Sunday, February 16, 2014

The History of Political Correctness

The following video, originally found at, is a must watch if you want to gain a deeper insight and understanding of what is wrong with our culture and society today. Take the time to watch this 22 minute video.


  1. You weren't kidding John, that video was fantastic. I have known of the Frankfurt school and Marcuse for quite some time but had never really investigated. Just now I am looking on Wiki about the Frankfurt school and who the major players were. The first five names that I click on.......all Jews! And we all know that Wiki isn't exactly a right wing publication.

    It never ceases to amazing me what a number has been done on our society, how completely the population has been brainwashed. I am sitting here with my mouth open, and I thought I had pretty well seen it all by now. The video never states anything about the Jewish angle, but this Martin Jay, chairman of the history department at Berkley, looks like an obvious leftist Jew, then there is David Horowitz (well known Jew) later on who admits with pride that he was a culture destroying Marxist, and then the whole Frankfurt school that was completely Jewish dominated and who drew their base ideas from two other super Jews, Freud and Marx. It is stated that the Frankfurt school faculty fled Germany during WWII and the Nazi regime and came to America (where there were and are a ton of powerful Jews) and it is completely openly admitted with pride that the Jews involved in the Marxist work at the Frankfurt school were seriously trying to topple the whole western order, yet we have all been convinced that all of this is completely irrelevant concerning Hitler and the Nazis, they were just murderous maniacs and everything Jews have done and will do is completely virtuous.

    We are truly living in a nightmarish, upside down reality. Get ready for the storm.

    How can I download this video John?

    1. Hey man, you're so right - it's incredible what they've done.

      As far as downloading the video, I'm not sure exactly. You may want to just do a simple google search "downloading YouTube videos" and see what comes up.

    2. Another one..Great job john.And i want to add. All actions performed by world jewry and all the jewish lobby organizations are always orchestrated by their rabbis and chabadniks.Always have been. The rabbis are their driving force and evils source.

  2. We need to spread the truth about the Jews manipulating and corrupting the governments of the people (Gentiles). The internet hardly reaches the majority of the masses. What say you about printing articles on one page sheets and distributing them free of cost on the streets?

  3. Dear Mr. Friend,

    One quick word more; although there is no doubt of Israel's role in 9/11 one must take into account the US military's involvement in 9/11 FROM ITS INCEPTION!

    Only naïveté or stupidity would allow one to think 9/11 could have been pulled off WITHOUT US military complicity.

    Please consider having Mr. Rae West of BIG-LIES.ORG on your show, as well as Dr. Judy Wood.

    Thanks again.


    1. Hey thanks for the feedback - I'll see about Mr. Rae West.

  4. I accidentally deleted the following comment:

    Hello Mr. Friend!

    Your work is refreshing and brave and your interviews always deeply informative esp. Mr. Dave Mansfield, Mr. Kaminski and Mrs. Spingola.

    Because you seem such an open-minded and inquisitive fellow allow me to suggest a site you and your readers/listeners might find intriguing:


    Keep up the fine work, Mr. Friend.



  5. Note Definite Precursors, Foundations, Precedents To This Political Correctness Of Present-Day--It Didn't Just Arise In 19th Cent.

    John: u know, there's more, at least for back-ground, to this stuff u present in the vid--though, to be sure, it's extremely interesting, without doubt, and it deserves to be understood in detail. BUT, like I say, there's more.

    Even long before capitalism, there was a more general attack against reason itself, fm back in Greek times, but then later too, esp. in skepticism of David Hume, subjectivism of Immanuel Kant in spirit of moralism/Pharisaism, then statism of Hegelian reaction to classic liberalism of individual freedom (as of American founders), which all then led to Marx.

    First, note simply the anti-Christ subversion in way of present "Judeo-Christianity" (JC--see and for expo), whence Christianity, properly understood as worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precept(s), is now conflated as mere version/variation of Judaism, which is actually totally anti-thematic, Jews upholding lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44)--whatever is "good for Jews," according to their Talmud, Talmud the "interpretation" of Torah. See and for best expo on Talmud.

    For observe Aristotelian objectivity requires the necessary assumption (as it cannot be proven in logic) of that objective reality outside the mind which mind is otherwise mere subjective source (Plato, Descartes).

