Thursday, February 13, 2014

French ZOG predictably censors Dieudonne, Quenelle

No one believes the Jews and their lies anymore. Do you?
Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, the heroic Afro-French comedian who popularized the anti-establishment gesture known as the "quenelle", has been ordered by the Jewish-controlled French government to remove "sections of a YouTube video in which" the renegade comedian and activist "celebrates the quenelle salute," according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency.

The JTA reports:
The Court of Grands Instances in its ruling Wednesday said one of the passages violated French law against Holocaust denial and another was incitement to racial hatred.

The video has been widely condemned as anti-Semitic, as has the gesture created by Dieudonne.

The Union of Jewish Students of France, or UEJF, last month asked the court to order the removal of the video posted Dec. 31 by Dieudonne, who has been convicted seven times for inciting racial hatred against Jews. In the video, Dieudonne declares that 2014 will be “the year of the quenelle.”

France’s interior minister, Manuel Valls, said in December that the gesture was a “salute of anti-Semitic hatred.” Some say it is simply an anti-establishment gesture.

The comedian was given five days to remove the passages or face a penalty of nearly $700 per day that they are left online, according to the French news service AFP.

More than 3.5 million people had seen the video when the case was filed.
I believe this is the video the Jews and their puppets controlling the French government are demanding Dieudonne remove:

Once again we see the organized Jewish community demanding political correctness and obedient, slavish acceptance of their false, artificially manufactured version of WWII, as if the people of France are incapable of thinking for themselves.

This is typical Jewish behavior: the Jews are always behind tyrannical anti-free speech, anti-free thought measures. The Jews have managed to enact "Holocaust denial" and "anti-racism" (read: anti-White) laws in numerous European countries, literally criminalizing independent thought and political expression - particularly for White European peoples.

But the Jewish control - the Jewish monopolization - of the political and historical discourse in the West is rapidly eroding, thanks in large measure to Dieudonne and others standing up to and exposing Jewish tyranny, treachery, and hypocrisy. I hope 2014 is indeed the "Year of the Quenelle" - the year the world finally stops believing the Jews and their lies. 


  1. A short video explaining the Anne Frank Fraud:

    Evidence indicates that the images of "Anne Frank" are actually the actress Audrey Hepburn. Her real name is Audrey Kathleen Ruston, born in Belgium. She played a peripheral role in perpetrating the Anne Frank Fraud.

    As we call see the methods used to silence Mr.Dieudonne - please consider that these measures will likely soon visit our shores here in the US.

    What are you prepared to do should the jewish lobby succeed in making a criminal out of you for expressing an opinion?

    How do you think that situation should be handled?

    From a practical standpoint, I think we should all be considering options should they make that move.

    I am not attempting to incite violence against organized jewry who continually pushes fake memes and manufactured guilt upon others for jewish financial gain. I am asking you to please think about what we should do about these parasites.

  2. Thank you for the post. I feel more connection to Dieudonne than most of my extended family and so-called friends. Thanks again..

  3. The Jews will never be happy,until Whites especially,but everyone in general is their compliant,dumbed-down slave who show no disrespect,or critisize them ever.Its great to see them soil their diapers over this simple gesture!Ha ha!

  4. Doug Stanhope from 'No Refunds' aka Jews

    George Carlin on 'Soft Language' aka 'Euphamisms'

    George Carlin on 'Politically Incorrect' with Bill Maher and others...Part I

    Part II

    My favorite...'They don't have to hold a meeting when they know they have the same interests' 'They know what is good for them'

    Geoge may not have known the 'who' back then, but he definitely got 'it'

  5. This is probably the best speech addressed to francophones

    makes it impossible for Jewish slave traders to utter a word. When will we get someone of this talent and class? Dr. Khalid Muhammad came close but was nipped in the bud the moment he developed workable routine.

  6. When will we get someone of this talent and class?

    Surely, Adolf Hitler would qualify.

    How about Ernst Zundel?

    How about Sylvia Stolz?

    How about all of the presently incarcerated White men who have spoken out?

    This black entertainer is not doing anything new. However, the jews are having trouble crushing him due to his "special protected status".

    As much as I like what this magic negro is doing - he is not our savior. And he is not working against white genocide - is he?


    But keep on going.... maybe it will wake some people up.

    1. "magic negro''?? spoken like a Zionist anti-humanity Jew.

    2. We already have enough magic negroes in White counties. Don't we? Anyone taking offense to this obvious fact is most likely not White.

      I am not "anti-humanity". I am pro-White and pro-self determination. I am also anti-parasite. Whether that parasite he jewish, black, mexican or whatever.

      I am amused to watch the squirming of Dieudonne. Makes for interesting theater.

      By the way - France is supposed to be a WHITE country.

      Tell me - what will France have devolved into if it is to become majority black or majority arab muslim?

      Difficult, uncomfortable question for you - eh?

