Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Night w/ the Wise Old Man

Welcome to Sunday Night w/ the Wise Old Man! Zan Overall, also known as the Wise Old Man, is an activist, musician, comedian, and actor. Tonight, we will again be hearing two of the Wise Old Man's excellent songs, along with a comedic skit and an overview of Zan's recent activism on the UCLA college campus.

You can download the mp3 for this program here, or visit The Realist Report on BlogTalkRadio to subscribe via iTunes and view past programs.

1 comment:

  1. John-

    I just got through listening to your show with Zan. It far exceeded my expectation which was pretty high to begin with. To hear Zan's viewpoint is to hear a unique perspective to further enlighten the rest of us from his vantage point. It seemed much shorten than the 28 minutes because it was so good. I liked the Zan song that you ended the show with and tell Zan he might have a hit on his hands.

    Thanks again and look forward to the next show with "Zan The Wise Ole Man."


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