Friday, February 7, 2014

American Leaders Laugh About Dead Veterans and Children

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American political leaders of both parties are war mongering psychopaths. They do not care about you, your family, or the lives of innocent people. Watch as they laugh and make jokes about suffering and death.


  1. War is the most evil of all human activities, which always includes rape, torture and murder. Anyone who commits war, especially with an excuse for "pre-emptive war" or "invading another Nation" deserves to be raped, tortured and murdered themselves. Hitler is no exception.

    Any person who thinks they can order me or my son to give up our lives or to kill another man (War) better have the balls to fight me man to man himself.

    What I find amazing is that Jew wise people seem to understand that no politician runs a country but rather the Banking/Corporate actors do, yet many think Hitler ran Germany instead of being a puppet himself.

    Hitler did not even have the balls to go out fighting to the death, instead he supposedly kills himself and then magically disappears. Bullshit.

    Ps. Only the Jew forbids truth from being told, yet John Friend will not allow truths to be told about Hitler? Kind of ironic. Truth does not need any protection.

  2. Ken, I don't know you personally, but from what I can tell you seem like a decent guy, based on some of the comments you've posted here and on other blogs and websites I read. But seriously man, STOP POSTING this anti-Hitler crap on my site. I have dealt with this subject so many times now, it's getting old and quite annoying. I refuse to post any more of these "Hitler was a puppet" or "Hitler was a Jew" comments.

    See here for more:

    Hitler was NOT a puppet of anyone man - he was the greatest leader in modern Western history. He was a righteous man, fighting for his people and nation. I will not be publishing any more of your anti-Hitler comments.

  3. From what I have read Ken write. He makes a lot of great points most of the time.

    He loses me when he takes this route though. Germans being killed in Poland and Germans being bombed mercilessly when the real war started. He showed restraint to a fault. Is this the Hitler he is referring to?

    If Hitler was dragged through the streets like Mussolini or Quaddafi would Ken accept him as a great man then?

    "Only the Jew forbids truth from being told, yet John Friend will not allow truths to be told about Hitler?"

    The above quote is partially correct. The Jew forbids the truth being told about how Hitler was their worst nightmare. How Hitler was beyond what their worst nightmare was. How just the mere sight of his potential in 1933 brought them to the point that they organized a world war against him. They boycotted and packed arenas like Madison Square Garden in NY when Germany was still in the turmoil.

    The truth about Hitler is that he was and is the undisputed champion of the world against JEWRY and MARXISM. Period.

  4. Israel was prophesied to be 'created' in 1948. So says Rav Ashlag via the Kabballah secrets goy.

    That on conjuction with the Balfour Decalaration suggests that both World Wars were fought for the benefit of the jew...... The deaths of others are incidental and collateral to the deaths of any of the 'chosen' Non jew are described as supernal refuse and left overs from the creation in judaism.

    This 'Red Poppy' business associated with remembrance days appear more to be days on which the jew mocks the death of others. In English gematria RP or RiP amount to 18 and 16,,,,, drop the 10's as they are of minimal significance in gematria.
    The numbers 8 and 6 are the product and sum of 4 and 2, 42 being the number of the jewhiss god..... Multiplying 8 by 6 results in the birth date of israel in '48...... To 86 something means to discard it... as can be confirmed by any in the restaurant business.

    The red poppy ceremony , the flower of the judaic 'liilith' first wife who rejected the jew adam, apparently, appears to be designed principally by jews, some of them members of the BnaiBrith, and likely for the purpose of mocking the dead a favourite sport of the jew. It is safest when they're not about to defend their name.

    The ceremony should be discussed with the appropriate Returned Services Leagues with a view to having it replaced.
    It is therefore alos entiirley appropriate that jews, israelis and their goyische lickspittles be banned from attending the resting places and memorials of 'gentile' war dead. It can only be that they go to piss on their graves with their very presence.

    It is not by accident that WW11 appears as a temple menorah in the time domain, with 3 years each side of the central candle holder 1942, the number of the judaic god.

    Lillian Freiman
    Moina Michaels

    lilith poppies death and cold.

    November 11 near Ottawa, Canada.