    Significance of the attack against Aristotle and objectivity is the Pharisaist perfectly "free" (God-like) human will whence there's such thing as "good-evil," foundation then of the "good" of this political-correctness and general irrationalism, death of Christianity, reason, property-rights and sanctity-of-contract, etc.

    Thus note Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8) requires and affirms Aristotelian objectivity as necessary criterion for such TRUTH, which Judaism denies, insisting the only "truth" is what serves "good of Jews" (subjectivism).

    So u see, this present-day Politically-Correct propaganda is actually mere particularist manifestation of same old, more general Platonist-subjectivist-Pharisaist irrationalism, culture-of-death, suicide, etc., founded upon empire-of-lies, rejecting the Aristotelian objective reality.

  6. This 2004 full video put out by the

    is available on YouTube in parts

    You probably can buy the used actual VHS video on Amazon or other site...

    Here is interesting article by Kevin MacDonald on this subject

    Lind, William S. The Origins of Political Correctness:

    I think one has to be very very careful with all of this. Remember both sides, the Old Left and the New Left want to purportedly destroy capitalism.

    Truth is capitalism is of Jewish origin and so is the "free market" internationalism Austrian School of Economics.

    The Christianity that is mainly the target of these evil people is the true Christian Church founded by Jesus Christ. "They" have done most of the demolition work on the Church already from within by the Russian Jew founded Freemasons within the clergy and a subtle underminding and twisting of the teachings of Christ.

    Remember this Horowitz guy went to work for FrontPage magazine that that other fake conservative Ann Coulter. They are the perfect picture of FAKE EVIL conservatives.

    I was right in the middle of all this Marxist garbage in the 60s in large state university majoring in sociology. Many of my professors were Jewish and social work seemed to be ruled by Jews. I remember spending a whole semester on "the authoritarian personality" and boy, I thought that guy really had it nailed. That was the perfect description of my parents and family who just did not understand me. Thank goodness I had my conscience trained up in mainly traditional Catholicism and I did not get sucked in to the "sexual revolution." I had a clue what Jesus means by liberation and freedon, not what is peddled to us as such in this corrupt City of Man.

    Just remember that all this "conservatism" that Lind seems to be explaining so well is just as controlled by the controllers as the other side.

    The revolution has already succeeded in the USA. We are now to engage in the counter revolution. Never say you are a revolutionary. You are counter revolutionary. And please take some personal action to undermine the system.

    We need this evil corrupt system to come down, just as is the goal of the Marxists, but our hope is to start all over again with the right kind of rulers and the right Catholic Christian philosophical foundations.

    We should be worrying mainly about the destination of our very real eternal souls, not about the preservation of our property and "liberties" and "Constitutional republic." Those things are toast.

    Do not go along with this system. Buck it every way you can. Actions we take to keep ourselves right with God are all that matters.

    1. Battle For Hearts & Minds Of Masses Is Battle Of TRUTH Vs. Lies, Never Doubt

      This sort of advice by Lind, evidently, is muddled and contradictory. Christ assured us of existence of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all things as the ONLY WAY to "Kingdom of Godly happiness."

      Hence Reason and honesty are integral parts of Holy Spirit by which we apprehend Christ and TRUTH; thus follows rule-of-law, property rights, and such as US Constitution.

      So the CRUX to the problem, in practical terms, the KEY to the cultural corruption, is the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam which buys all the politicians, judges, corp.s, the mass-corp. "news"-media, the public edjumacation and the establishment churches--all of them, Cath. & Prot.

      In the abstract it gets more complex, but suffice it to say, we're up against satanic liars, making use of BIG-LIES, for the minds and souls of the great masses in the middle btwn the two cultural/political poles.

      So the Inter-net is key, I submit, including outstanding blogs like this one here by John Friend--keep up ur great work.

  7. I am not sure what else Americans should expect. You let a bunch of Eastern European Yids into your country,let them buy up the media,subvert the educational system,and propagate an agenda that finds western culture,and Christian family values as rotten. I just can't believe how gullible people are to fall victim to the lying ,thieving ,murdering,Jews' brainwashing.


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