Friday, January 3, 2014

Why do Americans still support Israel?

An article appearing in The Jewish Daily Forward the other day highlighted and summarized a Pew Research Center poll recently conducted to gauge American support for the Jewish state of Israel. According to the article, 61% of those polled viewed Israel favorably, while 26% viewed Israel unfavorably.

While Americans continue to hold long-time allies like Great Britain and Canada in high esteem, they are pretty divided as to how they feel about some of the government’s other key allies — like Israel.

A recently published Pew Research Center poll reveals that 61% of Americans view Israel favorably, which puts it on par with Brazil in terms of likability, but lagging behind Germany (67%), Japan (70%), Great Britain (79%) and Canada (81%) among the 12 countries surveyed.

That level of support is not incredibly low, though perhaps disconcerting for Israel’s more zealous advocates. Just over a quarter of those surveyed (26%) said that they view Israel unfavorably, and presumably the jury was still out for the rest of those surveyed. [...]
The question we should be asking is how can any American still support the Jewish state of Israel? Given Israel's track record, subversion and manipulation of American sovereignty, outright criminal behavior and genocidal policies, why would any American support Israel?

And the answer is, of course, propaganda.

The American political establishment - on a bi-partisan basis - is completely subservient to the network of Jewish and pro-Israel political lobbying organizations that for all intents and purposes control our government, particularly it's foreign policy making apparatus and private banking system known as the Federal Reserve. American politicians and presidents, Democrat and Republican alike, worship Israel and the Jews. We fight wars on Israel and international Jewry's behalf, and give the Jewish state billions of dollars in "military aid" each year, while also providing her unwavering diplomatic and political support. Hearing or seeing an American politician or government official even mildly criticize the Jewish state of Israel or her policies is very rare indeed.

Then of course we have the mass media and "entertainment" complex, which is virtually entirely controlled by Jews who have direct ties and connections to the Jewish state of Israel. The media and "entertainment" complex are notorious for having a particularly pro-Israel, pro-Jewish bias.

Complicating matters further is the fact that the vast majority of Americans have been and continue to be systematically deceived into accepting the totally bogus Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII. The fake "Holocaust" story has been and continues to be used by the organized Jewish community and the Jewish state of Israel to garner sympathy and advance its public policy objectives.

Israel and her agents and partisans largely controlling the United States federal government and mass media planned, orchestrated, and benefitted from the events of 9/11 and the fraudulent "Global War on Terror", and continue to brazenly manipulate and subvert the United States government. While millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet and find stable employment, the Jewish state receives billions of US taxpayer dollars.

Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense and a leading American Revolutionary figure, once wrote: "There is too much common sense and independence in America to be long the dupe of any faction, foreign or domestic." It is time Americans rediscovered their common sense, and stop being the dupes of Israel and the organized Jewish community.


  1. My sister invited me to a New Years party at her liberal friends house. After some drinks the talked turned political. I was sarcastically asked "who are they" after I remarked about our media having been taken over. I calmly and unemotionally replied "the Jews". You would have thought I had just screamed BOMB! on an airplane as absolute pandemonium broke out. My sister and I sat silently in astonishment as people screamed "anti-semite" and "racist" at us, one girl even started crying. All for stating a simple indisputable fact. The brainwash is indeed powerful. If I had remarked about any other group my comment would have gone unnoticed, instead we were politely asked to leave. I was actually really fascinated by this insane behavior, and my only regret was not having taped this melee. I thought after about what Mansfield said about shocking people with the truth and I am sure that these people will think of what I said every time they see yet another Jew appointed to powerful positions.

    1. Shit, I just about choked on my drink when I got to the part about it being like you yelled out BOMB! on an airplane. That was funny as hell......,not because it is in fact humorous that people are that brainwashed, but because I could just picture these liberal idiots and choking, gasping, shaking and convulsing, just like you said. And that is funny!!!!

    2. Thanks for sharing Sean D, that's very interesting stuff man. The programming we are all subjected to is intense, and difficult to escape from...

