Monday, February 3, 2014

9/11 Truther Crashes Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith's Interview

This was not only surprising to see, but very welcomed:

I posted a comment on this video this evening, which read:
Jewish criminals controlling the United States federal government and media, working in collusion with the Jewish state of Israel, planned, organized, executed, and have benefitted from 9/11. Wake up America. NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL AND THE JEWS!
Exactly ten minutes after I posted the above comment, a troll utilizing the handle Sonny Terry replied to me:
You Nazi piece a shit, you're living in the wrong country, how about we exterminate your bloodline or enslave your blood kin?? But in a democracy we are allowed to be ignorant pieces of shit..... You should thank God for the 1st, without it you'd be hung.....

PS- You White Trash loser, America and the world would benefit greatly without people of your character!!

PPS- The NAZIS LOST THE WAR ASS HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOST loooosssseeerrsss!! get it????
LOST, good will always prevail over evil demons like you....

PPSS- Jack Ass!!
Sonny Terry sounds a bit like Mark Glenn. Just as irrational, unhinged, spiteful, and vicious. 

I replied:
LOL well the "Nazis" never even tried to exterminate European Jewry - that's all one big lie. The National Socialists simply wanted the Jews out of Germany, because the Jews have proven to be criminals, subverters, perverts, and war mongers no matter where they reside. The entire Jewish "Holocaust" narrative is absurd, and demonstrably false on all accounts. This has been proven, over and over again, by honest historians and independent researchers.

Your irrational, unhinged, and ridiculous comment further demonstrates that the Jews and their sycophants are losing control of the narrative. Sorry Sonny, people are starting to think for themselves, rather than rely on Jewish liars and propagandists and trolls, like YOURSELF! :)
I post this here for the record - the Jews are losing control of the political and historical discourse in the Western world particularly, and it's about damn time.  


  1. I admire this person for his courage. A real investigative journalists demonstrates courage and lack of fear, not just words. The police apprehended him and kept in custody for well over three hours, until the stadium closed down.

    Happened to be in my car listening to Alex Jones show where this person was a guest. Alex offered him a job as a part-time East Coast reporter to maybe do one story a month for pay. This person said he was open to that.

  2. Very positive event. Truth screaming through the cracks. Kudos to the brave truther... but wait... did he first check with Mark Glenn [emperor of TUTland] to see if he would be making truthers look like nut jobs by this action?

    Be careful about taking swipes at the emperor of TUTland. He is vicious and nasty... and he does fight dirty. Besides that , one of the sane TUTlanders... swearing to Allah, may put your head through a wall.

  3. Hey John-
    Just out of curiosity, I looked up your comment from earlier on this vid. just to see if there were any more attacks against what you had said in your comment. There were two savage comments against you (one from this "Sonny Terry" and one from "Guy Bra") I went to both of their channels and they were EXACTLY the same. No subs, and all the same likes on the same obscure videos about the artwork of one David Orr (some kind of surrealist artist) in the same order and everything. Either these two are the same troll or computer bots.

  4. hey John, the Holocaust didn't happen? Are you f'ing kidding me? Both my grandparents survived the camps luckily, but both their familes including sisters, brothers, parents, all were killed in the camps. Please tell me how the fk u have the audacity to claim such a thing, and alluding to that the Jews somehow deserved this? you are a POS and I hope karma comes back to bite you.

    1. The official narrative of the Jewish "Holocaust" of 6 million is demonstrably false on virtually every account. If you did indeed have family at the work camps administered by Germany and her allies during WWII, and some of them died, they did NOT die as part of a systematic effort by the National Socialist government to genocide or exterminate European Jewry.


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