Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Realist Report - John Kaminski & John de Nugent: Resisting the Jew World Order

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by two returning guests: John de Nugent and John Kaminski. We will be discussing the recent anti-Jewish protests in France, the rise of nationalism, and the growing resistance to the Jew World Order.

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  1. Top notch interview, all three Johns. To John de Nugent- I was uncertain about the duplicity of David Duke, Ive heard this once before and I believe you. Its a shame. We need to weed out the infiltrators, post the definitive expose online etc. Duke's videos are a good introduction to our cause, for the uninitiated, though. I hope he backs off with his rumor-mongering.
    I think we agree that we need a 'big tent' approach at this point, but it is a fine line between alliances and acceptance. I feel there are big limitations or liabilities to working with moslems in Europe. We need parties that are solidly against Zionism and for repatriating the recent immigrants back to where they came from. This means to me that we can or should only work with the immigrants who have assimilated well, those who have put down deep roots in their new home, or those immigrants who are white or lighter skinned. These are the only ones I would work with, and then only to a certain degree, until the Jewish problem is resolved.

    One thing that bothers me about our movement is the extent that it is fractured- we have the Christians vs. the pagans, the capitalists vs. the socialists, the fascists vs. national socialists vs. the white nationalists who just want to 'restore the republic,' there are those who just like Hitler for the German economic miracle he ignited vs. those who nearly worship every thing about the man, etc. etc. We have dozens of podcasters, bloggers, writers, leaders all saying slightly different things. And we never meet in person, nor do we rally outside City hall or in front of our congressman's office. This has to change. We need a concise political program to refer to, something all these disparate groups or individuals can accept. In our present video age, its asking too much of the rank and file to go read Mein kampf, The Gulag Archipelago, Hellstorm, and For my Legionnaires.....Most of them wont do it. We need a distilled set of principles or manifesto that the racially aware Libertarians as well as the Strasserites etc. can agree to.

    Two main points to make 1. We are proud whites, we know our history, we know the great white European race is a builder of civilizations, we are not merely anti- black, anti Jew, etc 2. We acknowledge the threat posed by Judaism & its political arm, Zionism. We recognize the harmful tendencies of Jews , thus we resist their agenda and we seek to overturn the current Jewish hegemony with a renewed Euro-centric planetary civilization.

    At the same time, we declare that not every single "Jew" is automatically our enemy. We constantly say that Hitlers aim was not to exterminate them but to push them out of Europe- compare that to the current trend by our side to consider the Jew to be a virus- you cannot reform a virus, you have to eradicate it utterly. Thus,many of us imply today that the goal is total extermination, something that we claim Hitler himself was opposed to. I think this point is important- I believe it is the infiltrators who are the ones who say the Jew is an unredeemable genetic disease and we must murder them all. I cannot accept such an extreme irrational position. there are Jews out there who have never read one word of the Talmud and work with their hands farming or whatnot, raising families etc. The Jewish leadership certainly does deserve legal execution, yes, i agree. But not every single one, that is a pathological position.

    Another thing Im concerned with is the softness or weakness of the current young white male. If they get a flat tire, they cannot change it themselves, they have to call AAA. They dont know how to handle a gun. They dont know how to fight. This is a critical area we must concentrate on- how can anyone have "white pride" is they can get their ass beat by almost anyone? How do we set up 'warrior' training camps?

    - Dave

  2. "Jour de colere" means "day of anger." The protesters are chanting "bleu, blanc, rouge, France aux francais." Blue, white, red, France for the French. I wish I understood enough French to understand what the native speakers are chanting and saying. This is great. Someone finally gets it. BTW the Quenelle song uses the melody of "La boheme" ("the bohemian girl") by Charles Aznavour. Traditional French chansons have an overflow of words. Listening to one is like hearing a short story sung. So they're great songs to use for expressing a political message via new lyrics.

  3. John de Nugent mentioned someone connected to the arguably 'soft' white nationalist American Freedom Party. I feel that this is the best party we got right now for our cause, even if they are too mild for most of us. Do you think its possible to work with them, to turn them into the tiger we need, or do you think its best to not try and move on to form another pro white US party?

  4. (RE: 9-11) "...are own government guided by the evil bastards in Isreal..." John K.

    I love it!

    Great show, John. I gladly listened the entire two hours. First time I've lestened to John D. Both guests were so right on the mark. No surprise. And John D.,I've been ill on four occasions here in Boston from chemtrails. I often wonder why Americans are so passive.

    Today, I gave a receptionist I met three ref's for YouTube videos. Anthony Lawson's AIPAC: The Voice of America, David Duke's No War For Israel in Iran, and Ken O'Keefe's recent 9-11 documentary with Christopher Bollyn. I try to wake-up as many people as possible; hopefully one a day.

    Viva la Dieudonne!



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