  7. French people are slaves to their Zionist masters. Kikeroach Jew is a cancer to every civilization they enter.

  8. C'mon neutered Europe! Get up off your knees!

    Do not be neo-eunuchs.


  9. So, I don't see the video in your post or email link. Has your post been censored?

  10. French comedian excellent political analysis
    Dieudonné, Face to Face on Iranian TV: English

  11. I'm somewhat behind on listening to these podcasts, and only recently got around to listening to the show John did with De Nugent and Kaminski. I'd like to comment on that show.

    First, I will agree that what the jews are doing to John deNugent with their smear and slime campaign is pretty low down, but even deNugent himself has stated that Whites are not fighting a 'chivalrous' enemy. Hence, he should have been able to anticipate the tactics that this enemy would use against him in advance - and then decide whether he could weather them - and if not, then he should drop any idea of running for political office. The last thing he needs to be doing is to agree to appear as a guest on a pro-White radio show to discuss a particular set of topics and issues that the host advertises in advance and then try to turn the podcast into a monolog where he complains about the enemies personal attacks on him. That makes for really boring and monotonous radio.

    My second comment has to do with the mentally insane idea that Whites need to go trolling for 'allies' among non-White minority groups and try to recruit blacks or mestizos or other mystery meat types to help us fight the jews. The caller named Tom wisely pointed out that the jews have made sure that all non-whites receive some benefits from the current anti-white system - affirmative action, social entitlements, etc., and that this means they have zero motivation or incentive to try to help whites fight jews and dismantle the current system that provides them with all these undeserved bennies. Plus, when you couple that situation with the fact that the vast majority of non-whites hate and despise White European people - some due to real or perceived past grievances, and some simply because of envy and resentment - then only a complete idiot would waste his or her time advocating for such nonsense. Whites are in this fight alone, friends. There is not some Magic Negro on a White Horse who'll ride in to save our race. I noticed that when Tom directed his comment directly at Kaminski, Kaminski seemed to blow him off and he continued pushing the same stupid notion.

    I listen to a lot of pro-white radio podcasts, and I've also heard this stupid idea being promoted by a former web radio host for the old Voice of Reason Broadcast Network - Stan Hess. When I hear this kind childish naivete coming out the mouths of our 'supposed' top pro-white veteran spokesmen - it truly does make me ashamed of the level of utter stupidity of so many White men or women. In a twisted, warped, and perverted sort of way - it was this same type of incredibly dysfunctional thinking that lead millions of otherwise fairly intelligent White people to vote for the virulently anti-White Communist Mulatto two consecutive times. This is a definite symptom of jewish media psychological brainwashing - this insane idea that drives Whites to seek the arrival of some 'magical black hero' who will be their Messiah and save their race from the jews.

    Grow a pair, White men. Look inward, find a leader within our own race and stop chasing magic negroes and pining away for some kind of Rodney King, We are the World, multi-cultural army who'll help us fight for our racial survival.


  12. Topmost Practical Weapon Of Jews & Cohorts: That Fed COUNTERFEIT Machine

    Hello John: listened to ur debate/discussion along w. Fetzer and Mike C. Piper--I think u came out best even though u arrived a little late to the show--good job.

    I think all gentiles can well unite in alliance against the Jews and their cohorts which they recruit fm among all the races--we can well emulate heroic St. Constantine the Great and revive our present moribund civilization, much like Constantine did for early 4th cent. Roman civilization, even though that revival was too brief, esp. in the West.

    Note the Jews work by keeping the gentiles fighting one another--that's why we should resist and oppose those who try to dis-credit Dieudonne because he's black--as we can observe fm this comment section.

    Aside fm the cultural confusion the Jews take advantage of, the greatest practical weapon the Jews have is their money-creating machine, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for best expo on Fed fraud--which is literally just legalized COUNTERFEITING, by which they buy everything and everybody w. only few exceptions.

    But then of course, Jews and agents will insert dis-info agents for proposing other monetary schemes which will also fail--and it will then require a basic understanding of what money really is--it's got to be commodity, gold/silver being best.

    Still, we have solid examples to look to for guidance for economic prosperity--like the early US, even w. it's own troubles w. fiat-money and fractional-reserve system like the 1st and 2nd Bank of US, finally killed by heroic Andrew Jackson.

    Basic problem w. Jews, of course, is their anti-Christ and satanic religion--Talmudism--which demands Jews be worshipped by gentiles as God, gentiles mere slaves and beasts for use of Jews--ck and for best Talmudic expo.

    So thanks for all ur efforts; keep up ur good work. A.

    1. Do you not realize Ludwig Von Mises was a Jew?

      Watch out for the "good jew - bad jew" game.

      Will mention that the Federal Reserve is a kosher op? NO!!!

      You can kill that bookmark.

  13. Oy vei, we jews love a divided team.


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