Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Realist Report - Aryan Women

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Heks and Sinead of AryanWomen.com. Heks and Sinead host Aryan Women on Renegade Broadcasting every Sunday evening. We will be discussing a variety of subjects, including growing up in Jew-controlled America, college, male-female relations, and related matters.

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  1. Dear All,
    Nice interview John! Always nice to hear Heks and Sinead!
    The comment about a friend who prefers to identify as Jewish instead of German which is her true identity! That is something I could go on a rant about! I can't tell you how many times I have come across that and on the reverse I listen to people who assume some German surnames are Jewish. People don't know in many instances Jews took identical surnames from Germans and the Yiddish speaking Jews even had names or nicknames that often enough were also real German surnames! Alfred Rosenberg of course is the first example that comes to mind.
    The bit about Feminism, Annie Sprinkle, and the obsession with the vagina and its exhibition as art. First thing that came to my mind was Georgia O'keefe which led to me thinking about the hideous half-Mexican half-Jew Frida Kahlo who got that movie made about her even though she was a Trotskyite who then turned into a Stalinist. Weird.
    The whole college thing was interesting! I went to a private Catholic University and there was little difference! I had a lot of fun of course like most people but I really regret ever bothering and spending the money. I could have just worked two jobs instead of one at night while being a full-time student and I would have come out a lot better off!
    Last thing:
    Severus Niflson commented on a show with David Baillie on the issue of the Core Identity being eclipsed or denied or shunned and replaced with a Meta-identity based around individualism or class collectivism. This is what you were discussing toward the end of the show. In the U.S. individualism ultimately becomes obviously a fraud to intelligent and thinking people who either embrace an elitist identity and/or a collective class identity which while that may seem contradictory to be both in Marxism-Leninism it is not. There are those who are more and more like us who are Racially collectivist and Anti-Jewish and hopefully are elitist and class conscious also at least that there really are parasitic 'whites', they don't deserve the title!, and then there are the real Whites who do the vast majority of the work on this planet who need a vanguard of fanatics to fight and lead! I say that like George Lincoln Rockwell did in that for you to be exceptional you have to be fanatical about what you are doing!
    Take care all!

  2. I wanted to write up a longer comment but I can't right now, So I will just say this...

    Heks and Sinead are GREAT!

  3. Great show. Those two women were great. I definitely think Christian agrarian communities are the solution. We need to separate from this evil world system and not be unequally yoked together with these wicked people.


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