all of their arcane thought processes, hypocrisies and lies. But he is really a one horse pony. It is interesting that the anti Zionist jewish left is the one to pick on him for daring to be a dissident. Think of Norman Finkelstein who originally did interesting work with his book The Holocaust Industry but at the end of the day is just another Jewish supremacist, along with Numb Chumsky and all the rest of the Leftists. Atzmon is outside that box but really leads us nowhere after that.

    I do not appreciate that Atzmon is not interested in a dialogue with the host, but just loves to listen to his own blather, a lot of metaphysical nonsense (so much for the philosophers). And his take on Max Weber and capitalism was real nonsense, the man is not a scholar but a speculator. I doubt his books are packed with citations? E. Michael Jones is writing a book on the history of capitalism and I'll bet he would have more to say about it. First of all, was not Max Weber a Jew? I don't agree with Atzmon's take on Weber or capitalism at all, very half baked theory not fully formed the way he tried to explain it.

    Here is my take on Max Weber and other aspects of the jews....

    He also never answered your question how he decided to leave Izrayhell and move the the Yiddish Empire. And, he threw in the obligatory anti Nazi propaganda, not much difference from Chomsky after all.

    1. Interesting feedback, thanks! As I said above, I do find Atzmon to be a genuine, insightful thinker, but I think if we would have addressed all the topics I had planned on we would have had some major disagreements. But that's OK, I think what he's doing is good overall. He is certainly raising some very crucial points about the nature of the Jewish state of "Israel", Zionism, Jewish power and Jewish identity.

      I have to agree with you re: his comments on Max Weber and capitalism. I'm still trying to sort this all out in my head, but I think the Protestant culture he referred to produced the sort of free enterprise, entrepreneurial economic environment we found in early American history and even in Europe to a large extent - this is NOT capitalism, which is international, monopolistic, hedonistic and fundamentally Jewish in nature. I'd like to talk more about this and many other topics with Gilad in the future.

    2. Now Chomsky- if ever blood could boil for arrogance personified, behold the Chomsky, engaged on his throne, whispering sweet everythings.............

  3. Wish you had ask Gilad Atzmon about the term "the tribe". This term or concept is important for my perception of the World, and I learned or understood this concept after listening to one of his other talks - again, very important. As I understand it, it is this "tribe" mechanism or "glue" that keeps the "team" together, or what makes the jews work like a team for longer periods, and why there isn't any Polish jews, or France jews or American jews, but only jews in Poland and jews in France and jews in the US. They are a kind of perpetual foreigners everywhere, because they are first and foremost a tribe.

    Also interesting to have heard his views on the two different jewish realities, when Israel is mighty, and when Israel is weak. They have to adapt to the reality they live in, etc, but it may be two different types of behavior. Learned about this in this very interesting video by Yossi Gurvitz:

    Would also have been interesting to hear his views on the Jewish media influence or CONTROL, etc, etc, and other "instincts".

    What is his views on the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion? Blueprint or fiction isn't so important. The ideas was out there more than 100 years ago, and ideas can spread very wide and quickly, like bushfires.

    Fetzer/Joshua Blakeney also posted a new show with GA today:

    1. Diaspora is code for Jewish colonization of planet earth.

    2. Good comments, thanks guys! Diaspora is absolutely code for Jewish colonization of planet earth... well said.

      El Buggo, I will try raising some of these points with him next time I have him on.

  4. The article, "Jewish Jazz is Our National Music", is posted at and I hope you read it, John. I hate jazz and also was very disappointed in your manner of interviewing Gilad,

    1. Jazz is okay. However my antennae all of a sudden is up on the Multi-Cultural use of Jazz. Perhaps Jazz was created to facilitate the Jewish idea of the "Melting Pot" in only White Nations. New Orleans is the center of that idea in America.

    2. Was Jazz created?

      I thought European classical and popular music had evolved and Jazz was a devolution from those various parts concocted by the mixing together of European, Jewish and African American musicians incapable of playing the more demanding music or unwilling because of their looser morals to play in a fashion conducive to civilized life?

    3. Haha, I knew I'd get some flack for having Gilad on and for letting him speak at length! Sorry MaryCatherine, can't please everyone I guess! :)

      GREAT comment Nick Dean, I totally agree. I used to like jazz, but now when I listen it just hurts my head. :(

  5. Wow, this guy is way off on just about everything. Besides the fact that I can barely understand what he is saying, he does not let John talk at all, and he says that the Jews of the past were not really evil, but they really wanted to do good things? Then he says that people shouldn't be separated by race? I am going to listen to the rest of this and see what other nonsense he promotes.

