Saturday, March 15, 2014

John Friend on Inside the Eye - Live! w/ the Fetch

I was a guest on Inside the Eye - Live! with Dennis Fetcho this morning. We discussed a variety of subjects, including the White Man March and my recent article entitled Why I don't care for the Jews. You can download the entire program here.


  1. Interesting commentary on the economic strength of German. Mr. Fetcho attempted to attribute Germanys manufacturing success to government mandated restrictions on executive earnings.

    Mr. Fetcho has outed himself as a Communist.

    Do you really believe that the “reason” for German manufacturing successes is due to Communist restrictions on executive earnings? Or, do you think the reason might have something to do with the German people themselves? Could it possibly have something to do with their genetics, and their work ethic?

    Fetcho links two concepts in a fallacious way.

    The concept of limiting executive earnings in a privately held company is highly flawed. Privately held companies are led by entrepreneurs who typically have many years of advanced education, and have gambled their time, energy and money on a venture. If there is a mandated limited payoff for putting ones life and soul into a business – what sort of effect do you think that would have on incentive?

    Do you really believe that limiting executive pay and/or bonuses in a private company will better the life of a border jumping mestizo with no education pushing a broom? Do you really believe that someone who has squandered their educational years on repeated drunken stupors should receive a mandated guaranteed income that approaches what a disciplined executive earns?

    I speak from experience in this area. If the “government” mandated what my earnings could be in my private company – I would close up shop and move to another county. There is no way I would work as hard as I do.

    Public utilities and Banks that are funded by the tax-payer are a different story entirely.
    I suppose it is easier to look at someone who has worked very, very hard and made good decisions that have paid off with a jealous eye. That is exactly the kind of disgruntled attitude that Communists exploit.

    Communists exploit the underclass. Are you a member of the underclass? If so, why? Could this possibly have anything to do with you? Or is taking a bit of personal responsibility just a bit too “real”?

    You might want to consider whether or not the underclass is being cultivated here in the US for the express purpose of destroying what is left of freedom.

    I am not a jew and I don’t have the jew-connections necessary to rob public coffers. But, I have made good decisions operating within this decidedly diseased paradigm. To blame me and people like me who have made tremendous personal sacrifices coupled with intelligent decisions for the woes of those who are simply stupid and/or lack motivation – is something that Lenin would do.

    The reason why Germany is doing well relative to the rest of the EU has to do with the Genetics of the German people. Why doesn’t Mr. Fetcho suggest that we need more White people – instead of advocating for Communist economic practices?

    I won’t be listening to anything Mr. Fetcho has to say on any subject in the future now that I know where he stands. He is a Communist.

    Reforms are certainly necessary. Banning usury and predatory business practices would be a good start.

  2. John- I have my antennae up on The Fetch.

    John- you and Mike Sledge are the best I've heard on radio about The Tribe (13th?)- this same tribe that has this interesting behavior (all of it) that effectively silences all talk about them by those that are outside The Tribe.

    Mike Sledge points out over and over how the Jews have their point men on every issue and in every position possible. Like Lenin said, "lead your own oppostion." They are well-schooled in doing this for centuries.

    Their point men have a deliberate gameplan to infiltrate and subvert every person's cause and every movement that they can exert partial or total control over, and ultimately destroy the movement by initially assuming to be a member of that cause and later, by design, deliberately making that cause look bad (or rendering it ineffective) with their statements and their actions.

    They love to come at their opposition from both extremes of the debate until they are shouting obscenities at their opposition from all sides. Kind of like wolves circling their kill.

    Mr. Fetcho looks 100% Jewish to me. He might not be, but my antennae is up on him.

    That said, I'm glad that you keep digging and exposing the fakes along the way if indeed he is one of their many plants.


    P.S.- John- I've wanted to listen to some of your earlier shows that included Mike Sledge, but can't locate them right offhand. Can you post the date(s) on those Realist Report Episodes? I enjoyed the excerpted audio exchange between you and Mike in the 21 minute youtube video, but I'd love to hear the whole show when he was a guest or when you were his guest. Thanks.

    1. Hi, here is a link to the interview I did with Sledge last summer:

      All of my old programs are archived at my Talk Shoe page. You can find a link directly to my old Talk Shoe page on the bottom right hand side of this website.

      Just for the record, I do not think Fetch is a Jew or an agent or anything like that. In fact, I think he is one of the best broadcasters in the alternative, independent media. His shows are hard-hitting, entertaining, and informative.

      I do appreciate the feedback though.

  3. Mike- Thanks for your reply on my post (the 2nd). I'll give Fetch the benefit of the doubt.

    I'm listening to your program from 9/6/2014 at the moment. This is a great show! If I were you I'd feature this prominently in the right column somewhere on your site.

    I'd be in favor you and Mike doing a series of shows in the future.

    I hope he is just joking about leaving Renegade Broadcasting.

    I do believe however that his type of show is a solo show (your show is more of an interview-style show) obviously so I believe Renegade should give him a slot each month for the serious content show and and maybe 3 other weeks with the comedy angle perhaps.

    But I can see how he might get burned out trying to give an awesome solo (without guests) show each week.


  4. I love that picture of you, John, and am so glad you posted it. I still can't believe that Carolyn Y. referred to slim you as a fat jew, and invite her to issue a retraction.


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