      I can't tell you how many friends I've lost since I've been doing this. Virtually all of them. But honestly, I don't want anything to do with people that don't care about the future of our race and children.

    3. Yes, funny, and indeed fascinating insane behavior. Your personal experience is an example of the stone wall we find ourselves up against. You're right, Sean, if you said the Irish controlled the media, no one would care. But drop the bomb, IT'S THE JEWS, and you're no longer welcome. This hysteria borders on being in a trance and I can think of no other way to describe it other than mass hypnosis. With the mountains of evidence available, the truth is very basic and easy to see, but not for these victims of mind control. One must only view the evidence with an open mind to understand, and yet, they can't. They can't shake the mystical conditioning or pre-existing notions that demand they must not think negatively about the jews.

      Most folks can't seem to fathom what you're saying as you try to explain jew subversion to them. If you can get them to listen long enough, they may very well acknowledge all that jews control, and though your methodical, step by step arguments, indite the jew, they still refuse to accept it is the jews behind the catastrophe Whites find ourselves in. They go as far as 2 + 2, but still come up with 47, no matter how much incriminating, common sense evidence you hang on the jews. They may even see the nigger and the baggage niggers bring, but they can't see the jew connection.

      When these people speak of politics, the farthest they go is Obama, who, of course as we know, is a long way from the top of the pyramid. As soon as you mention jews, they no longer want to have a "political" discussion, and if you're not shunned altogether, they'll never bring up politics in your presence again. They never have time -- they're so busy -- they 'gotta go' -- they don't want that 'link' -- they never read what you send them -- they don't read -- they don't go on the internet -- they didn't get that email -- but instead focus endlessly on being entertained to death, whatever their particular brand of jew provided entertainment. They're like mesmerized cult members and the only thing that could wake them up is a massive deprogramming campaign by a phalanx of WN truthtellers while they are tied to a chair over a pit, and seriously, nothing else would do the trick.

    4. I forget who said it, but it certainly fits- "you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own reality"

    5. YES! Wow Sean, you made my day with this!

      So you were asked SARCASTICALLY who are THEY? The fact that they said this in a tone like that, proves they have never even once considered that anybody, be it one person or a group of people, in fact, own the media.

      You said the truth, did not shrink, and did not try to convince, well done. The reaction? Oh the humanity! Someone remove this insubordinate from the society immediately!

      The ones who yelled racist and anti semite? They were white most definitely. The one that cried? Most definitely a 'those we don't speak of' and she was crying because she had been found out. Time is short if Sean knows right?

      If you taped this and asked for ten dollars for me to see it, I would pay yesterday. I told you man, this is what the whole thing is about. Willing to be able to say, I know this, I don't care that you don't. It brings me no pleasure stating this, it just is that way, sorry. We live in America, we have THE first amendment, and that is that.

      They indeed will never forget it. In fact, now that they are aware of the simple question, who owns things? You won a great victory for all of us everywhere. They never once thought the thought. Think about that. Never.

      Well done. Great commentary too by the way, it was like getting the play by play of a boxing match I missed. Take a bow!

  2. Joe Cortina, in his latest posted report at his website, explains in detail reasons why the American people, instead of fighting back, are embracing the values and way of life of this sworn enemy of theirs.

    1. Not all American people are embracing the anti-American values of their sworn enemy; instead, a wider number are waking up and turning away from Israel and its evil policies. Boycotts and talk of boycotts against Israel are spreading; so, not every American has a room temperature IQ.

    2. Very true Eileen, very true. I am writing an article this week for American Free Press about the upcoming National Summit to Reassess the US-Israel "Special Relationship" organized by IRMEP. This is very encouraging in my view.

