Monday, March 10, 2014

Q & A w/ Traditionalist Youth Network

What follows is a transcript of questions I posed to Matthew Heimbach, Matt Parrott and Thomas Buhls of the Traditionalist Youth Network for an article I recently submitted to American Free Press, followed by their responses.

Matthew Heimbach, Founder
Matt Parrott, Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer
Thomas Buhls, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

JF: Can you please provide us with a brief overview of the origins, goals, and agenda of the Traditionalist Youth Network?

Matt Parrott: Thomas Buhls, Matthew Heimbach, and I are experienced White Advocates who’ve all been hitting the streets and organizing locally for years. After several months discussing - often arguing - about our core principles and beliefs which brought us to being pro-White activists, we agreed that our racial struggle is part of a larger struggle against Modernity and the global oligarchs. TradYouth strikes at the root of the problem, reaching students with the complete Radical Traditionalist and Identitarian worldview.

Matthew Heimbach: The origins of TradYouth go back to Europe and the Traditionalist school of thought. The growth of youth-led movements to fight for Faith, family, and folk such as Generation Identitaire in France, the Eurasian youth movement in Russia, and Noua Dreaptă in Romania all are tapping into the same intellectual, spiritual, and identity-based ideology as TradYouth. Beyond borders the Traditionalist movement is bringing like-minded people to finally stand up to stop the ongoing march of modernity. TradYouth is working to create a community based but globally connected youth movement to fight for nationalism, identity, and Faith.

JF: What and who are some of the important cultural, spiritual, and ideological influences on TradYouth?

Thomas Buhls: After a decade of moving from one Protestant church to another, I never felt like any of them were a good spiritual home for me. I was ideologically and spiritually conflicted with what many of the Protestant churches were promoting in the sermons, and I was about to give up on Christianity completely because of so much dissatisfaction. Last year I came to Orthodox Christianity, and it is what makes sense to me. The Orthodox Church’s leadership and teaching have been an important part of my life since then.

Thomas Buhls: Julius Evola and Francis Parker Yockey are the two strongest influences on my Traditionalist studies. My commentary is based on the writings of Traditionalist philosophers, and I try to interpret current events through those authors.

Matthew Heimbach: The most important influence on my development as a pro-White advocate and as a defender of Tradition has always been my Christian Faith. The writings and actions of Francisco Franco, Corneliu Codreanu, and Saint John Chrysostom are perhaps the three most influential inspirations to me. The importance of Orthodox Christianity cannot be understated in my growth to understanding the importance of culture, folk community, and a devotion to Faith. Instead of prosperity doctrine Zio-Christianity that is promoted by the mainstream media, Orthodoxy teaches a militant defense of the Church and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ that has been proclaimed for 2,000 years. All the issues facing us in the modern era can be understood through looking through the lens of the Orthodox Faith. The self sacrificing dedication of the martyrs inspires me to be willing to give everything up in service of my God and my people. I also believe one cannot understand the Jewish Question outside of the Christian context. As my knowledge and understanding of Orthodoxy grows, so does the fire inside of me to rise up and fight for my people.

JF: Can you tell us about TradYouth activism? Why is street activism important?

Thomas Buhls: Street activism is important because it puts a public face on our advocacy. Any run of the mill activist can put a blog or Facebook page together, but street activism is what makes it all exist in the real world. Advocacy without action is posturing, and activism without advocacy is spinning tires. For a grassroots political and social activist group, it is essential to have both advocacy and activism.

Matthew Heimbach: Activism is important because it not only draws attention to your cause, but it inspires people sitting on the sidelines to get up and actually do something! There are millions of Americans who think the way that we do but simply have not been shown a way to put their beliefs into practice. Through street activism we inspire our people, stand up to our opponents, and galvanize those on the fence to join us, a triple victory by any account. I believe that street activism is the lifeblood of any organization that truly wants to make a political and cultural impact upon its community.

JF: What are some of the major obstacles and challenges you see for your organization?

