Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Realist Report - Thomas Goodrich: German Genocide

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Thomas Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947. Tom and I will be discussing the systematic genocide of the German nation during and after WWII.

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  1. Hi John, an OT comment here.

    I imagine you heard Spingola's Jan 15 show, where she "comes out" as a supporter of the gov's Official Sandy Hoax Story?

    Very disappointing, I've hardly missed a Spingola Speaks show for a couple years. I know she's better than this... something's up, I'm afraid. See how the Mami's comments are shaking out (MP3 also inside):

    I was lead to believe that your "SH debate" show with Piper was scheduled for today (Thu Jan 16)? I haven't seen any announcement, what's the news on that? Well *IF* it ever does take place (rolling eyes), I expect Piper to be touting Spingola's SH pronouncement, hoping her (historic) credibility will help strengthen the case for .gov's ridiculous Sandy Hoax fable! :(

    Anyways, I wrote this article, with ensuing discussion; check it out:

    "Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story"

    It *kills me* to have to post this criticism of Deanna Spingola [henceforth "DS"], as I've seen her as a fountain of high quality 'Truthy' information ever since I first discovered her a couple years ago. [...] So it was crushing for me to listen to yesterday's (15 Jan 2014) DS show, which she did solo, discussing her [proclaimed...] view of the Sandy Hoax controversy.

    read more:

    1. Hi Pat, yeah I saw her show description the other day, but I can't stomach listening to it. I have lost a lot of respect for Deanna over the course of this past year, and now I have zero respect for her, even though she does do some good radio programming.

      From what I understand, Dr. Fetzer will be debating Keith Johnson about Sandy Hook next Thursday on the American Free Press radio network. See here:

      This entire situation is absurd if you ask me. Mark Glenn has made a number of false statements on his website, including stating that I alleged Piper's health issues were a "hoax" - I NEVER once said or implied that. Glenn, Piper, and Spingola have really shown their true colors, and I simply don't understand how anyone could be fooled by them anymore. They are clearly not interested in the truth about Sandy Hook - why?

    2. I share your above conclusion and query, John, and am terribly disappointed in the three of them. Hats off to you, and thanks to Pat Colo for his article.

    3. Spingola's show with Piper was pathetic. Her getting in line with the TUTland gang on her show with Piper as well as her show on drugs sounded ingenous; she'd fail if those were an auditions for any movie part; but I imagine they suffice to be able to hitch her ride to the TUTland train. Look for her to join the TUTland gang soon? Any bets?

      She should be embarrassed... because she not jewish. I don't think she'll ever regain the trust and esteem I had for her prior to these two disastrous performances.

    4. The emperor of TUTland, Mark Glenn, proudly posts Spingola's disgraceful show with Piper in TUTland, see following link:

    5. The fall of Deanna Spingola. Stadtmiller must've leaned on her. You notice that windbag Piper didn't start supporting the official story until REAL investigators started naming names of the Jewish families who supposedly lost their children. Those are real targets that have to be protected from prosecution. Maybe that's why Piper is giving his book away. The Jews already gave him a big cheque.

  2. Great coup, this interview, John. I, like the author, sense a reckoning/correction coming soon, very soon.

    I bought 10 books with money I made from my last 9-to-5 and passed out a few to fellow venders at gun shows, where I wear my USS Liberty hat and sell my Remember the USS Liberty targets. Now I have a few more good friends.

    The books were originally intended to be Christmas gifts for family members. You can read about that at the following link to my blog:

  3. And many, many thanks to Tom for this The Realist Report frank presentation of his thoroughly researched HELLSTORM, which I own, and beseech all my fellow Americans to read. My late Uncle John was stationed in Germany during WWII, and I sorely wish I had asked him to tell me about his experiences there.


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