Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hezbollah: Jews have "hijacked global culture" through media, Hollywood

Al-Manar TV, a Lebanese-based television and media company with ties to Hezbollah, recently aired a television program (correctly) claiming that "Jews use skills and superheroes to hijack global culture through mass media," The Times of Israel reported yesterday.

American Jews invented Hollywood movies, from “Superman” to “Schindler’s List,” in order to take over the world, according to a program aired on Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV and translated by MEMRI. Hezbollah would like to do the same thing, but doesn’t know how to, the report lamented.

According to the program, the Jews “felt rejected by real American society,” so they “tried to change society’s opinions of them by inventing cinematic characters that would serve as role models.”
In my view, it is not accurate to say that Jews invented Hollywood per say, but rather they have hijacked it. Hollywood and early film production was largely invented and pioneered by White Christian peoples - not Jews. Over the course of the past 100 years, Jews have infiltrated, subverted, and taken over most aspects of American culture, including the mass media, Hollywood production companies, academia, politics, and banking.

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Jews themselves openly admit and boast about their ownership and control of the mass media and Hollywood. Joel Stein, a Jewish journalist, wrote an article in the Los Angeles Times back in December of 2008 entitled, "Who runs Hollwood? C'mon," where he jokes about the alleged "anti-Semitic" canard that "Jews control Hollywood" and openly states: "Jews totally run Hollywood." To conclude his essay, he writes that he doesn't "care if Americans think we're [Jews] running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government," he only cares "that we [Jews] get to keep running them."

The aforementioned Times of Israel published a blog post back in 2012 provocatively entitled, "Jews DO control the media".

So much for the "anti-Semitic" canard or "conspiracy theory" about Jews owning and controlling the mass media and Hollywood - they openly admit and boast about it in their own newspapers!

To continue with the previously cited article recently published by The Times of Israel:
While some of the characters were overtly Jewish, others were concealed as superheroes and other classic Hollywood protagonists, camouflaging the Jewish attempt to take over American and global culture.

“That’s when it all began,” said the narrator of the program. “Everybody wanted to be like Superman, the hero from outer space who could not fit into society as Superman, so he invented a character that was better suited for American society — the feeble, bespectacled Clark Kent.”

The program cited an “expert” described as a “university professor and international photographer,” Farroukh Majidi, as saying, ”If you hit the heart of somebody, the result is short-term. But if you hit his brain, then the result is long-term.”

Majidi was referring to what the program described as the Jews’ attempts to use heroic characters to generate influence.

“They try to make you believe that what you think is coming out of you, yourself,” Majidi said.

The narrator then explained that Superman was “invented” by Joe Shuster, a Jew, to “deal with” whoever challenged the Jewish world view.

“Hollywood is a Jewish invention that changed the way Americans view America, and created dreams, rather than reality. They managed to make the Americans live the dream, divorced from reality,” said the narrator.

“Undoubtedly, the goal was to take over the greatest superpower in the world to control all aspects of its daily life and to harness it in the service of Jewish goals worldwide.”

Majidi added, “What is most dangerous is if you believe their culture.”

He warned that the most “dangerous” aspect of the Jewish influence over global culture through Hollywood was not films centering around Jewish characters or themes, but rather films subversively promoting Jewish culture.

“What is touching us, what is ruining us, ruining our culture, is the penetration of their culture through mass media, through their movies, through this television,” Majidi said.
Again, while it is not accurate, in my view, to state that Jews invented Hollywood, their take over and control of it (and the mass media generally) has allowed them to hijack our culture, our history, and our very perception of reality and the world we live in.

The entire "New World Order" agenda, which in actuality is nothing more than Jewish imperialism and global subversion and subordination, is largely perpetuated and advanced by the Jewish-controlled mass media and "entertainment" complex centered around Hollywood and corporate television broadcast companies. The television is a weapon of mass deception and psychological and emotional exploitation.

The Jewish propagandist and public relations specialist Edward Bernays wrote in his 1928 book Propaganda:
The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country
We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. [...]
Bernays would go on to write that "it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons... who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world."

Bernays defined propaganda as "a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group," and contended - correctly in my view - that "Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government."

There can be no doubt that the Jewish-controlled mass media and Hollywood regularly present altered, distorted, manipulated, or even outright fabricated photographic and video imagery, coupled with false scripted testimony, in order to advance certain geopolitical and cultural agendas, as well as literally creating and manufacturing an artificial reality we are all forced to operate in. The Jewish mass media and Hollywood openly promote subversive, anti-human propaganda and values, including homosexuality, pornography, transgenderism, feminism, and sexual promiscuity, in order to distort and debase traditional Western culture.

