Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Realist Report - Eli James: early American history Part 2

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Pastor Eli James of Anglo-SaxonIsrael.com. Pastor James and I will be discussing early American history, the American Revolution, and the Founding Fathers' views of Christianity.

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  1. Re some different views of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, and of the Protestant Reformation, Ellen Brown in THE WEB OF DEBT and elsewhere writes that during the Middle Ages, Europeans did not have to work as hard as they do today, thanks to the power of the Catholic Church's forbidding of the practice of usury. And Jonas E. Alexis is also a great source of referenced information on these topics, the Catholic Church and the Protestant Reformation, which is published this month at VeteransToday.com.

    I always look forward to you interviewing Eli, John, and found the music played very very moving, and thank you both very much. I would also very much appreciate if if you would also have Ellen and Jason on The Realist Report. The titles of these two pertinent reports of Doctor Alexis posted this month, are:

    "Martin Luther and Judaizing Movements in the Past Five Hundred Years";

    "A Brief History and Theology of Christian Zionism".

    1. "The Problem of Usury in Western Civilization" is a third such pertinent report this month by Jason Alexis,

    2. Insightful comment, Maryctherine.

      I did not listen to this show and may do so later today, however, Marycatherine makes a very important point. As for the founders of America being "Christians" is a subject very debatable to many conservative Catholics.

      Do a search on the term "Americanism, Catholicism.org" and also the term
      "Americanism, E. Michael Jones, CultureWars.com."

      I am sorely tempted to go to VeteransToday and read those article by Mr. Alexis who has written some wonderful articles there, but I have abstained from going to that site ever since Gordon Duff deleted, my strong opinion, a posted article by Stew Webb about Pete Santilli working for the FBI on November 5, 2013. I think Duff values being a fairly frequent guest on the Rense radio show and Jeff Rense radio network still caries, broadcasts the Pete Santilli show.. I also have 99 percent abstained from going to Rense.com since that incident.

      Anyway, the founders of the America were greatly influenced by Great Enlightenment ideas. Voltaire was strongly influenced by John Locke. Jefferson was at best a deist, and Paine was either an atheist revolutionary, much like those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit that E. Michael Jones writes about.

      By the way, Dr. Jones' book on usury should be published any day now. It should be interesting to say the least.

      The Protest reformation was really the Protestant revolutionary. Dr. Jones says the [Catholic] Church has always taught against revolution. But apparently the Church is fine with counter revolution, which was the Council of Trent and much of the work of the Jesuit scholars. There is an interview that Dr. Kevin Barret did in 2013 of Dr. Jones where Jones says the Reformation was the result of a bunch of "horny priests." LOL

      Anyway, the Church has been gradually infiltrated by those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit for hundreds of years, Dr. Jones' thesis is proving to be more valid each and every day -- it is a spirit and is not about DNA.

      P.S. I suggest everyone order a CD of an interview of Dr. Robert Sungenis by Judith Sharp entitled "Christian Zionism, a modern oxymoron." Anyone who has any traditional Catholicism left in them, will find that very interesting and real a blood boiler. Available at ISOC.ws


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