Monday, February 10, 2014

More brazen, shameless "Holocaust" chutzpah

The organized Jewish community residing in Hungary, in yet another display of brazen chutzpah and arrogance, has decided to "boycott the state-sponsored Holocaust memorial program unless the government makes changes to redress distortions of history," the Jewish Telegraph Agency reports.

The Jews living in Hungary are upset that the Hungarian government is not perpetuating the false narrative of WWII, particularly as it relates to the fake Jewish "Holocaust" story we constantly hear about, in a manner that adequately suits the Jewish community and advances the primacy of alleged Jewish "suffering" at the hands of the "evil Nazis" and their European allies during WWII.

The JTA reports:
Representatives of Mazsihisz, the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities, at a special assembly on Sunday voted 76-2 to “distance” the organization from the government’s program marking the 70th anniversary of the mass deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz “under the present circumstances.”

Its resolution said the government plans “do not take into consideration the sensitiveness of those who went though the horror of the Holocaust.”

Mazsihisz, the resolution said, can take part in the Holocaust 2014 program and will use the grants it received from the government’s Civil Fund for memorial events “only if the Hungarian Government changes its attitude toward the memory and research of the Holocaust.”

Prime Minister Viktor Orban must take action on three specific issues, the resolution said: halt the erection of a memorial in downtown Budapest to the German occupation of Hungary; dismiss Sandor Szakaly as the director of a new government historical institute; and suspend the creation of a Holocaust memorial museum in a former Budapest train station.

The resolution said the monument’s “symbolic message promotes the shifting away of national responsibility” in the Holocaust. [...]
The shameless display of Jewish superiority, vanity, and presumptuousness is so astounding, I simply do not understand how this type of behavior can be tolerated any more than it already has.

Think about it: Mazsihisz, the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities which is funded by the Hungarian government, is demanding that very same government kowtow to it's dictates and demands regarding the fake Jewish "Holocaust" and the memorialization of (alleged) historical events that took place in Hungary.

The arrogance of these people knows no bounds.

Over in the United Kingdom recently, the organized Jewish community and the politically correct, Jew-worshipping political and media establishment essentially forced Yasmin Qureshi, a Labour MP, to publicly apologize and renounce her (*false*) comparison of the fake Jewish "Holocaust" during WWII with the genocide and destruction of the Christian and Muslim people living in Zionist occupied Palestine.

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

In a Parliamentary debate last week on the humanitarian situation facing Palestinians, Yasmin Qureshi drew parallels with the Shoah.

The Bolton South East MP suggested it was "quite strange" that the Israeli government was "complacent and happy" to allow Palestinians to be treated like "Jews who suffered genocide".

Her remarks were condemned by the Holocaust Educational Trust, Labour Friends of Israel and Labour supporters.

Ms Qureshi issued a statement apologising over the weekend. She said: “The debate was about the plight of the Palestinian people and in no way did I mean to equate events in Gaza with the Holocaust.

"I apologise for any offence caused. I am also personally hurt if people thought I meant this.

"As someone who has visited the crematoria and gas chambers of Auschwitz I know the Holocaust was the most brutal act of genocide of the 20th century and no-one should seek to underestimate its impact.” [...]
Shame on Ms. Qureshi!

These two stories further demonstrate a central point I have been making here on this blog: the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative is the Big Lie of the 20th century, and has been used to psychologically, emotionally, financially, and political exploit the entire world in order to advance international Jewry's tyrannical agenda of world domination and subjugation. How much more obvious does it have to get before the masses realize these basic truths?

* The Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII that is constantly being reinforced and perpetuated by the mass media, Hollywood, and educational and political establishment throughout the entire world is demonstrably false in virtually every single aspect. See here, here and here if you are not familiar with this information. On the other hand, the Christian and Muslim peoples who have lived in Palestine for centuries have in fact experienced a very real genocide - a very real holocaust - at the hands of the usurping, illegitimate Jewish state known as "Israel" occupying Palestine.


  1. Were Jews murdered? Yep, they sure were, but not nearly enough in relatiionship to jewish criminal behavior during the past 3000 years. Gerry Frederics

    1. Were Jews murdered? A small amount were whacked for aiding Communist, terrorist enterprises but as for the Talmudic Holohoax and 'Six million', nope! The 'Final Solution' was a territiorial solution, i.e. kick them out like over 100 other countries have in the past. This is why in 2014 not one single mass grave has been found even though the exact locations are supposedly known and also why you have laws against questioning any of this fantastic babble.

      Case closer here:

    2. Typhus and malnutrtion mainly. It would have needed up to 64 years to cremate 'the' number. Australian ground penetrating radar showed no graves at Treblinka. Auschwitz 'gas chamber' exhaust was adjacent to German 1st floor sanitarium!!

      No I' m not an anti-semite nor a self hater, just someone born into the cult, and researching what happened to our family in the slave labour camps.

    3. You are more than likely an "anti-semite". Probably living in America your tax dollars go toward the invading Khazar Jews slaughter of the Semitic Palestinians, whilst you sit on your backside pontificating that you might feel a need to cry for a Jew today.

  2. Hungary, France, Germany, Austria, Spain and England!
    Get off your knees. Refuse to be neo-eunuchs.

    Show us your Quenelles!

  3. Were Jews murdered? Nope...They died like everyone else after the Jewish led ALLIES bombed all of europe like unhinged maniacal satanic forces that they were...Unbeknownst to the naive and gullible americans who were drafted BEFORE the war started...

    The Jews were given every chance to leave Germany...The Jews took the world to war...No sympathy...None...

    Dave Mansfield


      Tomorrow I will be on The Realist Report with John Friend @ 11 AM Eastern Time…Check it out…

      We will be talking about many things including our video ‘American leaders JOKE about killing veterans and children’. Also known as ‘What is so funny?’

      Dave Mansfield

  4. They don't like it? Tell them to move to Israel.

  5. Maybe Hungary should highlight George Soros's role in ratting out his corelgionists.

  6. Me I think Hungary should build a huge memorial to remember what Bela Kun (Cohen) and his coreligionists did to Hungary. A river of blood would be fitting.

  7. I sometimes wonder if a violent uprising against these monsters may be the only final solution for the rest of us. No more taking it on the chin, it's time to fight evil at it's source. The Jewish criminal cabal must go.

  8. These Holocaust promoters know they are lying ... Yet can on a serious argument and will stand in your face livid in their denunciation of you should you try to present a sane, logical inquiry for the facts or lack of. They are professional liars but retain the ability to try and convince everyone else of their insane mindset as the gospel truth. The evidence is not there for any attempt of genocide ... forensic proofs do not support any genocide. The evidence shown is laughable at best ... claims of using a bug and pest killer to mass-murder millions of human-beings should qualify one for a padded cell and visited by the men in white coats daily.

  9. Yes I have been reading about his lately on a Hungarian website that THEY want to shut down.
    I wonder if they realise people are not falling for this anymore, but I guess they don't care.
    Well, another asskicking is coming, just matter of time, enough is enough!

  10. These Holocaust promoters are like panderers of snake oil. Both are serial liars, reeling in the most gullible of people on which to promote their lies. In spite of proof to the contrary, these panderers of myth continue to push their cult "religion" on humanity. The truth is, Zyklon-B is nothing more than an insecticide which was used in delousing the clothing of concentration camp inmates during the war, and the proof is there; thus, claims of using an insecticide to mass-murder millions of humans should qualify one for a padded cell and visits by men in white coats daily. You got that right. Some of the best evidence besides examining the chambers themselves is the written reports made by the International Red Cross.


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