Tuesday, March 4, 2014

John McCain explains everything wrong with U.S. foreign policy

Senator John McCain, perhaps the most traitorous, Jew-loving criminal "representing" the good people from the state of Arizona in the United States Senate, explained everything wrong with American foreign policy during his recent speech to the 2014 AIPAC Policy Conference:

“So, with you my friends, I see Americans who want our country to be engaged in events beyond our borders, I see Americans who want an internationalist foreign policy, I see Americans who want our country to stand with Israel and our other partners, I see Americans who are willing to spend their hard earned tax dollars on effective foreign assistance and to strengthen the greatest military the world has ever known…” 
(begins at 13:20 mark)

Everything he said regarding American foreign policy is the exact opposite of what the great men who founded this nation advocated.

America does not need to be engaged in events beyond our borders. America needs to worry about America and Americans.

America does not need an internationalist foreign policy. America needs an America-first foreign policy, which concerns itself with issues pertaining to America and America only. We need to stop interfering with other countries, dictating what is right and wrong as if we're the policemen of the world. We also need to stop invading, occupying and destroying foreign nations comprising some of the poorest people on the face of the planet who pose absolutely no military, geopolitical or economic threat to us. 

America does not need to stand with Israel, and we certainly don't need to spend our hard earned tax dollars on foreign countries, war and military technology designed to kill and destroy the lives and countries of poor people all around the world. 

Folks, enough is enough. It's time we dump Israel and arrest all of her agents and partisans controlling the United States government, media and banking system.

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          1. McCain is an evil fool, and also foolish are all the Arizonians who voted for him, especially those who did so again and again and AGAIN.

            1. Emmanuel TruthseekerMarch 5, 2014 at 2:42 PM

              Anyone who goes out to vote in American elections is a fool. Actually, anyone going to vote for anyone to be their Leader is a fool. The present paradigm of governance is actually a form of treason against the people who feed those in power and keep them in their cushy life styles; like that waste of human skin presently under discussion and going by the moniker, John McCain, cut from a similar cloth as that other clown named John, who then use their positions to help international banksters loot their country and her people. Stop voting and stop trusting politicians for they are all liars and cheats; sitting on cushions worth more than the skins they occupy.

            2. "and also foolish are all the Arizonians who voted for him, especially those who did so again and again and AGAIN."

              Marycatherine, are you that naive to really think your vote is"counted?" Psst, the "elections are rigged". The reason they wanted the "electronic ballot" is to easily fool the sheeple that waste their time think they have voted. La Kosher Nosejob scews your life at every turn, what makes "voting" an exception to this predatory behavior?

              Here is a photo of the AZ Israeli-Firster for the mantel:

              What the Vets think of this POS scumbag traitor:

              Look how he lambasts the lady (Dolores Alfond) who is heading up the National Alliance of Families to find POW/MIAs from Viet Nam, Korea and WWII:
              I see a A-1, 5-Star POS whore traitor that says I care more about my future political career than the return of the body of 1 Military guy in his effort to derail her. Years back, I saw a video of the Father of a Luke AFB pilot who was shot down and he pointed the finger at this rat traitor POS.

              Did I say traitor?

              Juan McBush is NOT liked at all in AZ. The "Gabby Giffords" event was faked an the Republican Judge Roll was whaced as he was ruling against Obozo. Lots of bad acting in this Fake shooting too.

            3. It is understatement to say that our political system is broken. Seriously though, at this point what can we do to fix it?

          2. First, McNasty is not a war hero. while in captivity he gave the air attack routes to the NVA which increased our air losses by 60%. His CO was to court martial him upon being a returned POW but Daddy stepped in(CIC of all Pacific Forces) and McNasty walked! A photo of McCain returning showed him healthy,tanned and in good spirits..not like the other POWs who were gaunt and thin. McCain was seen little at the Hanoi Hilton. A Russian Intel officer said Mc was treated well and cooperated fully!

          3. Perhaps it's not his fault maybe this man is not total evil jewboy BUT JUST BRAIN DAMAGED FROM NAN!!!
            This FOOL needs physic assistance with his obvious mental problems and his guilt trip with the jews.

          4. McCain is a NEOCON. Yes, the NEOCONS are alive and well and very active today. Our selectors of presidential candidates selected for us (2008) the most liberal of Republicans and the most liberal of Democrats so we would have the "choice" between two of the lowest lifeforms.

            Remember that NEOCONS are Troskyites and the creators of such lovely things as PNAC and the world empire for the USA meme.

            Another NEOCON, our selected Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, made some choice comments at this same AIPAC meeting where McCain spoke. First get out your barf bag for this one, folks.


            "And as everyone here recognizes, the future of the United States is tied to the future of Israel. This is something that every President since Harry Truman has understood."

            1. Brilliant! I agree with you 100%, Jeannon. I'm glad I'm not the only one that's been referring to Neocons as Trotskyites; but, indeed they are.

              In the days of Lenin and Trotsky, the Bolsheviks pushed world revolution in their quest for world domination. Within the past ten years, the US - controlled by these traitors - has been pushing for world domination. Well, the US, just like the old USSR before it, is on its way to dissolution instead.

          5. I see Johny is off his med's again.

          6. Good thing France never said, "Screw everyone else" or else this country never would have survived in the beginning.

          7. McCain is a liar and a non-apologetic warmonger. I know Obama is not the leader we need, but McCain is a dangerous and foolish man who should never be close to any nuclear weapon launch code.

          8. McCain is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with our federal government. He notes that congress has a 12% approval rating. He can look in the mirror to see why.

          9. John McCunt is a Cain...



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