Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Realist Report - David Martin: Communist subversion of America

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by David Martin. David and I will be discussing the systematic Communist infiltration and subversion of the Roosevelt administration and other prominent institutions in American prior to and during WWII.

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  1. Very interesting show. While listening I was trying to think of the Broadway playwright who exposed the Communist cell of Hollywood and named all the names of the famous actors who were literally card carrying communists. Fagan put out a set of audios called "Red Stars Over Hollywood". I think I actually heard Fagan speak as a guest on an alternative radio show when I was first moving into the conspiracy corner. Jimmy Stewart was one. You know, good old kindly all American Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Jimmy Stewartl.
    You can listen to the linked Fagan audios and hear all the names of the most famous of the famous actors in Hollywood. (No wonder I always liked John Wayne!)

    Fagan’s expose led to the The Committee on Un-American Activities that investigated communist infiltration of the motion picture industry in 1947.

    So these two articles are important in the era D C Dave was speaking about on this show.

    Under The Radar Media
    History Repeats – Red Stars Over Hollywood, Gun Control For Zion Edition

    "His name was Myron Fagan. Mr. Fagan was Jewish himself but it was he who instigated the formation ... " SNIP

    Jewish Stars Over Hollywood

    by Dr. Ed Fields

    Do Movies And TV Promote Un-American Propaganda?
    Stars Who Fought Communism
    Marxism - A Racial Movement
    Who Rules Hollywood And TV Today?
    Who Controls Hollywood Today?
    The Name Changers
    More Jewish Stars Over Hollywood
    How The Jews Stole Thomas Edison's Motion Picture Invention
    The Goal of Hollywood
    Propaganda Goals Outlined
    Do Movies And TV Promote Un-American Propaganda?


    I have started watching a lot of old movies on YouTube from the 30s and 40s. Many of these were "pre-code" movies. It is amazing what those movies contained.


    at 5:28 in Part 10 of this 1933 movie

    Design for Living

    Actress Meriam Hopkins uses the word "fuckin". The theme of this movie is that this one woman lives with and has sexual relations with both men who are close friends and they live happily ever after.

    1. Here is the Fagan audio link:

  2. Dragging 55 lb bags of sugar?! Oy-veh... The jews are strong and good looking "people". Unser seliger Adolf.

  3. This could be most helpful...

  4. I wonder what is DC Dave's opinion of Senator William Jenner, R.In., who I was privileged to meet at his son's wedding reception, who was profoundly an anti-Communist AmericaFirster, and while in Congress was a follower of Joseph McCarthy..:


  5. Anti - Semitism is bad unless of course it is Non jewiish Anti - Semitism.


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