    Click here to re-read our past post on Lillian Freiman, the Jewish woman from Ottawa who spearheaded a campaign to create The Great War Veterans Association (which would become the Royal Canadian Legion) and the woman who helped make the poppy the symbol of remembrance in Canada.

  5. I have already found this gripping video reposted at Washington's Blog and at The comments there are very valuable, and thanks to John, Mike, and all who put this unforgettable tragic piece together.

  6. The Hillary Clinton laughing pieces are quite out of context. The first one was not laughter over the images you edited prior, and the second one was probably a nervous laughter after the banter she just listened to.

    Isn't it somewhat idiotic for Iran to not want to pursue solar energy more aggressively?
    Iran has ecological diversity, yet still has amazing amounts of deserts that could generate a lot of solar power.

  7. The Hillary Clinton laughing piece at the beginning is NOT out of context at all...That was her getting news that Quaddafi was killed/murdered (lets be honest)...She knew the terrorists/mercenary ex convicts fighting the Libyans would do what they did to him and was well aware that what was on the video was most likely happening...

    The second one was INDEED nervous laughter...Laughter at being exposed because BLABBERMOUTH James Baker could not keep his mouth shut and deviated from the Democratic/Communist style of War by stealth...Whereas the Republicans just make threats and carry them out with GUSTO...

    Hillary's nervous laughter could be summed up by The Great One himself (before the Big Lie technique was perfected in his book) He had this pearl of wisdom...From Bolshevism: From Moses to Lenin...

    "There is one thing above all of which we must always keep in mind," he tendered, "one thing of which we must always remind ourselves: 'Great masters of the lie'! One need only forget Schopenhauer's words for an instant in order to begin slipping under the influence of their deceptions. To be sure, we also lie but, in the first place, not as a matter of habit and, in the second place, clumsily. Any really experienced judge of human nature is able to detect the lie of an Aryan, even a very shrewd one. Sherlock Holmes himself, however, would be at a loss when confronted with the Jewish cold-bloodedness in deception. A Jew is only embarrassed when he inadvertently blurts out the truth. If he should happen to deliberately tell the truth, it is always with a mental reservation, thus making a lie even of the truth."

    Now...The final bit is what I am referring to...I know Hillary may not be a Jew...But we you see is pure Jew behavior...Embarrassed by the truth not the lie...Even Baker was using some of this by telling the truth about the intentions of the U.S. towards Iran, but he was lying while telling the truth too...He knows full well that the Israelis have nukes and would be fully capable of taking Iran out...But they have to have our boys do it...Because the Innocent Jews in the desert won't look so damn squeaky clean to the Joe Six Pack of America if they light up a mushroom cloud for the TV audiences to see...

  8. Cont'd (What the heck, why not just post the rest of it?)

    "Indeed, Luther," I replied, "said to the Jews: 'You are not a German, but a deceiver, not a Frenchman, but a faker.' (42) His synonym for Jew was 'liar'!"

    That's what everyone who knows them says of them." he rejoined, "from the Pharaohs up to Goethe and our time. It has been said in every dead and living language: in Greek, Latin, Persian, Turkish, English, French, or what have you. One would hope that these universal condemnations, throughout the whole world, would give our charmers and wizards at least a little to think about. God forbid! Not even Christ was able to reach them. He stood there among the cringing Jewish rabble, his eyes flashing, the very image of scorn, and his words fell among them like whiplashes: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. (43) But to our charmers and wizards that means no more than the unintelligible stammering of a child."

    "They delude themselves by believing that to be only a stern but well-meaning lecture of the Lord to his beloved people of Israel," I underscored his irony.

    "Christ," he continued with a raised voice, "was never other than perfectly straightforward and frank. God, not to feel the fact that there two fundamentally different worlds opposed one another! In Palestine after the Babylonian captivity there was a great lower stratum of non-Jews ruled over by Jewish moneylenders, powerful through their usury. One can read that in the book of Nehemiah (especially in chapter five — Ed.). Sombart says that it leaves absolutely nothing to be desired in the way of clarity. (44) The outstanding point is that the real population, composed of oppressed peasants, was of an entirely different race than the Hebrews. Gradually the Jews forced their religion on them. Christ himself growled about that: 'Woe onto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye encompass sea and land to make one proselyte....' (45) To the Jews, Galilee was the land of the Gentiles, whose population 'sat in darkness,' as they impudently imagined. (46) They said: Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?' and 'Art thou also of Galilee? Search, and look: for out of Galilee ariseth no prophet.' (47) The Hebrews were so firmly convinced of the non-Jewish ancestry of Christ that they counted him among the especially hated Samaritans. (48) We live and learn! There are many more such examples."