The mass media and Hollywood are no longer benevolent, enlightening forces - if they ever truly were - that seek to entertain and honestly inform the public about important political, economic, social and historical issues, in addition to holding powerful forces operating in society to account. No, the mass media and Hollywood have been weaponized, and have been and continue to be used to systematically deceive and psychologically and emotionally exploit the American public in order to advance certain geopolitical and cultural agendas, along with false narratives of history and current happenings.


  1. Someone with skills I don't have should modify the WHO CONTROLS YOUR MIND graphic. It's otherwise excellent, but the categories, Goy, Jew, Nonwhite, should be replaced with White (always capitalized), Jew, Other Non-White.

    If it's not clear why the corrections are necessary, Goy, which is a Jewish term we have no business using, does not equate to White, while Jews themselves are a non-White group.

  2. Due to the honest and diligent research of people like yourself, much of what we have been cajoled into learning and accepting needs to be carefully re-examined. And a new and more truthful paradigm needs to take root.

  3. The author's premise in this article was thoroughly documented in 1989 by the Jewish film critic Neal Gabler, in his book: An Empire of Their Own: How The Jews Invented Hollywood. A&E Network later produced a documentary in 2005 based on Gabler's research, Hollywood: An Empire of Their Own. The Jewish origin of the Hollywood film industry is pretty irrefutable.

  4. Fed Is Key, For Practical Purposes

    John: don't forget the BASIC, primary instrument/tool/weapon of the Jew dictatorship--the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam--see and for best expo on the Fed.

    Note the Fed literally just prints-up and digitalizes nearly ENDLESS funds for any/every purpose, and the "Jews"-media and Hollywood domination are just a couple of the things the Fed makes possible.

    Thus the powers behind the Fed, the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers, now own and control everything, all politicians and judges, w. only very few exceptions, public edjumacation, corporations large and small, and establishment Christian churches, both Cath. & Prot.

    Key to overthrow of this satanic regime is removal of its primary weapon/instrument, the Fed. But people need to understand a proper money-banking system based upon commodity-money, gold & silver being best. And people need to quit being distracted by "bread & circuses," too. Keep up ur good work.

  5. apsterian...

    Agree wholeheartedly about how terrible the 'Fed' is...

    However...It is not the primary weapon...

    The media is...The media gives legitimacy to the whole damn thing...

    The media is in your house...The IRS will come to your house...Sure...

    What should we do about the Fed?

    I think we should ALL focus on getting people to 'lose confidence' in the MEDIA first and foremost...

    It is holding everything up now isn't it?

    1. HOW will u "get rid" of the Jews-media without getting rid of the Fed?--the Fed supplies all the funds which the media will use to pay lawyers to fight u in ct. and to harass u in other ways. The Fed pays the politicians and judges to make sure u have no voice and that there's NO COMPETITION to the media. And if lawyers don't work against u, they'll simply pay assassins a couple hundred bucks for some crack to take u out.

      If, by some miracle, u were able to get rid of some media, the Fed funding would quickly see to more popping up against u. Fed IS KEY to the criminal whole network. Get a clue.

    2. Get a clue? Are you serious?

      I agree on the fed and what you said about it...

      Get rid of the media? I said get people to lose confidence in it...A nice way of saying throw it in the trash...

      The media can ruin any judge or politican in a day could they not?

      How are you going to get rid of the Fed?

    3. I think I see what happened...I was NOT saying "the IRS will come to your house...Sure..." IN A SARCASTIC WAY...

      I totally agree with you on the fed. Don't get me wrong both media and the fed are huge problems, HUGE...Both are at the top of the list. Fed controls peoples wallets...Media controls peoples minds...

    4. Fed controls the media; Fed is responsible for the media--if it wasn't for the Fed, media wouldn't be what it is. To get rid of media u MUST get rid of Fed FIRST.

      But the Fed is now just like a huge raging forest-fire which cannot be put out, save a monsoon, it can only burn itself out now--as we observe the collapse of the currency, on-going. Meantime we patriots can only do what we can. My thought is to promote a rationalist, revolutionary Christianity which is truly anti-Semitic--in order to contrast effectively w. present phony Christianity, so friendly to Jews and Israel.

    5. Out of curiousity...Did you think I was sarcastic in the first comment? I can see why you would have seen it that way...No worries...

      Difficult problems all around...You describe the fed as a raging forest fire...I suppose forest fires have to burn out...

      In regards to the media...The idea is to get as many GOOD people as possible to ignore their message...Worth doing in my opinion...

      Getting Christians to become anti jew is another monster that seems impossible to kill...I guess we have to try with all of it right?

    6. If the Fed just 'prints' all this cash and is the source of funds for all the bad shit we see going on, how come the Fed actually borrows money itself?

      The most glaring recent demonstration of this came in 2008 when the Fed made an $85 billion loan to AIG for an 80% share in the insurer, but the Fed had itself borrowed that $85 billion from the Treasury, who borrowed it from future generations of Americans.

      The Fed does technically have the power to originate debt-free the US money supply, but what a shame it doesn't.