      See here:

    3. I saw what Joe Cortina wrote. It was a very important essay. So true.

  3. It is quite apparent that most Americans are grossly stupid and still follow sports politics and religion. Most are stupid as they look and Nature never lies.
    Even the Anti-Jew people still support Chrisinsanity which is just another meme of the Blood lust Jew God religion.
    All the Anti-Jew blogs will be to no avail as can be seen in the world today.
    Doom is coming for those not aware..

    1. I do not at all accept the contention that Christianity "is just another meme of the Blood lust Jew God religion", whatever that even means. Real Christianity is nationalist, virtuous, heroic, racialist, and compassionate. See here:

    2. Excluding the Christian Zionist Cult. The American people are led more than anything by the media culture itself.

      Your average american, really doesn't take religion all that seriously.

      What they reserve their religious feelings and devotions to are...THE MEDIA. This is their church. The thing called Tee Vee and what it provides them is an EXISTENCE. Take that attachment away from them and they feel like an abandoned child in the wilderness.

      Keep in my mind they will have shelter and food. But the Tee Vee is not here for ME? Oh NO! What does this mean? It means the party is over pal, time to start thinking about this thing called life.

      The Media is the enemy. 'Those we don't speak of' OWN IT.

  4. The notion of a Jewish State, of a Jewish Land other than spiritual, celestial, has nothing to do with Judaism.


  6. Great job John... keep hitting it. I look forward to the day when you can say "it's the jews" and all the gentiles don't crap their pants. Four years ago you couldn't tell anyone 9-11 was an inside job, so we'll get there.

    Concerning the minority in power positions... If Jews are 2% of the US population, how is it they are disproportionately over-represented across all spectra of "high ranking" professions? Numbers don't lie:

    It was the same way in Germany prior to Hitler. Hitler, IMO, was the Hegalian solution for the time. This was also seen in communist Russia... it has played out many times, in many places:
    Is it racist to want to explore this subject clinically?
    Jewish expulsions and exiles have played out 109 times historically, in 84 places. At some point you need to consider that maybe it is the Jews.

    1. Absolutely. This will take a bit of time. We don't know how long. But if you were hoping for tomorrow, guess what? Its going to take just a bit longer than that. We are getting there no doubt.

      Great links by the way...

      As European peoples, what we like to do and have always done...Is study and evaluate this world we live in. We have a right to analyze and examine everything and anything under the sun about the world we live.

      We will not and should not be prohibited from this exercise because some assholes can and do call us names, that in the end, Don't really mean anything at all in and of themselves.

      Racist? What does it even mean? That race exists? The world we live in is effected by group dynamics? Really? Of course it does. One thing we don't want to be called is stupid or liars. A lot of stupid people or lying people are just that, they may however not be RACISTS.

    2. Thank you David Mansfield... i was kind of hoping for tomorrow. The stupidest thing anyone can do is co-operate with this. That means YOU Freemasons (useful idiots).

      I like to call those links my little hit list... hits the high points and definitely opens some eyes.

  7. Polls are meaningless, any results can be garnered by choosing who is polled. Ask 100 blacks age 25 if they like Beyonce and you'll get a high percentage of yes. Ask the same question to white retirees in their 70s and they'll answer "Who?" The reality is the vast majority of Americans have been against aid to Israel for a very long time.

  8. In America we were raised to hate people in places like Palestine because of the Jews. I can only say that now as a young adult I very much respect Palestine and the Muslim world because they resist this filth at all cost. I am white and I know that blacks did not cause all the racial problems the Jewish media did. Our government sold out and also is probably afraid to betray their master. The Jews are behind the rise in China and don't be surprised if the filth has China attack us. Only the Chinese may get smart. Do they really want to let the Jews rape their country and steal all their technology> Israel sold our military secrets to China. The Jewish Zionist mafia is profoundly evil and satanic. Their Star of David has 6 lines, 6 points, and 6 angles.They are the anti Chirst beast. Revelations 2:9 The blasphemy of those who say they are Jews but are The Synagogue of Satan.......... Stupid Christian Zionist who sold their souls believe if they bless Israel they are saved. They don't read Revelations correctly that is for sure.


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