Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Realist Report - Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. Andrew and I will be discussing his most recent book In the Name of Yahweh.

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  1. John- I have this gut feeling that some party out there (a Jew?) is scrambling your messages with Andrew at just the time when I am really drawn in and ready to hear more of your observations. Is this possible?

    Is it possible to record interview in a different way so that if the recording gets sabotaged at a crucial moment- then you can re-release the interview?


  2. Hey John, I just want to tell that there is another Bible Scholar out there promoting these truths as well, his name is Steven Collins, you would make a interesting interview with him - http://stevenmcollins.com/homepage.php

  3. Fascinating program. I have a question for John (or anyone) about C.I. Does C.I. advocate the practice of circumcision as commanded in Genesis 17:10-14?

  4. Another interesting discussion about Yahweh of the Bible would be that between Charles Giuliani and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.

  5. Another great show. I would like to share this excerpt from an article tiltled Esau-Whom God Hated which can be found at the-red-thread.net



    (Blue font contains full meaning based on Strong's Hebrew Concordance - read the red words first then re-read all the words.)
    "Behold, thy dwelling [SEAT OF HABITATION] shall be of the fatness [RICHNESS] of the earth, and of the dew [BOUNTY] of heaven [LOFTY PLACES] from above [EXALTED HEIGHTS]; And by thy sword [MILITARY] shalt thou live, and thou shalt serve thy brother [Jacob and the TEN TRIBES OF ISRAEL]; and it shall come to pass that when thou shalt have the dominion [over Jacob's descendants in some way], that thou shalt break [REDEEM] the yoke from off thy neck." Genesis 27:40 also readJoshua 24:4"

    What the above blessing from Isaac says is this: Esau would live and die by the sword - like so many nations have done - but this will only serve to throw us off the track if we concentrate on this aspect of the 'blessing' alone. More importantly by far, is the fact that the Edomites would eventually REDEEM Esau's birthright and would acquire lofty positions on the earth, which would give them control over the world's riches - such as the banking industry, interest rates, global industrialization, etc. In this manner, Esau/Edom wields control over his brother, Jacob, [the 'western' Christian world, i.e., America, Great Britain & Canada, etc. - the true Israelites], while Esau sits in exalted positions of great power as 'banker' over Jacob's money. Add scriptures that state Esau would be wise, proud, self confident, strong, selfish of heart, vindictive, idolatrous, superstitious, and partaking in extensive trade and commerce, with one hell of an army feared by their enemy.
    Also see Jeremiah 49; Isaiah 11:14; Amos 9:12; Obadiah - entire chapter

  6. Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser wrote, "This is not an uncommon impression and one finds it sometimes among Jews as well as Christians - that Judaism is the religion of the Hebrew Bible. It is, of course, a fallacious impression. . . Judaism is not the religion of the Bible" (Judaism and the Christian Predicament, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1967, p. 59).

  7. I appreciate a lot of what this guy is saying (I am still listening to the program right now) however, there are serious problems with Dual Seed Line Theory. Just from what I've head so far, he says that pain in childbearing was a result of eating of the fruit.. if that was just to Adam and Eve's seed, then why does every race experience pain in child bearing?

    Also, keep in mind, that Christian Identity is endorsing the "millions of years" lie, which is what Jews also promote. Why are we trusting so-called scientific evidence that the Church never believed, in favor or more recent, Jewish science promoting an old earth? You cannot have days in Genesis 1 as long period of time, because the planet could not exist unless everything was made together in a short period of time. Laws of irreducible complexity prohibit it. Here is an article refuting dual seed line theory on Faith and Heritage (A Kinist website):


  8. Very interesting about the word "bastard' being a mixed race child. Very good information. Although I don't follow his conclusions.. he seems to be saying that fornication is okay. Abraham was definitely married and so was Isaac, and Jacob. Just because you don't have verses about a wedding "ceremony" does not mean they were not married. In fact, I don't believe any of our children will have wedding ceremonies, but they will certainly vow before witnesses and the LORD their marriage.

  9. Also, why does Christian Identity believe we are living in the last days. This is the exact doctrine that mainstream Christians believe, and have been promoting for decades. Every generation thinks they are living in the last days and have always had all these proof texts to show why they were; then they passed away and the end didn't come. The end of the age described in the Bible is referring to the destruction of Jerusalem and the events surrounding the persecution of Christians in Rome in the 1st Century AD.

  10. Wow, Mike D's comments were great. I would love to talk to him sometime.


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