Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Realist Report - Mark Elsis: Holocaust Revisionism

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Mark Elsis. Mark and I will be discussing the fake Jewish "Holocaust" story pertaining to WWII, and a variety of other related subjects.

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  1. John, the show was extremely difficult to listen to. It was mostly Mark's connection and I had a very hard time understanding what he was saying. I don't know this from personal experience and have only heard this; when using Skype people should limit the amount of windows/tabs they have open as it will distort the sound.

  2. Thank goodness most of what Mark reported about his research was clear, but I do appreciate 1776blues advice because it was disappointing to not be able to understand much of what he said.

    And as for your promotion of AFP during this broadcast, John, I do ask you and all to read the important readers comments of Harriet, made on October 29 and 30, 2013, left at the report, "New photo of Adam Lanza Surfaces -- Evidence that he is Ryan Lanza?" posted at NoDisinfo.com on 8/20/13, and consider responding. Thanks..

  3. Wow, that would have been a really good show if I could have heard what was being said. : (


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