    One could hardly recommend a better policy than that which lets each man find salvation in his own fashion," I stressed. "The tacit assumption in that policy, though, is that each man's fashion should involve some sort of decent sentiment, some genuine belief, and not just a contemptible Phariseeism. This distinction should have been expressly emphasized long ago. It wasn't, and the religion of the moneychanger has received the benefit of this misguided tolerance. Christ was not so tolerant. With a whip he put a stop to the business of the children of the devil, even though he had said, 'Love your enemy'!"

  9. Cont'd

    "Yes," he replied, "but we must understand what Christ meant by 'enemy.' We can love an honorable and decent enemy, even a brutal one, who is frank and forthright in his enmity. And at the same time we can beware of him. But Christ never dreamed that we should love men whom no love whatever could dissuade from their implacable determination to poison us, body and soul. Indeed, he himself did not do that. On the contrary, he continued to strike with his whip as hard as he could. And the words that he flung with indignation into the faces of the rabble breathed of irreconcilability itself. To me, he acted very proudly in the founding of his religion: there was very little contradiction between his sermons and his deeds! Why, then, have the 'pious' never followed his example? They least of all. They mercilessly persecute even their decent adversaries—as a matter of fact, only their decent adversaries. Their eyes remain closed to the most cunning bunch of swindlers in existence. The Bavarian People's Party, for instance, knows quite well that we are defending the Christian foundations of our nation without mental reservations. They also know, however, that we can make no common cause with them as long as they adhere to their present policies. And so they turned to the Jews, hoping to remain in power with their help. They surprised themselves. Dripping with friendliness at first, the Jews turned on them murderously when they had gotten the upper hand."

    "That was inevitable," I agreed with him. "Fortunately, the Jews would not be able to provide us with that same sort of dreadful experience, for we do not betray and murder our own flesh and blood for the sales of profit. So far as we are concerned, the Bavarian People's party could even remain in office, provided they clean the manure out of they pigsty and perceive the correctness of our views. We are not willing to tear ourselves apart just for power. But we want Germanism, we want genuine Christianity, we want order and propriety, and we want these things so firmly established that our children and grandchildren can remain satisfied with them."

    "They consider that impossible," he said, "and therefore they consider our program nothing but empty phrases, of no more sincerity than the empty phrases with which they consciously try to peddle themselves to the people. But our goals are not only possible, they are certain, even if we don't attain them tomorrow. But first a beginning must be made. So far, never and nowhere has there been a truly social state. Everywhere and always the upper crust has leaned much more strongly to the principle, 'what is yours, is mine,' than to, 'what is mine, is yours.' These wise ones have only themselves to blame for the fact the lower stratum, full of rage, now is committing the same error. The Jew is able to take advantage of both these groups. One of them provides for his affairs, the other carries them out. Therefore, we oppose them both. We will put an end to unfair privileges as well as to slavery."

  10. Cont'd

    "Decidedly," I replied. "Our front stands against both left and right. A strange situation; from two directions we must ward off attackers who also fight one another. The Reds scream at us as reactionaries, and to the reactionaries we are Bolsheviks. From both sides the Jew directs the attack on us. The lower stratum doesn't see him yet and, thus, hates us from sheer stupidity; the upper stratum sees him but thinks it can serve its own selfish purposes with him and thus, shoots us in the back more from unscrupulousness than stupidity. One really needs a good deal of faith under such circumstances in order to maintain one's courage."

    "Which we have, God be thanked, in a hundred ways," he said, laughing, as he stretched himself. "No words were spoken more directly to our hearts than 'Be not afraid'! (49) And that was supposed to have been said by a Jew? Those creatures of eternal fear? Crazy!"


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