Thomas Buhls: The largest obstacle I face as a leader of a grassroots activist group is trying to keep with my college workload. I’m a full time student, and it is difficult trying to balance study and work times with the demands of contributing to a blog. Being an activist is a job in and of itself, and to do it effectively I have to schedule time for it during the week. The largest obstacle to my activism is whether or not I have time available.

Matthew Heimbach: The largest obstacle facing TradYouth and all pro-identity organizations is apathy of the populace at large. Decades of fast food, cable television, and a comfortable lifestyle have spiritually weakened us to be willing sheep of the globalist overlords. Only through having people unplug from the mainstream culture can we hope to cultivate a true revolutionary movement that does not seek to reform the decadent American experiment, but create a new vision for the future of our people.

JF: What is the future of TradYouth? What is the future for pro-White activists in general? Are we making progress?

Matthew Heimbach: The future of TradYouth is an exciting one. We are looking at the beginnings of a new political, social, and economic environment that is prime for our message of Faith, family, and folk.

While the globalists may have a seemingly unbreakable stranglehold on the world, resistance is growing everywhere. From the streets of Lebanon where Hezbollah organizes to stand against Zionism and Jewish aggression, to the streets of Athens where Greek nationalists in the tens of thousands are embracing a militant nationalism that has not been witnessed in the world for decades, to the growth of American Traditionalist and identitarian organizations like TradYouth we are really seeing grassroots resistance the world over finally standing up to the globalists.

The future for pro-White activists in general must be based in working towards the creation of a new nation on the North American continent, plain and simple. The demographic shifts of Third World immigrants and the growing Hispanicization of the American Southwest is only the beginning for the decline of White America and Canada over the next century. Instead of attempting to plug the holes in a sinking ship, it is time to work towards the creation of a totally new nation built upon a strong foundation of Faith, blood, and soil.

The worldwide trends are moving in this direction where ethnic and regional identities are being awakened for the first time in a long time. In order to make progress we must invest in our local communities, truly starting from the grassroots. Change is made by influencing the local VFW, school board, and your Church. Through building networks within communities we can spread our message in a national and then a global network of like-minded Traditionalists and nationalists who all stand for the same basic principles.

We stand on a razors edge at this point in history, but through hard work and self sacrifice we have the potential to pull our people from the ashes of modernity and rise like a phoenix to a new future for our children and generations to come.


  1. Christian Vs. Jew: Most Promising Theme For Revival Of Gentile Civilization

    John and comrades: note the obvious and plain weak-pt. for ZOG is its "Praetorian-guard," and foremost henchmen running interference for them, the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) heresticalists who support terror-state of Israel, big, huge fans thereof, Israel, never forget, being enclave of descendents (presumed) of the murderers of Christ, who gloat about having killed Christ for heresy and blasphemy.

    I think it's important to emphasize most of all the real Christianity--which is ANTI-SEMITISM, this "anti-semitism" understood as the Jews themselves define it (anti-Jew), which works quite well when u consider. For Christianity is worship of TRUTH above all/any other precepts (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

    And note there are distinct and extremely powerful consequences, philosophic and cultural, for this basic Christian vs. Jew anti-thesis, Christianity up-holding the objective reality, necessary basis of TRUTH, Jews pushing the "noble-lie" subjectivism of Jews who care only for what's "good for Jews."

    Observe the primary, practical weapon of ZOG is US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING scam by which ZOG finances its far-flung operations, owning and controlling all corp.s, including the mass-media, practically all politicians and judges, public "education," and surely most tragic, all the establishment "Christian" churches and institutions.

    And don't forget that magnificent exemplar, St. Constantine the Great, who revived, for a time, the then moribund Roman empire--against the Jews and their flunkies who were so active and prominent then much as they are now.

    1. Apsterian- Thanks for sharing the post. I especially like the part-

      "And note there are distinct and extremely powerful consequences, philosophic and cultural, for this basic Christian vs. Jew anti-thesis, Christianity up-holding the objective reality, necessary basis of TRUTH, Jews pushing the "noble-lie" subjectivism of Jews who care only for what's "good for Jews."

      911 was a "noble-lie" by the Jews to advance Jewish power and control....


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