      Forget Griffin and the deceptively named 'Austrians' pushing the Big Jew Bankers' Big Jew Gold Owners' back-up plan, guys, they are liars and stooges.

      John Friend, you might consider interviewing James Bowery on race and nation and Jew issues as well as financial matters. He might just be the smartest guy out there writing about these subjects.

      Check out these two short interviews for example (scroll down for part one):


      Bowery’s pioneering background in IT and its funding programs, which were thwarted by Jewish interests, causing him to re-think his concerns;

      The concept of horizontal transmission, i.e. border crossing, which is key to evolution of Jewish virulence;

      The concept of ecologies, which are freely chosen in the New World and deeply evolved in Europe;

      How civilization blocks European males from challenging interlopers to duels, placing immigration control in hands of state;

      How the Internet promises to bypass central controls, facilitate voluntary associations, and foster independence from global forces;

      How the globalists use the “shells” of nations against Whites.
      How Austrian school economics facilitates Jewish virulence;

      The capital market and how it fails technological investment as a result of the way people are taxed and compensated;

      How fruits of civilization are accrued unjustly to asset holders;

      The case for taxing assets rather than income in exchange for civilization’s protection;

      How Austrian school economics facilitates Jewish virulence;

      Citizens’ dividends and how they would benefit families and small businesses.

  6. Once most of the sheeple understand who the real enemy is then we would have some hope\ presently a free run by the zionists right within our homes,Mind Control in the form of entertainment\ and we even paying for it\
    Throw the trash outta your homes \

  7. To paraphrase Mark Twain...

    "It ain't what I know that's killing me! It's what I 'know' that ain't SO!"

  8. They learned to control thought through false "history".

    LIE braries.


    Good show Shills pagans and so on need to listen. also important topic.

  10. John- First of all I want to say that I admire those that come out, and comment as themselves (vs. commenting as "anonymous" like I'm doing) It takes guts to "come out" and admit that one has a problem with centuries of Jewish Lies and subject themselves to the endless methods of Jewish agitation.

    As we know the Jews are in place on every side of every major issue. THIS IS KEY to understanding the Jewish Problems. Their pointpeople are waiting to pounce on newbies that have just awaken. Perhaps you could write an article on what one should expect upon waking up from Jewish Brainwashing (another topic altogether) and what to expect regarding their endless ways to agitate. I.E- what should one expect if they decide to fight back (against the lies) on Facebook?

    I see Jews that I know enough (and many that I don't know) on Facebook and this morning I saw a post by an "American Seemingly Bolshevik" Facebook poster. The poster had forwarded a picture of Adolph Hitler and saying that Obama was the next Hitler.

    The picture is a picture of Hitler and below it with words that sd. something like, "Hitler killed 6 million Jews. Don't let Obama do this again, here in America since Obama hates Jews and loves Muslims."

    Up to now I have really never gotten into a debate about this on Facebook on the topic of the Jew. I'm so sick of their propaganda. However I know that outwardly, the Jews are always looking to catch a new "Anti-Semite" in their nets of agitation via their pointmen and pointwomen.

    My wife is part German and thus so is my son we had together. At a restaurant the other night, she seemed ashamed that this was the case. I'm of Scottish descent and it infuriates me how the media conveys this guilt and shamefulness upon Americans of German descent. I want my son to be proud of his Scottish/German European White heritage.

    The media of all forms continues to demonize Hitler and shame the German people (and shame all White people too!) and it boils inside my spirit.

    I looked at my wife and son and sd, "be proud of your European and German heritage." There was a white lady at the table next to us and I could tell that she was sick of this Cultural Marxism too. The lady at the table next to us nodded with approval just after I said this.

    I was also thinking this morning a new political party called, "(Jewish) Racial Elitism Prevention" Party. It should focus solely on the Jews and maintain that the party has its hands full solving the Jewish problem first.

    The Party's intent could be to prevent any one race from subjecting all of the other races to it's dominance.

    Those in the most wealthy, and most powerful positions in the West are well over 75% Jewish. Is that the way you understand things or is it a higher %?

    Anyway, thanks for all the efforts to inform and wake up people.

  11. Jewish deception is like an onion the size of the sun. There are endless layers of deception that go so deep, that the average mind will just shake it off and just mindlessly float on to the next shallow topic.

  12. Uh oh... the emperor of TUTland, Mark Glenn, should have his minions, Piper and Johnson, investigate Hezbollah for Sunstein shills.

  13. Everyone speaks of the Media but what about ADVERTISISNG and PR ? See

  14. Here is a website that describes in detail, with government documents no less, some of the many ways jews wage war against us.

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
    NASA War Document
    Iron Mountain Report
    UN Agenda for the 21st Century (Agenda 21)
    Smart Meters

    Maybe John could do an interview with Deborah Tavares of


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