Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Realist Report - Chris Katko: New World Order Cartoons

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Chris Katko, a dissident cartoonist exposing the "New World Order" agenda. Chris and I will be talking about his background and artwork.

You can download the mp3 for this program here, or visit The Realist Report on BlogTalkRadio to subscribe via iTunes and view past programs.


  1. Thanks you so much for this introduction to the brilliantChris Kalko and his startling portrayals. His cartoon at the top of this report certainly portrays the President that I've been studying, and also brings to my mind the figure that Mia Pope describes as the student she knew during high school in Hawaii, during her stunning interviews about Soetoro/Obama, by both Jeff Rense and Pastor Manning. It would be great if you would have her on The Realist Report, John.

  2. Both times I have tried to comment have been erased for some reason...

    I guess I will keep this short and sweet...

    Awesome work Chris!

    Not many cartoonists 'get it'...but you do!

    I look forward to your future works!

    You go all the way! Thanks...

  3. oh boy...it's "kind of funny" but it's a disaster,scary,terrifing and PURE EVIL...
    may GOD have mercy on those that are children today...


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