  6. Okay, I listened to the remainder. He did finally start to make a little bit of sense, but he seemed to contradict himself a lot.

  7. I'd keep an eye on Gilad and anyone from Veteran's Today. They might very well be point-people for Greater Judaism (racial & religious). These folks might be designed to draw you into their realm and get you off course. Gilad would not admit that the Holocaust was likely faked. He also said that nothing was a conspiracy. That everything was out in the open. That's bull...

    When you have secret meetings that ultimately end up with your tribe's pockets lined with ever more money (sheckels, loot, etc) that corresponds to sending huge numbers of people to their deaths either directly through war or indirectly through the slow kill genocide of massive non-white immigration: to me that's a conspiracy.

    1. I agree with all you say.


  8. I want to like Gilad Atzmon, I really do. I have appreciated his music and think he is a fine player and composer. He appears to be a good guy and I applaud him for at least recognizing that other people besides Jews have suffered throughout history.
    At the outset I will say that I have not listened to the entire program but would like to address several points that he made. I found his narrative on “Capitalism” a bit curious as he infers that it is based on a WASP, aristocratic tradition as if usurious Jewish bankers did not factor into the system of Capitalism at all. There is/was a tail that wags the Anglo-Saxon dog and exploits and profits greatly from that hound. It is important to note that Jewish banking houses infiltrated all European states and the United States as well. Any honest student of history knows this with certainty.
    I was also struck by his reference to the idea of “manufacturing”. As I recall, there was in recent history a nation that based almost its entire economy on the productivity or “manufacturing” of its people, people of every strata of that society, which operated without financing from other nations, with extremely limited natural resources and were in fact, opposed by virtually the whole western world. I am of course speaking of National Socialist Germany, a nation that Atzmon’s tribe mates appeared to have just a little bit of an issue with and did everything in their power to undermine and eventually destroy. So when he says “we” have destroyed our manufacturing base in the US and the EU he needs to be honest and indicate who the real culprits are that ruined the manufacturing bases of these nations. It was/is not the working class.
    Unfortunately the show, to the halfway point to which I listened, was an Atzmon monologue and not a discussion. John, you are such an excellent host and have had many heavyweights on your show recently. I wish you would have posed him with some tougher questions but I see that that might have been a difficult task given Atzmon’s demeanor. I would love to see/hear a John Kaminski- Gilad Atzmon debate/discussion. It would be beneficial to have Kaminski read his essay “Apologies are Not Enough” where he calls Atzmon to task for his inability to see why Jews have been hated and therefore persecuted throughout history, but I don’t think that Atzmon would relish this confrontation.

  9. Atzmon can refer to himself as a philosopher till he turns blue in the face, that doesn't make it so.

    His bumbling, halting, quasi-incomprehensible speech is unendurable for any length of time. This fool gives conferences? Makes speeches? Unbelievable!

    Show more firmness next time, if there is one. Make him shut up and let you speak.

    I would have vehemently objected to his repetition, accompanied by chuckles, that this "small group clever jews" has destroyed Western civilization. They haven't yet. And they're not clever, they're EVIL.

    Evil is narrow-mined and single purposed, which is the opposite of clever.

    Anyway, thanks for your great work, John.

    Best Regards,

  10. Not with regard to this show because I haven't listened yet, but on Atzmon generally.

    Atzmon has invaded my country. It's invasion not immigration when both populations are aware that the settled population would prefer the incomers not to in-come, but they come in anyway, the bastards!

    When Atzmon bitches about 'racism' he's acknowledging that the invaded have openly expressed their resentment at being invaded, that he's fully aware of that resentment, but doesn't care. He sides with the invaders and guilt-trips the natives.

    I've tried many times to engage Atzmon with the argument that my people has the right to live free and unmolested from invasion, but he doesn't acknowledge my complaints. When he fails to do so, whether he realizes it or not, he's actually facilitating the Jewish imperial project against - eventually - all non-Jews, because if any one nation has no real 'right' not to be colonized by the Jewish PTB and their human-shields, the rest also are made vulnerable by denial of this 'right' as such.

    I think he's self-deceiving on the war/peace/tolerance issues, arguing in a way that advantages Jews and does them no harm, even if he 2first-consciously thinks he's being critical of them, which is quite possible (search for articles on "self deception" + evolutionary, I have no handy link but there's a ton).

    I'm really pleased with the comments here. Such a contrast with the masochistic, drooling Jew-but-not-a-Jew worshippers at VT.


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